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A Long Weekend Monday

It’s the long weekend here in Canada: Victoria’s Day weekend. And as often happens—it’s one of the dangers of living the freelance life—it really snuck up on me.

In the future, I’m hoping to develop a work schedule where I don’t work on the weekends. Hopefully if I do this, I’ll actually know when a long weekend is coming up! But for now, I usually do quite a lot of work over the weekends, long weekend or not, and this weekend has been no exception.

But! Fireworks!


Fireworks are a part of the usual round of Victoria Day weekend celebrations around here, and tonight we’re hoping to catch the fireworks show at Ashbridges Bay—I love fireworks. They’re so beautiful and so celebratory. Perfect for lifting funky moods out of the funk.

Dylan also has friends over for a sleepover, so things are quite busy today. Nothing like a bunch of pre-teen boys to liven up the place!

Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian friends!

Photo credit: Pixabay

BBQ, Picasso and Prince Charles

When we lived in the suburbs, I kind of dreaded long weekends, especially long weekends when I wasn’t working on a deadline. (When I’m on deadline, there are no such things as long weekends, or even weekends in general!)

The place where we lived would become like a ghost town. Everyone who either had a cottage or was able to secure access to a cottage hotfooted it out of there on Friday afternoon; for those of us cottage-free people, there wasn’t really much to do. Not unless you wanted to head into the city, and all the hassle that went with that.

So it was a really lovely surprise for us to discover that the city really comes alive on holiday weekends! This past weekend was the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada, and we went into it with very little planning (or expectations, for that matter). And guess what? We had a blast!

Our condo property management dusted off and hauled out the barbeques earlier last week, so we decided to book a barbeque for Saturday night. Ward prepared a ton of different shish kebabs, and my mom and my daughter both decided to drop by for the meal.

I’ve had fifteen years of BBQing in a park-like setting – we had a huge backyard at our old house, with lots of trees (and all the attendant bugs and the occasional skunk/raccoon/fox). And I discovered that having a barbeque on a rooftop patio is a whole lot of fun! We had a blast, and it was also one of the most relaxing outdoor meals we’ve had.

picassoPortrait de Dora Marr (Portrait of Dora Marr)/AGO

The next day found us at the Art Gallery of Ontario, where we caught the Picasso: Masterpieces from the Muséee National Picasso, Paris exhibit.

It was both a beautiful and very informative exhibit. The AGO provides audio guides, in the form of these telephone-like gadgets. Numbers are painted on the wall next to particular works, and if you enter the number, you find out a bit more about the work in question.

Picasso was most definitely a genius – and very, very prolific! And I loved how busy the AGO was; it was great to see so many people there.

My favourite pieces? I probably enjoyed Picasso’s sculptures the most. It was particularly interesting to see how he reworked a two-dimensional style into a three-dimensional piece.

And the eroticism he evoked in even the most surreal styles!

figures on the seashoreFigures au bord de la mer (Figures on the Seashore)/AGO

Genius. Both Ward and I really enjoyed the exhibit. Our nine year old, Dylan, also went with us, and he had fun with the kids’ version of the audio tour.

And of course, afterward we visited the gift shop! We ended up buying a few books on Picasso for children, but I’ll be going back to pick up some of the notecards.

So by now, you’re probably wondering about Prince Charles, right? Well, we didn’t exactly see him, but the next day while we were out on our balcony, we saw his motorcade exiting the Gardiner Expressway; given the timing, we guessed that the Prince and his wife Camilla were on their way to Ashbridges Bay to view the Victoria Day fireworks.

Which, we were delighted to discover, we were able to see from our balcony later that night!

I also managed to get some much needed clothes shopping into the weekend, as well as going out for a delightful lunch at a little Vietnamese/Thai eatery we discovered a little while back.

And now I’m really looking forward the rest of this summer’s long weekends!

What did you do for the Victoria Day weekend? And for those of you in the States, what are your plans for the Memorial Day weekend?