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Trying Out Scrivener for Windows, Beta Version

image I have a little pocket of time tonight – guess what I’ll be doing? That’s right! I’ll be exploring the new Scrivener for Windows, beta version!

I’ve been hearing such wonderful things about Scrivener from other writers, but up until recently, it’s only been available for Mac users. But they’ve just released a beta version for Windows, and not only that, there’s a special offer for NaNoWriMo participants: if you reach or surpass the 50K words goal, you’ll get a special discount coupon that will entitle you to 50% off the official release of Scrivener for Windows, which is scheduled for early in 2011.

You can also download a special NaNoWriMo Scrivener project file. And I just finished watching the basic tutorial, and I’m very impressed at how user friendly the program is.

I’m not one for resisting shiny new programs to begin with, so of course I couldn’t resist this one. And it comes with a very good incentive for reaching the 50K words goal!

Do you use a writing program? If you do, are you familiar with all or most of the features, or do you just use it to write? Are you planning on taking Scrivener for Windows for a test run?