Wednesday Inspiration: A Me Day!

Yes, I took today off!

Aside from replying to emails and messages, I didn’t do any work at all. Instead, I started my day off with my morning read (Madeleine L’Engle’s Circle of Quiet) and then some journaling. And then I went shopping! I woke up later than I’d intended—so instead of going for my morning walk, I walked to where I wanted to go shopping.

It took about 4300 steps altogether, there and back. Not great, but not too bad.

I’ve had a ton of stuff I needed to buy for myself—small things I needed, the kind of things it’s so hard to make shopping time for, because on their own they’re so, well, small, and the time it would take to find a store specifically to get the thing just never seems worth it. Today, though, it was like a quest, and since it was the morning of a weekday, the shops weren’t crowded and I had such a good time.

And once those little things were seen to, I bought some summer clothes! I can’t remember the last time I went clothes shopping. I think it was snowing at the time.

But it wasn’t really the shopping that made it a Me Day. It was leaving the guilt at home, wandering through the aisles of the store, just browsing. Seeing what caught my eye.

When I got back I had a lovely late lunch of shawarma chicken salad which my husband brought back (he and Dylan went for a visit with my mom today), and then I spent the rest of the day sprawled on my bed, playing a fun quest kind of game on my Android.

As for tonight? A glass of Malbec and then it’s early to bed. A perfect way to end a Me Day, catching up on much needed sleep.

It feels strange to have spent the day like this. But I feel both refreshed and revived. And on my way home today, I thought to myself, I need to take Me Days more often!

One thought on “Wednesday Inspiration: A Me Day!

  1. Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)

    This sounds like such a great day. I’m getting close to the cap on the vacation on an accrue at my day job, so I’ve been thinking about doing something similar, random days off in the middle of the week just to hang out at home and be lazy. Sounds divine :)


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