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On why this is not my Bloggiesta wrap-up post

What’s that quote again? “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” That was me yesterday.

Being the master procrastinator that I am, I’d set aside Saturday night as Bloggiesta time. My plan was to roll up my sleeves at around 7 pm and start working through my Bloggiesta to-do list. I’d be finished by around 11:00 pm, I figured.

Unfortunately, MsBookish had other plans. It started in the morning when I couldn’t log in to my dashboard. My webhost fixed it, but then when it came time for me to roll up my Bloggiesta sleeves, everything was down.

It took a while for them to fix things the second time around, but they did (I like them a lot, by the way, because so far they have always been very responsive when sucky website things happen).

Now, the reason I’d set aside Saturday night to work on Bloggiesta stuff was because starting today, I have to buckle down and work on work stuff. I have four deadlines this coming week, and I knew I wouldn’t have have the nice big chunk of time necessary for my Bloggiesta to-do after Saturday night.

So what did I do when I found out I couldn’t work on Bloggiesta stuff? Did I instead pull out one of my deadlines and start plugging away at it, so that theoretically I could then do Bloggiesta stuff today (assuming everything was fixed)?

Magazine Mogul

No, I did not. I spent the night waiting and checking my email for site updates. And playing Kairosoft’s Magazine Mogul on my Kobo. (I love (and have) all of Kairosoft’s games …) This is the kind of thing I do when I’m stressed or tired or procrastinating.

So here I am on this sunny early spring morning, writing what should have been my Bloggiesta wrap-up post. The way it looks now, I probably won’t get to my Bloggiesta to-do until next weekend.

And a PS: for everyone who tried to comment with a link to their posts on my Bloggiesta challenge post, I’m extending the time to enter the challenge and giveaway by two days, to Wednesday, April 1 (the draw will be made on April 2), to make up for the page being down on Saturday evening..

So, how did your Saturday night go? Much better than mine, I hope!