The Call of the Title (Title Finds #2)

I wasn’t sure I’d have very many titles for this week’s Title Finds post, but then I came across a few more yesterday (when I should have been working on my deadline – I know, I know).

So here’s this week’s batch of titles that caught my eye. Strange, quirky or downright weird titles don’t necessarily make me reach for my i-want list, but they definitely do stick in my mind for a while.

Lust, Loathing and a Little Lip GlossLust, Loathing and a Little Lip Gloss, by Kyra Davis. I spotted this one at Malle Vallik’s Blog, and when I hopped over to Amazon to check it out, it turns out Kyra Davis has a knack for quirky titles. I haven’t read this series before, but mystery writer Sophie Katz is a “younger, hipper Angela Lansbury” – I’m almost tempted to add this series to my TBR pile.

Octopussy, Dry Kidney & Blue Spots - dirty themes from 18-19c japanese poems Octopussy, Dry Kidney & Blue Spots – Dirty Themes from 18-19c Japanese Poems , by Robin D. Gill. I caught sight of this one at I’m Lost In Books – Rebecca covers a really wide range of books and I’m always sure to find something eye-catching there. Anyway, this is a 500+ page opus on, well, octopussy, dry kidney and blue spots, or dirty themes in 18th and 19th century Japanese poems. Interesting title, don’t you think?

Living a Charmed Life: Your Guide to Finding Magic in Every Moment of Every DayLiving a Charmed Life: Your Guide to Finding Magic in Every Moment of Every Day, by Victoria Moran. This isn’t a quirky or strange title – but it definitely charmed me when I spotted it at Bookopolis, so I just had to include it in this week’s list. It’s the kind of book that I would most certainly pick up if I chanced on it while out shopping. Who wouldn’t love to live a charmed life? And I’m rather enamored with the magic of every day life to begin with. Lovely title, and a possible addition to my i-want list.

If Your Kid Eats This Book, Everything Will Still Be OkayIf Your Kid Eats This Book, Everything Will Still Be Okay, by Lara Zibners. You might have seen this one lately; there’s a giveaway at Bookfoolery and Babble if you’re interested. I have a rather frenzied memory of calling the Motherisk hotline one weekend morning back when my daughter was little, when I discovered her with a half-empty vial of a perfume sample in her hand and a suspiciously fragrant mouth. It turned out, luckily, to be nothing to be worried about, but I can definitely see the need for a book like If Your Kid Eats This Book, Everything Will Still be Okay. Not to mention, it’s got a snazzy title.

Come On Shore and We Will Kill and Eat You AllCome On Shore and We Will Kill and Eat You All, by Christina Thompson. I came across this quite intriguing title at A Reader’s Respite; the book, it turns out, isn’t quite as quirky as the title indicates. It’s a memoir of a marriage that cuts “across cultural, racial, and geographical boundaries”, and I might actually add this one to my i-want list one day.

Last Call at the 7-ElevenLast Call at the 7-Eleven: Fine Dining at 2 A.M., The Search for Spandex People, and Other Reasons to Go On Living, by Kevin Cowherd. Nat at Book, Line and Sinker has a lovely review of this book – it sounds like a hilarious read, worthy of its title, and I was intrigued enough to see if my library has a copy. Alas, no. But it’s another one of those titles that I’m likely to snap up if I ever do come across it in my shopping travels.

So that wraps up this week’s Title Finds. Have you come across any intriguing, quirky or just plain weird titles this week?

6 thoughts on “The Call of the Title (Title Finds #2)

  1. Belle Post author

    Debbie, I think I’m going to check out one of Davis’ books and see how I like them. Her titles sound so interesting!

    Nicole, Beth, it’s definitely an eye-catching title, isn’t it? I was so taken off guard that it’s actually a memoir – the author is the editor of the Harvard Review. I think I really might try to get a copy of this and see what it’s like.

  2. Malle

    Glad you liked Kyra’s latest title. SEX MURDER AND A DOUBLE LATTE is the first book in the series and while you don’t have to absolutely read them in order, there is an ongoing romance that develops throughout the books. Kyra does have a wonderfully witty, clever style that I enjoy very much.

    Malle’s last blog post..Lust, Loathing and a Little Lip Gloss


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