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{TSS} Bookish Bliss: Adding to Mt. TBR

Although I like to complain about the size of my TBR stacks – the physical one, the digital ones (ebook and audiobook) and the library one – I really do like adding yet another book to my to-read lists.

Having a lot of books in my TBR stacks is just so comfortable, if you know what I mean. So many books! Which means I’ll always have an interesting book to read.

Last year, when I wasn’t online as much, one of my favourite things to do when I could find time was to go through the lists of new physical books, ebooks and audiobooks on my library’s site, and either put things on hold or save them to Evernote so I could put a hold on them later. (This was necessary or I’d end up hitting my holds limit. Not to mention hauling home way too many books from the library than I could possibly read in the time I’d have them out.)

This year, I haven’t had to go through any of my library’s lists. Now that I’m back to reading book blogs again, I am constantly adding new books to my TBR. And every time I do, it’s like I’ve found a little bit of treasure.

I do need to keep a record of who/what post lead me to add a book to my to-read piles, so I know who to blame thank for each book. Right now, I’m counting on my memory, which really isn’t such a good thing. I’ve been thinking of developing some sort of system (I’m all about systems this year) using Evernote or Todoist, since I use both these apps a lot. I wish, though, that I could just whip up an IFTTT recipe that would automatically add a link to a spreadsheet every time I put a hold on a book or add one to my cart or to my wishlist!

It’s reassuring in a way to know that the state of Mt. TBR will always be teetering, no matter how many books I diligently get through …

Do you find yourself adding titles to your TBR stacks every time you go blog hopping? And do you have a system for keeping track of which blog post enticed you to add which book to your lists?