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Audiobooks on Holiday: Comfort Re-reads for the Drive

I’m off on a weekend trip to Montreal with my sister – it will be a real foodie weekend, and I’m looking forward to good eating and some nice sisterly bonding. My sister and I have never travelled together before, so I’m really looking forward to our weekend away. Plus, she’s an event planner, and as you might expect, everything’s all arranged – room booked, reservations made, market and shopping plans in place!

We’re driving there (I say “we” but of course, I mean my sister’s doing the driving) and while we’ll be doing a lot of chatting along the way, I plan to spend a bit of time listening to audiobooks, too.

After I put together my list of potential listens, I realized I’d selected “Comfort Re-reads”. Which makes sense, because I’ll only be listening sporadically, and I don’t really want to be in the middle of a thriller of a read and have to keep stopping to, you know, be social and talk. But with a comfort re-read, it’s easy to turn the iPod off when necessary, and just as easy to turn it back on and slip right back into where I last left the story.

I seem to be in a real fantasy mood right now, as you can see from my list:

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

My son and I have been listening to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at night before he goes to bed, which has made me really want to reread the rest of the books in audio – again.  I actually started Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire tonight, while I was packing. It’s a great comfort read, and so nice to be back in the world of Harry Potter.

The Golden Compass

But if I get tired of Harry Potter (okay, not likely to happen but I want to be prepared), next on my list is the first book in the His Dark Materials series: The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman. It’s been a while since I’ve read the series, and I’ve never done them in audio, either. I’m thinking they’ll make a good re-read in audio.

Nine Princes in Amber

My final pick (only three books, I know – but I’m only going away for the weekend!) is a bit problematic. The last time I read Roger Zelazny’s Amber Chronicles was many, many years ago, when I was still in university – as in, pre-kids (and my two oldest are both in university themselves now, so it was really quite a few years ago). I’m not too sure it really counts as a comfort re-read – I suspect, my memory being what it is, it will feel more like an almost new read.

I actually intend to read all the Amber books this year: I recently bought them all in this wonderful omnibus collection:

The Big Book of Amber

The Great Book of Amber contains all ten books in the series; I was thinking I’d get to it this summer, but we’re already halfway through the summer and I haven’t even started yet. So maybe I’ll get started with the audio version of the first book.

Although, I probably won’t, not this weekend!

What about you? When you go on holiday, especially holidays involving road trips, what kind of audiobooks do you like to bring along for the ride?