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Going out for dinner with a healthy friend can be a little dangerous. You end up getting excited about things and then suddenly you find you’ve just committed to something that will require you to get up much earlier than you normally do.

That’s what happened to me tonight. I was having dinner with my friend Christy and she started telling me about this Harvard article she’d read which listed a bunch of studies about how good walking is for you. One study found that walking a mile a day reduced risks of cardiovascular events by 81%.

I’ve been wanting to start getting fit again, and I really enjoy walking. So I asked her how much walking she’s been doing. It turns out, lately it’s been quite a lot—8 kilometres, which translates to approximately five miles.

Since I’ve been thinking a lot about adding more exercise to my life, and since Christy is the kind of person who always makes me feel motivated or inspired about something whenever I see her, I blurted out, “We should go walking together!”

And that’s how it all started. At first we thought we’d pick a midway point between us, and walk there so we could do more walking together before we walked back. But Christy lives across the city from me, which would make for a lot of walking for a getting-back-into-fitness walker like me.

She also bikes everywhere, too, though. So we’ve decided we’ll start by having her bike to where I am, and I’d meet her for a nice long walk, and then she’d bike back home.

It sounded good to me. I like planning things. It’s just when you start putting, well, you know, dates on plans that things get a little scary.

I was just about to get on the streetcar to head back home after dinner when she said, “We should pick a day to start. How about this Friday?”

I looked back at her, panic in my eyes. She laughed. “Okay, how about next Friday?”

So I now have two weeks to get used to waking up early, since Christy needs to be finished her morning exercise by 8:30 in the morning so she can start in on her work. I know I can handle the walking, it’s the waking up early bit that scares me. I’ve written before about my quest to become a morning person, but I haven’t made such great strides in that direction yet.  This walking commitment is definitely motivation to get there!

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7 thoughts on “Walking plans

  1. Ti

    Good for you! I like to walk but I don’t walk fast and when someone offers to walk with me, I panic that I won’t be able to keep up. I prefer to go by myself and in the early morning hours (darkness). I’d walk in a graveyard if I could. No one would see me there. LOL!

  2. Kay

    Good luck! I chuckle at your quest to be a ‘morning’ person. I am, by nature, a morning person, but I am so not a night owl. I go to bed with ‘the chickens’ as we say here. Do chickens actually go to bed early? Must research.

  3. bermudaonion (Kathy)

    Carl and I get up early to walk 3 miles every day. It was tough at first, but now that we’re in the routine, I find it’s a great way to jump start the day and we both look forward to it. As an added bonus, it’s the coolest time of the day in the summer. You can do this!!

  4. Joy Weese Moll (@joyweesemoll)

    Great plan! For me to get up early requires a plan that begins with supper time — not too late. And, then, two alarms on my phone — one that says to start thinking about getting ready for bed and the second that says to start getting ready for bed.

  5. Care

    I have been walking 2-3 miles at least 5 times a week but I’m still gaining weight after moving here! (because I just didn’t eat while I was student teaching last fall and my husband wasnt’ cooking for me.) My dogs, of course, are the ones benefitting most from all this walking activity. Good luck!


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