[TSS] One Of Those Funny Reading Moods

It’s been one of those interesting weeks around here, where I don’t feel like I did very much, but at the same time I seem to have gotten most of the things on my to-do list (the one in my head) checked off.  I do love weeks like that!

Time: 9:51 AM

Place: At my desk, which I still haven’t cleaned up yet. I’d snap a photo for you all, but I’m way too embarrassed. Let’s just say my desk is pine-coloured, but you don’t see a whole lot of pine anywhere.

Drinking: Yes, that pomegranate/kale/flaxseed smoothie. This is what I have for breakfast every day, so it’s probably not going to change for a while.

Eating: Ward didn’t have rehearsal last night so he cooked for us! He made his fabulous Japanese gyozas, and also these delicious shrimp and chive dumplings I found online earlier this week. Whenever he makes Asian dumplings, we always have lots of leftovers, so I’m looking forward to more gyozas and shrimp and chive dumplings for lunch.

Reading: Fiction-wise, I’ve still been going through a lot of starts, trying to sink my teeth into a book but just not too sure what that book will be. I’m about a chapter into Blessed Are Those Who Thirst, by Anne Holt, and I’m still working my way through Leif GW Persson’s Another Time, Another Life: The Story of a Crime. I have Ransom Rigg’s Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children waiting for me on the Overdrive app on my iPad, and Dylan and I are reading The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan, by Nancy Springer during the day, and Peter Pan at night, as his bedtime story.

I did race through Gretchen Reynold’s The First 20 Minutes: Surprising Science Reveals How We Can Exercise Better, Train Smarter, Live Longer, finishing up the book yesterday, mainly because it’s due back at the library tomorrow, and it’s a book I’ve been really wanting to read. Some really fun, eye-opening stuff in there, and motivating to boot.

Listening: Again, lots of starts – I seem to be in a really funny reading mood this week, dipping in and out of various books trying to find something that suits my mood. I listened to the beginning of 61 Hours, by Lee Child, Bitten, by Kelley Armstrong and Peril at End House, by Agatha Christie before finally settling into David Baldacci’s Split Second. Earlier this week, I did finish another Jack Reacher novel, Gone Tomorrow, which might have been why I just wasn’t in the mood for 61 Hours – just a little Jack Reacher-ed out, I think!

Writing: Haven’t gotten back to my current novel yet, but I’m going to be writing a regular feature at Reel Life With Jane – I’ll be writing about the summer series Rookie Blue which premieres on May 23. Rookie Blue is one of my favourite television shows,  so I’m very excited about this! This past week, I’ve been brainstorming ideas for pre-premiere posts and hope to have my first article up there sometime this coming week.

Creating: Nothing yet, BUT I signed up for Trish’s Pin It and Do It challenge (again – and fingers crossed I’ll do better than the last time, which wouldn’t be hard, as I didn’t do a thing last time …). I signed up for the Timid Pinner level, which puts me on the hook for making only one to three things from my Pinterest boards. Surely I can handle that, right?

Working: I have three deadlines coming up this week, so a lot of this past week has found me working on indexes. Still slogging through that high school biology text, which was delayed somewhat, pushing the deadline from this past Friday to tomorrow morning.

Exercising: After I wrote last week’s Sunday Salon post to procrastinate on going on my first run of the year, I did actually go for my run – yay! And it went much better than I’d anticipated. Usually when I haven’t run for a while, my legs give out – the lungs work fine, but there’ll come a moment when my legs turn into limp spaghetti and all I want to do is flop down on the ground and rest them – but this time around, my legs didn’t tire out. Afterwards, I realized all the walking I’ve been doing must have really helped keep my legs in shape.

This past week, I walked for a total of 250 minutes, which surprised even me. And guess what? The First 20 Minutes suggests doing your workout first thing in the morning, before you eat, so I actually went for a run earlier this morning! And all I can say is, it’s a lot harder running in a fasted state. A lot harder. I’m not sure if I want to do that again – I do like running first thing in the morning, but next time it will probably be with my breakfast smoothie in me first.

carmelites_thumbPhoto credit: Canadian Opera Company

Anticipating: Ward has his full dress rehearsal of Dialogues des Carmélites tonight, and I have a ticket for the performance! So I’ll be watching him on stage – I’m really  looking forward to it! I’m sure it will be worth having to live through my own cooking the past six weeks while he’s been tied up with rehearsals. And opening night is this coming Wednesday!

So that’s been my week. How did your week go?

13 thoughts on “[TSS] One Of Those Funny Reading Moods

  1. Jennifer

    Don’t feel too bad about your desk, mine is a shameful hot mess 😉

    I hope you’re able to find a book that you can dive into soon. Way to go on the running! As I’ve always said, the only time you’ll catch me running is if there is a monster behind me, ha!

  2. Trish

    Sounds like my desk at work–which is a big wrap-around with absolutely no wood showing. And yay for the running! I did C25K last year and really enjoyed it and plan to do it again when I’m done being pregnant. I have a love/hate relationship with running but now that I can’t (without discomfort), I miss it. Go figure. And maybe a banana before running would be enough to give your body a bit of fuel? Good luck!!!

    And I think the key to Pin it Do it is making a plan. Although I have two things planned for today and at 2:30 I’m not sure I’ll actually get them done or not!

  3. Alice

    I would be really interesting to hear how you found, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. It wasn’t what I expected.

  4. Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)

    My desk is a huge mess too. But rather than clean it, whenever I need to write and have a clean space, I just pile everything up and stick it on the floor behind me where I can’t see it. Sometime I need to declutter… I’m just not in the mood right now.

  5. Beth F

    I can’t exercise first thing in the morning — I don’t know how people do it. I need some food and caffeine in me first. This week I plan to experiment with a 10-15 walk at lunchtime as well as my after work walk so I always get something in, even when my deadlines have me working right up till dinnertime.

  6. Charlie

    I wouldn’t want a photo of my desk either, I know how you feel! Hope you find a book that grabs you, you’ve tried quite a few there. And all the best for your next runs, well done for making that start :)

  7. Barbara

    Before I retired, I used to eat at my desk so I had the whole 30 min. lunch break to take a brisk walk. I came back to work feeling refreshed and ready for the afternoon. I was really good about taking that walk regardless of the weather. Since I retired, apparently I also retired from walking. My bad!

  8. Brette

    I just cleaned my desk and it was like this huge rush of fresh air came through my office. I always get new work when I clean my desk and this was no different. Two new clients. I like to exercise first thing in the morning too. I feel like it gives me more energy throughout the day.

  9. Jules

    I have read all the Reachers. I think he writes very well, though at times I get very ‘Reacher’ed out’. I just finished– well, i have 50 pages to go but there’s no surprise now in the ending — of inferno.


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