Welcoming Change

Happy new year, everyone! I know, I know – it’s nearly the middle of the month, and you might all be feeling the new year is already feeling a bit old. But since I’ve been so busy, I haven’t really had a chance to do “the new year thing” – and I figure I can celebrate the New Year at any time, right? And invite you all to celebrate with me, too!

So, happy new year, everyone!


This will be a year of many changes for me, a lot of wonderful changes. I’ll have one child starting university in September; it’s a strange feeling that. I know he’ll have a wonderful time, but at the same time, it will be so funny not to have him home all the time.

Ward and I also have big plans afoot for the dojo, which I can’t talk about right now because everything is still under wraps and will be until our Kagami Baracki celebrations next Sunday (Kagami Baracki is the martial arts new year). But they’re very exciting changes, and I’m looking forward to them tremendously.

Some Blog Changes

And there’s another change around our household, blog-wise. A few days ago, I introduced you all to my sister’s blog; I’ve been bugging her for years to start blogging, and I love her new blog, BananaViews.

I’ve also been exercising my persuasion elsewhere, too. For a while now, Ward has been blogging over at my food blog, Muse in the Kitchen, but it really felt to me like he needed a cyber home to call his own, something that truly reflects who he is.

So earlier this month, we started up a new blog for him – and for those of you who’ve heard all about him here on the pages of Ms. Bookish, I’m sure you’d agree that Sensei Cooks is a much more suitable name for Ward’s food blogging!

And as for Muse in the Kitchen, I’ll probably start writing about food and food-related stuff there again – but no cooking! Because I don’t cook. But I do love to eat. Do I ever love to eat!

As For Ms. Bookish

I will be revamping Ms. Bookish this coming month as well. I was too swamped with deadlines to participate in Bloggiesta this past weekend, so I’ll be holding my own version of the event here this month. Along with an anticipated template change, I will be taking a good, hard look at exactly what I want Ms. Bookish to be about.

Many of you have probably already noticed that I have not stuck to my original intent of blogging about books only. I started blogging about my writing, and then I started posting about other things in my life, and one thing has lead to another. I’m not so sure that I can really say that Ms. Bookish is a book blog anymore. It’s that, yes, but more.

And I am so thankful that you all have continued to come and visit me here even though I’m not always posting about books!

And Last, But Certainly Not Least: You

Picture this: I’m in my flannel PJs, hunkered down at my desk, working my way through yet another index (or, when I was deep in the middle of the two major science texts I was working on, it felt more like working my way through days and days and days of chemistry and biology).

Occasionally, I would sneak some time to write up a post for Ms. Bookish, because I missed writing here. A lot.

And every single time I’d post here, someone would always drop by and comment. I can’t tell you how much your comments uplifted my spirits.

A lot of work is great when you’re self-employed, but working too much can have a deadening effect. It’s too easy sometimes to come away from a long, hard working session feeling a little depressed.

But I never even got near that low place these past three weeks. And I owe a lot of that to all of you who came by to read, and especially to all of you who took the time to add your comments.

So, to finish up my New Year’s post, thank you, all of you, from the bottom of my heart!

Now, if I could only figure out how to make smooches here …

Ah, well. This will have to do for now: image

13 thoughts on “Welcoming Change

  1. Cathryn

    I love your philosophy, you can celebrate the new year any time. I celebrate twice a year: December 31 and on my birthday. So January 12 seems like an excellent day.

    You do have lots of changes, and your blog is about so much more than books. (as is Dorte’s)
    .-= Cathryn´s last blog ..Office Dynamics =-.

  2. Molly

    Your post inspires such hope for the new year!

    I LOVE sensei cooks — the title, the layout, the content. I look forward to following the posts and being inspired of new dinners to prepare in my own kitchen.

    Glad that stressful deadlines are coming to a close and you can begin to add other activities to the daily routine.
    .-= Molly´s last blog ..Review: The Children’s Book =-.

  3. Steve Kubien

    Glad to see you survived your deadlines. I think you should reward yourself with a fresh set of flannel pj’s!!!

    Changes at the dojo? Hmmm. Interesting. Unfortunately, I will be working and I will not make it to Kagami Biraki (first one I’ve missed and I am NOT happy about it!).

    See you Saturday. Right?

    Be good, and if you cannot handle that, at least have fun!

    .-= Steve Kubien´s last blog ..Putting It Into Words =-.

  4. Margot

    And smooches back to you. Happy New Year.

    I like the sound of all your changes. I know your blog is not just about books. It’s about you which is one lesson I’ve learned over the past year. I like coming to visit what you have posted whether it’s about working in your p.j.s or your tapa parties or the latest technology you’ve found or books. I guess what I’m saying is that I come to visit you.
    .-= Margot´s last blog ..TV Review: The Good Wife =-.

  5. Cat Woods

    Cheers to your new start to the New Year.

    Sounds like you have some fun things in the works for this year and I wish you well on all your endeavors.

    Keep us posted on all aspects of your life–books, writing, food and fam. We love it all.


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