This Week in Pictures #1

I like the idea of taking pictures every day. On a practical writerly level, I think it  will hone my observation skills. And on an intentional level, I can’t help but feel it will help me to be in the moment, because as I’m looking around, observing, my mind’s got to stop its usual chitter chatter so I can focus on where I am and what’s around me.

So one of my intentions this year was to take more pictures. But I haven’t had much success. I tried a couple of different things. Like Shuttercal, where you’re supposed to upload one picture a day. Total failure, that. Now I just get emails from Shuttercal gently reminding me I haven’t been uploading anything.

Then I tried the Collect app, reasoning that maybe an app would be the ideal solution for me, since I’m on my phone so much every day anyway.

That didn’t work either.

So this is my last-ditch resort. I’m going to experiment with a weekly feature called This Week in Pictures (so original, I know) where I inflict my bad iPhone photography on you post pictures here once a week to keep me accountable to my intention to take more pictures (and be more present and all that).

And rather than being all Project Life and stuff, I’d like to take pictures of the world around me -unusual things that catch my eye. I don’t know how well that will work out, though.

Since I just came up with this idea today, I actually only have one picture for this first post (I told you I wasn’t doing well with my picture-taking intentions!).

So to make up for the lack of photos, I wrote a lot of words instead. Everyone is probably used to such behaviour from me by now.

Here’s this week in (one) picture:

Creeper with book

I took this last night. Creeper just looked so adorable lying there next to The Gift of Rain, which the book-reading demon is currently reading.

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