What’s Up Saturday – May 30

What a wonderful and interesting week it’s been. Here’s what’s been going on:

My First Twitter Party


I went to my very first Twitter party last night – BEAtwittyparty, hosted by The Book Lady’s Blog. And I have to say, it was absolutely wild. I mean, really, truly wild – if you followed the party using the search page at Twitter, every few minutes it would tell you to hit refresh, because about a gazillion more tweets related to the party had just been tweeted. There were so many great threads of conversation, all whizzing by at hyper-warp speed.

If I closed my eyes, it almost felt like being at a real party (except, of course, if I closed my eyes, I couldn’t very well type or read all the tweets …).

There were some great conversations going around, and just like at a real party, people jumped in and out of various discussions. I met new people, and it was just a whole lot of fun. My main regret is that I arrived late, and then had to leave early (now that I think about it, this happens to me a lot in real lie, too. I guess I can’t claim the title of “Life of the Party”).

(Photo credit: JadeGordon)

No BEA? Books Anyway”

There’s another great BEA event for those of us unable to make it to Book Expo America this weekend: Devourer of Books is hosting the “No BEA? Books Anyway” event. To show our support for the book industry, those participating will do some book buying this weekend.

I already went bookstore shopping yesterday, and will be heading out for another book buying shopping trip today – all specifically for this event (isn’t it a wonderful excuse to indulge?).

Writing Goal

I finally did something that’s been a long time coming for me: I owned up to my lack of writerly disciplined and decided to make myself accountable. I am committed to working on my fiction by writing for half an hour a day, and so far (knock wood) so good.

You’ll be seeing a series of new posts around here called On Writing – I’ll be posting about my progress, so that I can keep myself accountable. Two Three other book bloggers are setting writing goals too: Dorte H. from DJS Krimiblog, Margot from Joyfully Retired and Melanie from Novel Ideas by Mel.

I’m hoping that I can stick to this commitment for 30 days, after which I fully expect to have a new habit – a writing habit!

New Features

I also added some new features this week: Title Finds and From the Haphazard Twitter Files of Ms. Bookish. I’m pretty sure these new features will help me with my other commitment, which is to blog here regularly.

New Template

Yes. Soon. I’m hoping later today. If I don’t get my new template up before tomorrow’s Big List of Giveaways posts, I’ll have to break the posts into two or maybe even three. I really dislike doing that, so I’m hoping I’ll get the template up before then!


Finally, I want to wrap up this post with a huge thank you to everyone who’s come by and commented on my posts here this past week. I can’t begin to express how much I appreciate the time you all take to make a comment. When I’m sitting here staring at the screen, wondering if, really, I should even bother writing up the next post, your comments make all the difference to me.

3 thoughts on “What’s Up Saturday – May 30

  1. Dorte H

    Thank you for posting this :)
    I am quite busy right now with exams and my mother´s birthday coming up, but when I read this post yesterday I sat down and revised a few pages of my book.


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