The Last of the Reading Challenges – No, Really, This Is It

It seems that there are a lot more reading challenges that I had bookmarked to join than I remembered, and while I tried to go through the list to weed things out, the list didn’t exactly shrink much (I think it grew, actually).

And rather than write a post for each of my challenge pages, it dawned on me that I could just write a page for each challenge page, and then list them all in one post!

So here they are – the rest of my 2009 reading challenges, in no particular order. I told you there were a lot!

2009 Pub Challenge

What’s in a Name 2

Romance Reading Challenge 2009

Numbers Challenge

Suspense and Thriller Reading Challenge

Read Your Name Challenge

2nds Challenge

Chick Lit Challenge

Essay Reading Challenge

Buy One Book and Read It Challenge

2009 Mini Challenges

TBR Challenge 2009

’09 Debut Authors Challenge

This should be fun. I think. I hope.

4 thoughts on “The Last of the Reading Challenges – No, Really, This Is It

  1. Kathrin

    Hey, thanks for joining in on my Series Challenge! :-)
    I know what it is like to find more and more challenges. I also had a few challenges at first and as I kept going, the list grew and grew and wouldn’t stop. I didn’t even know where to search for a specific post anymore, so I created a similar page as you did – one with links to everything else… But challenges are great!

    Kathrin’s last blog post..An award? Me?

  2. Ms. Bookish Post author

    Kathrin, this will be my first year of doing reading challenges, so I’m looking forward to it.

    Beth – guess where I got the links to some of the ones on my list? :) Actually, this post doesn’t have them all – the full list is on my sidebar, so I’d remember to check each time I posted a review.

    Kathy, I think J. Kaye was a very bad influence on me :)


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