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Review: Death Perception, by Victoria Laurie


The Gamble of a Lifetime

It took a while for Abby’s FBI agent boyfriend, Dutch Rivers, to accept her psychic gifts as the real deal. But these days he knows better than to question Abby’s visions. So when his cousin Chase is kidnapped after a bloody shoot-out in a Vegas alleyway, he agrees that her clairvoyant skills could be invaluable, and they both catch the next flight to Sin City.

Abby’s inner eye insists that Chase is still alive, but nothing else about the case adds up – especially Dutch’s reluctance to involve the FBI. On top of everything, Dutch is battling a mysterious illness, and Abby keeps having disturbing dreams that predict his death. Dutch wants Abby to promise that if the investigation goes south, she’ll head home to safety, but when the chips are down, Abby won’t fold without a fight.

Ms. Bookish’s Quick Take: Death Perception is a fun paranormal mystery. While the mystery itself is quite serious, the book veers toward the light-hearted side, which is a nice combination when you’re in the mood for a good mystery but you want something fun, too. I enjoy novels where the protagonist has a support network that she calls on; this is one such novel, and it made the read all the more fun for me. There were a few things I didn’t like, but these were minor and didn’t seriously affect my enjoyment of the novel. The solution offers a bit of a twist, and the mystery itself is complex enough to lead you through the book at a good speed.
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