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Some Bookish Television

Ward’s away on his trip to Okinawa, and if anyone had asked what I would be doing while he was away, I would have said, “Why, reading, of course.”

I even stocked up on a few audiobooks: Gambit, by Rex Stout (a reread), A Trick of the Light, by Louise Penny (I’ve been SO looking forward to this new Inspector Gamache mystery) and Outlander, by Diana Gibaldon (another reread, and an unexpected purchase – Audible had it on sale for two days for $4.95 so I snapped it up).

(Nothing in print or ebook, though – I also have a handful of deadlines coming due this week, and I find that when I spend my days staring at PDF proofs, I don’t feel much like staring at a page when I’m done for the day.)

I did get into Gambit – I find both Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot and Stout’s Nero Wolfe to be excellent companions during kitchen clean-up time.

But surprisingly, I’ve been watching TV series at night!

I’m not really one for television or movies, although when I sit down to watch something, I do usually enjoy it. We made the decision back when my two older kids were young to not do the cable or satellite thing; television time for us meant DVDs and VHS, and nowadays, a lot of online content, too.

The weekend started out, strangely enough, with X Factor auditions on YouTube. Earlier this year my daughter introduced me to The X Factor – we followed along on YouTube – and I really enjoyed them. The new season has just started, and the auditions are actually my favourite part of the series.

Once I’d watched the latest batch of auditions, though, I found myself wanting to watch other things. (This is probably how television addiction starts …)

So I fired up Netflix, something I almost never do. Netflix is Ward’s territory – he loves being able to watch all those reality cooking shows, and of course his action/adventure movies and chick flicks (which he enjoys even more than I do).

Guess what I found on Netflix? BBC’s Inspector Lynley series! I’m a fan of Elizabeth George’s Lynley books, and I ended up watching all four episodes of the show that Netflix had on offer.

And that’s when my eye was caught by Sherlock, also from the BBC. I remembered, vaguely, some Twitter conversation I’d seen last year about this series and how good it was. So last night, I watched the first two episodes.

imageSherlock (Photo credit)

Wow. I loved it! The whole idea of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson solving modern-day crimes is so much fun. I found both the characters and the mysteries very enjoyable.

On tonight’s agenda? More Sherlock – there are two is one more episodes episode right now on Netflix. And I’m hoping Netflix will be adding new episodes soon after they get broadcast. (Netflix for Canada doesn’t have quite the selection that Netflix in the States has, unfortunately).

What am I planning to watch after I finish the two one remaining episodes episode? Miss Marple, of course!

Can you tell? I’m really enjoying my bookish TV.


I’ve been following Britain’s Got Talent on YouTube, and just loving it.

I have always enjoyed talent shows, and one of my favorite YouTube videos of all time is the one of Paul Pott’s first audition.

It’s always those first auditions that really inspire me, the ones where people walk onto the stage, and bring with them all of that beautiful, raw potential.

This year’s show is now over. Here were my three favorites:

The Singing Bouncer


Neil Fullard is a doorman, which, I gather, is a bouncer in North American terms. In his first audition, he sings “Come Fly With Me”, first made famous by Frank Sinatra.

I loved it! He is so sweet, like a big teddy bear, and his voice is fabulous.

Neil made it through to the semi-finals, for which he donned a tux and sang another Sinatra favorite, “That’s Life”. Lovely! Unfortunately, he didn’t make it through to the finals, but he was definitely one of my favorites.

The Singing Accountant

image Hah! Isn’t it funny how we have a tendency to label people by their professions?

I loved Christopher Stone’s performances – if I had to rank the performers, I’d say he was my favorite. Here, in his first audition, he sings “Maria” from West Side Story. Simon Cowell builds the suspense a little by stopping the performance before it’s over. “You’ve got the voice,” he says. “But the question is, are you a star?”

Well, yes, he is! In the semi-finals, Christopher sings “The Impossible Dream”, and sings it just beautifully. He might have been really nervous for his first audition (and who can blame him?) but you can’t see it in this second performance.

And he is just fabulous in his final performance, singing “Somewhere (There’s a Place for Us)”, again from West Side Story.

Unfortunately, Christopher didn’t win the top three positions in the finals, but hopefully he’s well on his way to a wonderful performing career!

Absolutely Spellbound

image Have you seen this video of Spellbound’s audition for Britain’s Got Talent yet? Just amazing. People say the word “gymnastics”, and I think, “floor routine” or “balance beam”. But this was incredible stuff, and choreographed so creatively.

They put on an even more dazzling performance in the finals, winning the show, and deservedly so. Such athletic ability, such creativity – and the teamwork is absolutely breathtaking. They have commitment and dedication written all over them.

Other bits and pieces

I thought the kids on the self-styled boy band Connected were so cute! Here’s their audition, and their performance in the finals. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got signed to a recording contract soon.

And Tobias Mead’s performances were absolutely stunning. My favorites were his audition, and his performance in the semi-finals. My husband actually gave a gasp of amazement watching that second performance; he was very impressed by Tobias’ ability. Me? I liked the way he ended it with that wink! He’s definitely got creativity, imagination and a boatload of talent.

Did you watch Britain’s Got Talent this year? Who were your favorites?

Photo credits: ITV and The Mirror

Chuck Has Been Renewed!

And now for a total geek moment … Chuck has been renewed!

We are actually a cable TV- and satellite-free household – let’s just say, the Internet rules around here – but as a family we love finding different series that we can watch on DVD. Chuck is one of them – we are so looking forward to the release of the second season on DVD in September – so we are super thrilled. (Our other favorites are Bones and Numb3rs).

Check out this Fall TV cheat sheet which is being updated as news surfaces about the renewal and cancellation of various shows.