The Reading Stack #1

Does this ever happen to you? A whole stack of holds at the library all coming in at the same time? It happens to me all the time. And every single time, I feel so excited. It’s like being handed a huge treasure trove.

Until, of course, I remember the adage, "So many books, so little time." My excitement dims a little then, I admit.

It’s a good thing one of my 2014 resolutions is to make reading a priority.

This is the first stack. I’ll leave the second stack for another post. And actually, I’m thinking I might just make these reading stacks a regular thing here. (I don’t dare say "a new feature" because that will jinx things for sure and this post would likely be the last time anyone reads a post here titled "The Reading Stack".)

reading stack no 1

1. From Where You Dream, by Robert Olen Butler

2. Parasite, by Mira Grant

3. The Invisible Code, by Christopher Fowler

4. 365 Days, by Julie Doucet

6. Advice to Writers, by Jon Winokur

7. Finding Merlin, by Adam Ardrey

8. An Autobiography, by Agatha Christie

9. Encyclopedia Paranoiaca, by Henry Beard and Christopher Cerf

Do you feel excited when you walk into the library and see a whole bunch of books on hold for you? Have you read any of these books? Are any of them in your to-read list?

8 thoughts on “The Reading Stack #1

  1. rhapsodyinbooks

    I hate when a whole stack of holds comes in at once! I usually end up giving most of them back because I can’t get to them. I would like them to come in spaced in say, 3 week intervals! :–)

  2. Charlie

    Oh wow, if that’s just the first pile then you do have a lot to read, but it’s exciting! I don’t think I’ve ever actually put a hold on books before, though when I was younger I used to take as many books out as possible.

  3. Bernadette

    I only started seriously using library holds at the beginning of last year and the first time I got overwhelmed (19 books to pick up on one day) I realised I’d need a system of sorts – now I don’t put more than 10 books on hold at a time and I try to sort them out into ones that I think will be immediately available (older books) and ones that may take some time – I don’t always get this right but I’m getting better. I’m lucky I suppose that I don’t rely on the library for all of my reading so if nothing comes in for a week or two I can delve into my own TBR. That said it is becoming easier to keep myself supplied entirely from the library.

    I feel guilty if I borrow too many books at one time – worrying about the other people who might be wanting to read them while they sit in my house underneath a pile of stuff I won’t have time to get to.


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