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I’m writing!


I was going to write a post titled “10 things I learned from Kelley Armstrong’s Dark Fantasy class”, and I probably still will later this week, but in the meantime … I’m so excited because I’M WRITING!

I think the biggest thing I got out of Kelley’s class was motivation. When class ended on Friday, I was all fired up. I was going to WRITE. Yes, I was.

Then Saturday came and I kind of twiddled it away. I researched RPG games (I want to play them with my youngest, which means I have to learn how to play them, since I’ve never played a role-playing game before). And then I researched tabletop board games, for my oldest’s birthday at the end of the month. Which basically meant sitting there with my youngest watching Wil Wheaton play a bunch of really fun-looking games on his YouTube show Tabletop.

I really like this one. I mean really? Surviving a zombie apocalypse? Count me in!

And then I spent Saturday night listening to Wil Wheaton narrating Ernest Cline’s Armada. So yes, I guess you could say it was a Wil Wheaton kind of day. And not a writing kind of day.

But on Sunday? I did it. I decided I wasn’t going to do anything else until I actually made myself sit down and write.

And I did.

Same thing yesterday.

Today it was a little harder. I’d written myself into (yet) another corner. And you know what? I actually contemplated killing off that particular character. Make things easier for me, you know?

But I stuck with it. I sat down and ended up writing over 2,000 words. And in the process wrote myself out of that corner. I even left off partway through a second chapter, a trick several famous authors recommend (Ernest Hemingway was one, I believe).

I feel determined. I’m not getting any younger, and I have all these stories inside of me. Plus I get new ideas all the time. Kelley’s feedback has shown me, yes, I can write, and write well. So now what I need to do is get those stories down.

I need to finish my novels.

I’m going to do this.

So there you have it.