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What’s Up Sunday – June 14

I normally post this as “What’s Up Saturday”, but yesterday kind of flew by really quickly, especially since I was behind on the big giveaways post.

Deadline Alley

I’m heading into Deadline Alley over the next ten days – I have five deadlines to lay to rest and I’d like to get everything finished by next Wednesday. That will leave me a day to help my husband pack for our road trip, get our housesitter settled in, make sure there’s enough pet food on hand to feed the assortment of pets and well, just de-stress a little so I’ll enjoy the 19 hour drive to the beautiful shores of Nova Scotia!

Currently Listening

This past week I’ve been really enjoying listening to Tilt-a-Whirl, by Chris Grabenstein. It’s the first book in a mystery series about part-time beach resort town cop Danny Boyle and his partner, John Ceepak; Beth F. recommended the audio version of the series to me, and I am very grateful (if you love audiobooks, check out Beth F’s blog; she always has great suggestions). The narrator of the series, Jeff Woodman, has now been added to my own personal list of great audiobook narrators (joining Lorelei King, who narrates Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, Hugh Fraser, for his narration of the Agatha Christie novels, and Jim Dale, narrator of the Harry Potter series).

I’ve been actively on the look-out for good audios primarily because of the 19 hour drive (I can’t read in a car, unfortunately); the other day on Twitter Miriam Parker from Hachette Books suggested that I give Bill Bryson a try, and ever since then I’ve been walking around the house sounding rather demented because every now and then I’ll give out a big burst of laughter. Listening to Bill Bryson in audio will do that to you.

Right now, I’m listening to Bill Bryson’s I’m a Stranger Here Myself; my version is actually called Notes From a Big Country, which you can buy at Amazon UK. Notes From a Big Country has eight more essays than I’m a Stranger Here Myself (I have both titles in trade paperback, so I counted); otherwise, they contain much the same essays (I didn’t do a title-by-title check, though).

If you have an Audible membership, you’ll be getting Notes From a Big Country if you go for the unabridged version; unfortunately, Bill Bryson only reads the abridged version, but William Roberts, the narrator of the unabridged version, does a pretty good job. This listen is, obviously, a “reread” for me (since I ended up buying both versions of the book, it would be pretty sad if it wasn’t!); Bill Bryson’s books are brilliant and very funny reads whether you get them in print or in audio.

This Week: No Picture, but a Video

Rather sharing a picture from my life this week, I wanted to share the following video, called Validation. I discovered it at my dear friend Bethie’s blog, Simply Blessed. It’s a long video – 16 minutes – but I guarantee, if you have the time, and you’d like something to give you a bit of a lift and put a smile on your face, it’s well worth the watch. It was written and directed by Kurt Kuenne, stars TJ Thyne (of Bones fame), and has won a whole string of very well-deserved short film awards. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

What’s Up Saturday – May 23

What a week it’s been! I finished up one deadline earlier in the week only to realize I’d made a mistake about the due date for another one – and it was due that very day! Luckily the editor gave me an extension, and I’d already put some work into the project (before putting it aside to complete the first one I finished up), so I was able to make the new deadline.

What I’d Really Like To Know

I had to pull an all-nighter, though, and seriously, I’m just getting too old for that kind of thing. Not to mention, a little over a week ago I found a gray hair lurking around on my head.

I was quite fine with that. I have dark hair, so the occasional gray hair’s going to show. But then two days later, I spotted more than “just a few” new ones, and this is what I’d really like to know:

Do strands of hair turn gray overnight?

Because I could have sworn they hadn’t been there the night before. My head’s been invaded by gray, and it’s time for a quick trip to the salon, that’s for sure.

Maybe this is my chance to go blonde …

New Stuff Around Here

I’ve been quite ambitious this week. I added one new feature: Incoming!, which chronicles new book arrivals in my household.

I’m also toying around with a couple of other new features. I’ve been having a ton of fun visiting and commenting at other blogs all this week, but the downside was that I accumulated so many new titles I’d love to have in my tbr that I couldn’t write a Friday Finds post yesterday – it was just too overwhelming. I’ve got a few ideas about how I can juggle my finds and still post about them without getting overwhelmed.

I’d also planned to have the new template up for this weekend, but of course the missed deadline put an end to that train of thought. If I’m lucky, though, there should be a new look here in time for the giveaways post tomorrow. Terra from Tales from the Nightstand so very graciously designed a new header for me. She’s absolutely wonderful to work with, and very talented in the design department. My plan is to pair the header up with a theme that my friend Ann-Kat gave me (which does NOT break into a blank page if a post is too long!).

For Fun

This is so funny: scroll down and read the reviews.

This Week’s Photo from Around MsBookish:

Yesterday my husband decided he wanted to make his own hamburger buns for dinner. He’s got this really really good recipe called The Julia Burger that uses chunks of flank steak, and he thought it would be “fun” to make his own buns, an idea he got from this month’s issue of Gourmet.

He made a special bun for our little one. Can anyone guess what shape it is it?


Hint: Dylan loves Thomas the Tank Engine …

If you’d like to see what the actual buns themselves looked like, and how they tasted, I posted about our dinner here.

What has your week been like?

What’s Up Saturday: April 25, 2009

Saturday seems like a perfect day for doing a “What’s up around here” post, and today it’s even more perfect, given that it’s 27 ºC (80.6 ºF) and just gorgeous outside. Well, it would be perfect, except that I’m working on the third deadline of the week, which must be completed for tomorrow.

But there’s nothing like taking a break and doing something fun, like blogging!

So here’s what’s up in my bookish life this week:


I have over 20 books I’ve read these past few months waiting for me to review them. I’ve decided to take another look at my review style, because obviously something is wrong. I should be eagerly anticipating writing my reviews … but I’m not.

That Darned Rating System

After having already fiddled with it once, I am on the brink of ditching a rating system altogether. I just can’t do it – if I am totally honest with myself, it makes me uncomfortable to assign a book a rating of some sort. I’d rather just say, I liked this about it, I didn’t like that about it, and overall I loved/didn’t like it.

Currently Reading/Listening

I’m currently reading Now and Then, by Robert Parker. I actually started with the audiobook version of this book, but I found that Parker’s spare and sparse prose, with all those lovely and virtually invisible I said’s, he said’s and she said’s just doesn’t translate well in audio, for me, anyway. Far from being invisible, once spoken, they seemed to take on a major emphasis. But the print version of the book has been lovely so far, with all the said’s rendered as invisible as ever.

I’m also listening to the audiobook version of Death in the Clouds, by Agatha Christie, read by Hugh Fraser. I’ve enjoyed several of Fraser’s narrations of Christie novels, and this one is as pleasing so far as the previous ones I’ve listened to.

This Week’s Picture

I’m very excited because my orchid is reblooming. Five fat juicy buds showed up on the plant last week, and today, two of them had flowered!