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Review: Bones to Ashes, by Kathy Reichs

Ms. Bookish’s Quick Take: I find it hard to resist a Kathy Reichs’ book, even though I’m not particularly enamoured with her style – I find the gothic, damsel in distress mode just a little bit annoying. But her plot lines are always so interesting, and I never have any doubt that she’ll hold my interest with surprise twists all the way through. Bones to Ashes didn’t let me down in this respect, but there is one particular scene, near the end of the book, which took my credibility and stamped it all to shards and pieces … It was extremely hard coming back to the rhythm of the book after that. See below for the full review.

From the back cover:

The discovery of a skeleton in Acadia, Canada, reawakens a traumatic episode for forensic anthropologist Temperence Brennan: Could the young girls’ remains be those of Évangéline Landry, Tempe’s friend who disappeared when Tempe was twelve? Exotic, free-spirited, and slightly older, Évangéline enlivened Tempe’s summer beach visits … then vanished amid whispers that she was “dangerous”. Now, faced with bones scarred with inexplicable lesions, Tempe is consumed with solving a decades-old mystery – while her lover, detective Andrew Ryan, urgently needs her attention on a wave of teenage abductions and murders. With both Ryan and her ex-husband making surprising future plans, Tempe may soon find that her world has painfully and irrevocably changed once again.

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