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Treasure Trove of Ideas #Bloggiesta Winners!

I posted back in my Tuesday Snapshot post that I really really hoped I wouldn’t get the stomach bug that hit the book-reading demon and my son Dylan this past weekend. Maybe that was like an invite for the bug to strike?

Because yes, I did end up with it, but in a weird sort of form. Maybe those probiotics do work, after all! What I ended up with was more “flu” and less “stomach”, which basically meant I spent the last twenty-four hours in bed, drifting in and out of sleep, my body aching, while listening to different Agatha Christie titles from my stack of comfort listens.

A bit of tummy pain that came and went, but despite some queasiness, there was NO throwing up! Yay for that. This morning my stomach feels a bit tender, but the fatigue is gone, as is the queasiness. I’m on the mend!

So this #Bloggiesta winners post is late by one day (plus I missed a day of posting). Thank you to everyone who participated in the How to create a treasure trove of blog post ideas Bloggiesta challenge!

And now for the winners!


The prize of the 5X7 Art Card of their choice from Judy Clement Wall’s Etsy shop goes to:


Care posted about generating blog post ideas here.

The two prize packages of five books/reading related postcards from my postcard collection go to:


Kendra posted about generating blog post ideas here.


Ang posted about generating blog post ideas.

I’ll be contacting the winners via email. Thanks again to everyone who participated!