Walking Around While Reading

During the Readathon, someone tweeted about doing some reading while walking around, to gain some energy and beat back sleepiness (I’m not sure who it was—I tweeted so much during the Readathon there are too many tweets to check!).

Since I’ve been thinking a lot lately about getting into healthier habits, I found this idea of walking around when you’re reading sticking with me. It makes a lot of sense, because I’m the kind of person who likes to walk around the place when I’m talking on the phone.

Of course it’s not something you can really do all that well when you’re outside, but inside is a whole different story, right?

So tonight I put the idea to the test—and it works! The first Dune readalong Twitter chat is happening tonight and I wanted to get a few more pages read so I can hopefully participate (but I’m not sure if I’ve read enough yet).


I was able to read about twenty pages while walking back and forth from my office through the ilving room to the kitchen (this is an open concept place, which made it even easier).

The best thing? Before I gave it a try, I was sitting on the sofa reading, and feeling quite tired. But now? I actually feel refreshed!

I should probably get a Fitbit and track how much time I spend walking around while reading …

Do you walk or do other exercise when you’re reading a book? Have any tips for me?

9 thoughts on “Walking Around While Reading

  1. Athira

    Somehow I can never do this, but only because it always reminds me of those sleepless all-nighters I pulled off at school. Walking and reading my textbooks was the only way I could stay awake. Not that it helped so much…

    Certainly very healthy though. You get to read AND lose some calories in the process. A total win-win!

  2. Kay

    I have a sneaking suspicion that I might trip over my own feet. I’m like that. However, I do listen and walk. Good for you though. If you can mange it, I say go for it.

  3. Ti

    When I walked I always had an audio book to listen to but gosh, with my eyes the way they are now I’d injure myself if I tried to read and walk at the same time.


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