Wednesday Inspiration: The First Post

I’ve promised myself, this is the year I get out of the rut of constantly doing non-creative things. I’ve been in this rut for way too long. I want to start living a more creative life. It turns out, though, it’s easy to make such big intentional statements (“I’m NOT going to do things like this anymore! Things are GOING TO CHANGE around here!”) but much harder to actually implement the changes I want.

One thing that I’ve been discovering over and over (because naturally I don’t learn the first time, and I tend to forget the second, third and fourth times) is the importance of finding inspiration. A creative life requires one to be inspired, but being inspired turns out to be a thing of habit.

Sure, occasionally I’ll wake up feeling inspired. But more often than not, if I don’t open myself up to inspiration, inspiration doesn’t find me.

This is the part I tend to forget. And when I forget this, I get morose. I take out that big intentional statement and think to myself, I’m going to fail. It’s simply not going to happen.

I was reminded of this again this morning when I opened an email and decided to click on a link, and then on another link which then lead me to this video:

The thing is, it was a rather lacklustre morning. Ever had one of those? Inspiration was nowhere in sight. Frankly, I didn’t really want to get out of bed. But for some reason I decided to watch this video—and I very rarely watch videos, because they take time, so I end up saving them to a watch later list and then never watching them.

And guess what? I got inspired. Sharon Ann Lee talks about designing your own success, and everything she said made so much sense. (Plus the part about growing up Asian, with Tiger Mom parents, was hilarious.) In the video there’s a wonderful graph of four quadrants that she’s made, and I saw so clearly the quadrant where I’ve resided for most of my life. The quadrant she calls “A More Devious Hell. Run Away”.

Um, yeah.

Anyway, watching this video really set the tone for a day that hadn’t looked like it was going to be such a great day. I was inspired and that changed everything.

And the long and short of it (well, okay, the long of it) is that I’ve decided I need to regularly remind myself to find my own inspiration. Finding inspiration can take so many forms, plus it’s fun to boot. And you know how labelling something as “fun” is almost like a death knell, right? So I need to motivate myself to keep remembering.

Which I’ll be doing in these Wednesday Inspiration posts from now on. (Finally! I get to the point of this post!) A way for me to remember to find inspiration, and a way for me to share the inspiration I find.

What inspires you? Books, movies, videos, articles, art, cooking, walking, exercising? Do you regularly open yourself up to inspiration?

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Inspiration: The First Post

  1. Terri @ Alexia's Books and Such...

    Implementation is hard, so good for you in deciding to do something about it and start a new series! I’m a terrible procrastinator ( you should see my Watch Later folder on YouTube!), so decided that the only way to motivate myself was to publicly announce I was going to do something. That way, I’d have peer pressure to cheer me on and remind me about my goals. Looking forward to you Inspirational posts! Good luck!

    Terri @ Alexia’s Books and Such…

  2. Beth F

    I do a lot of skimming of magazines and web articles on photography, cooking, gardening, and crafts to get inspired. I look around when I’m out and about. I have a zillion ideas … but I rarely follow through. LOL

  3. Joy Weese Moll (@joyweesemoll)

    Thanks for the video! I watched it and made a sketch note! I’m going to keep it for the planning that I traditionally do around May Day and my birthday in mid-May.

    I was inspired by the travel photography workshop that I went to last weekend. I’m working on a blog post for Saturday to share a bit of that.

  4. Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library

    I use Pinterest quite a bit for inspiration as well as different blogs. I find that I need to have a new project or be moving forward in some way or I get restless. It doesn’t have to be anything major but having some kind of set parameters helps me considerably. Your talking about planners and scheduling has kick started me thinking of planning more for summer days to keep the Tornado busy when school is out. I look forward to your inspiration posts! What a great idea!

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