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GoodReadsLast November, I joined GoodReads. I know this mainly because I was roaming around online (doing that procrastination thing, you know), came across a link to GoodReads, clicked, realized I had an account and signed in again. And at the top of the page, it tells me I joined in November.

Which is all a roundabout way of telling you I haven’t done anything at all with my GoodReads membership. Kind of makes sense, because I signed up back when I was heavily in the midst of deadlines, so I really didn’t have the time to get to know the site and start using it.

I have the time now. So I’ve been browsing around the site, and it looks really really interesting. But it’s kind of overwhelming. I’ve looked through the site itself a bit, and did a bit of googling about it as well, but I’m still not sure how to use it.

It does look like a fantastic place to chat about books.

I’ve been toying around with getting one of the iPhone apps that let me build a library database (complete with scanning using the iPhone camera), and both of the apps I’m thinking about would let me export the database in csv format, so I would be able to upload my file to GoodReads. That might be handy.

And I think I might start using the feature that lets me post a GoodReads review I write directly here to MsBookish. That wouldn’t be bad at all, either.

There’s also the GoodReads iPhone app itself to check out.

All you active GoodReads users, any tips for a newbie to the site? (Almost forgot: here’s my profile page. Please do friend me!)

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  1. I started out just using it to get updates on what my friends were reading and, when I remembered, to post what I was reading. I’ve been doing better lately about posting my books and have even written a few short reviews. I guess my advice boils down to “start small and go slowly.” And have fun! :)

    • I’ve joined some groups now, Kim. And back to “now what” :) It looks like the iPhone app comes with a scanner, so perhaps I should build my library database that way!

  2. I found you!

    I don´t chat much there (my blog and facebook are enough, I think), but I list most of my books there, and my writer friends have told me I should create an author profile.

  3. Oh, I lurrrve Goodreads. I use it all the time, seriously, LOVE IT. The iPhone app is pretty good, too, although it can get a little buggy at times.

    If you have a kindle you can also connect your kindle highlights and notes to Goodreads!

    • I love reading your “currently reading” reading-in-progress blurbs on Facebook – I will definitely have to check out the iPhone app because it will probably help me use the site more often (I’m not usually at my computer when I’m reading!)

    • I’ll have to give the app a try. Just realized it comes with a scanner too but if it doesn’t work for me, I might just go the other route and buy one of those library database apps …

  4. I really love Goodreads, I use it mostly for cataloging. When I go to the bookstore, I check my Goodreads Iphone app for newest wishlist items. I had a 3G Iphone and the scanner was a hit or miss, now I have the Iphone 4 it is amazing! I hope you enjoy it.

    • I’m really starting to like the fact that I can use Goodreads for putting together my own catalog of books, especially since I was looking at other iPhone apps to do this with! I have a 3G iPhone, though … will have to give it a try and hope for the best!

  5. I joined, but I haven’t a clue how to use it. I can’t even find my own reviews when I post them! I also use Library Thing, and I like it much better, because for one thing, I can figure it out! But they probably have a tutorial on Goodreads – I admit I haven’t taken the time to look!

    • I signed up for LibraryThing too, even earlier – I think it was in 2008! But never got around to using that either. I’ve spent a bit more time on GoodReads tonight. It feels kind of like Facebook for readers!

  6. Yeah I joined in ’09 and use it in spurts. I do really like it especially making shelves! Can’t say anything about the apps since I don’t have an smartphone though… but I’d imagine that could get addictive.

  7. I joined but don’t use it much, I prefer LibraryThing. I do like the reading status it has for books you’re currently reading, I never update it, but I do like the idea behind it. I also like that you’re able to comment on eachother’s reviews. But for the most part I’m a LibraryThing Geek.

  8. YAY! We’re now goodreads friends! I use it every single day. It’s my go to place for clicking on books I hope to read some day. If I found out about the book from a blog review, I copy/paste the link into either the private notes or right into the big square for reviews OR if that blogger is a goodreads friend, it is easier to credit them for the rec. SOMETIMES I write reviews, sometimes I drop in the link to my blog review but I love using the status updates for quick notes while reading.
    I love it. :)

  9. I got on Goodreads just b/c a lot of readers seem to respond to my author page there and I get pretty good traffic.

    Sure wish I had time to post all the little books on my shelf; I LOVE doing that but just can’t find the hours in the day:(

    I’ve missed you!

    • I’ve decided not to worry too much about adding the bulk of my books to my shelves; I’m going to mainly use it to help me with my currently reading, have just read and want to read lists!

  10. I have been a member at goodreads for a couple of years now and I probably have my booklist about 60% complete. I have joined a few reading groups – although I have yet to actively participate in any.

    I would love to read all the discoveries you have made about this site – and perhaps this summer I can begin to fully utilize all it has to offer.

    And each time I read one of your posts that mention the amazing apps you use – I am tempted to purchase an iphone :)

    • I do love my iPhone, Molly :)

      I’ve joined some of the reading groups, too, but haven’t had time yet to jump in and participate.

  11. I joined GoodReads and LibraryThing at the same time but I haven’t kept up my GoodReads account. I just went over to be-friend you and had to look up my name and password. Ugh. But – I have been telling myself to update GoodReads and become active on the site. I know there are various book groups to join and I know I’d enjoy that. I’m with Molly – I hope you’ll update us on what your progress is on GoodReads and if you manage to find a tutorial or some other helpful hints.

    • So good to see you back, Margot! What I’ve been finding very helpful is looking at the “currently reading” and “to read” lists that friends are posting. I’ve added quite a few titles to my own to read list. And with everything being handy through the iPhone app, I realized today when I was at the library, it makes looking up things on my to read list a breeze!

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  13. I have GR account but I haven’t added any books. I’ve added books to Library Thing off and on but I keep forgetting to keep up with these data bases…

  14. I use Goodreads to keep track of what I have read and what I want to read. When I read a book blog recommendation I add that to my to be read shelf. I originally joined it because of the giveaways. I have won one book that way!

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