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I’m borrowing the format of this post from Kim Ukura’s Currently posts, which I love reading. I’ve been wanting to give the format a try for a long time, and this Sunday seemed like the perfect time. So thank you, Kim!

Currently: 10:07 a.m. I’m pleased with myself because I’ve actually been up for a while – which is not my norm on Sunday mornings, but it’s a beautiful morning and it feels so nice to get an early start to the day.

Eating: Nothing yet, because I always have my pomegranate-kale-flaxseed smoothie in the mornings.

Drinking: Pomegranate-kale-flaxseed smoothie. Yes.

Reading: I read The Killing Floor earlier in the week. It’s the second time I’ve read a Jack Reacher book (the first one was Bad Luck and Trouble, a couple of years ago). I’ve actually stayed away from Lee Child’s Reacher novels because I was under the mistaken notion the story arc went something like this: lone good guy gets beaten, beaten some more, beaten some more, then from what looks like the ashes of sure, bloodied defeat, rises to, finally, conquer the bad guys.

I personally don’t like this kind of story arc very much. It’s one of the reasons I prefer a team approach in action thrillers, rather than the lone wolf. Because that’s often a typical story arc for a lone wolf hero.

But, as Lee Child’s own foreword to The Killing Floor notes, this is not the case at all when it comes to Jack Reacher. In fact, Child set out to create a hero who can, and does, win his fights, always.  And you know what? There’s a time when you need that kind of a superhero-who’s-not-a-superhero character in your reading life. Now’s that time for me. Especially given the kind of week the world’s been having – sometimes you just need the sure thing, you know? The hero who does always win. So maybe Reacher’s been like a comfort read for me this week.

Anyway, once I finished The Killing Floor, I started (and finished, the other night) another Jack Reacher novel (One Shot). I’m listening to Echo Burning right now, and plan to keep on with Lee Child’s Reacher over the next little while, until I get tired of the good guy who wins every fight.

Writing: On Tuesday I was out picking up some congee from a place in Chinatown that I really love, when on my walk home I passed by this woman who gave me the idea for a character. And as I walked, the character drew a supporting character, who turned out to be the narrator, and I started fleshing out the first scene in my mind. I wrote that scene the next day. So that’s what I’m working on right now. It’s more on the cozy mystery side right now, but that might change.

Since I’d already been working on another mystery novel, this switch to the new! shiny! idea signals a change in my methods. A long time ago, I stopped working on several different things at once and began focusing on one project at a time, because conventional writing wisdom is to stick with one thing or you’ll never finish. But recently I read (and loved) Diana Wynne Jones’ Reflections: On the Magic of Writing and in it, Jones talks about all the starts she has lying around, the manuscripts she’s started and never finished. And she was so prolific! And anyway, it’s not like the conventional approach has seen me finishing a multitude of projects, has it? So I’m freeing myself from conventional wisdom and letting myself write what I want to write, even if it means stopping mid-type in another work-in-progress.

Watching: This week I watched The Voice and Bones. Basically, doing catch-up.

Listening: I don’t do the music thing very much, but this week I did play Deva Premal and Miten’s Satsang – A Meditation in Song and Silence while I was writing. That counts, right? And I read Lee Child’s One Shot, and have started Echo Burning, in audio.

Working: One indexing deadline this week, so it’s been a nice, easy time for me. The index is due on Monday, so working is what I’ll be doing for most of today.

Exercising: I only worked out once this week, but I did go for four 40-minute walks (aka going to Chinatown, which is a 40 minute walk each way). And after reading about how moving around is just so good for you, I’ve taken to doing Couchersize: my favourite reading position is inclined, on the couch, so I’ve been doing leg lifts and such while I’m reading, and using a 3 pound weight and doing arm curls with my free arm. Not sure if this really counts as exercise or not, but at least I don’t feel like I’m being too sedentary.

Anticipating: Dewey’s Read-a-thon next Saturday! I’ve signed up again as a cheerleader, and I’m so excited. I’ve cheered in several Read-a-thons in the past, and it’s always such fun.

So that’s me for this Sunday. How’s your Sunday (and week) going?

9 thoughts on “[TSS] Borrowing

  1. Vasilly

    You did four 40-minute walks?! You’re amazing. I’m curious about that smoothie you made. Will you post a recipe? I don’t usually drink smoothies but I’m trying to eat healthy. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

  2. Bryan G.

    I’m sorry, but I’m stuck back on the part where you’re reading the Jack Reacher series out of order. How can you do that? Half ;). But half :|.

  3. Charlie

    Loved reading about your reading, and also how you got the idea for a character! I write a bit of fiction every now and then (though I fail at middle sections) but have never been inspired like that. No reflection on the people around me, I’m just no good at it, so I love reading about other’s experiences and imaginations.

  4. Jemi Fraser

    Sounds like the smoothies my daughter makes – surprisingly yummy! Love the format too. You’re right to reach for a hero who wins right now – we all need that!


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