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The Summer Update Post

I’ve been quiet lately, both on the blog and also out and about in the blog world and on Twitter. But there’s been a lot of stuff happening here over the summer!

The publishing industry is definitely getting back to speed – and from my perspective, it’s not just back on track after a couple of rather dismal years, work-wise. It’s more like full steam ahead.

I had nearly as much work in July as I normally would during November or December, which is usually when work really heats up for me. And August is not looking any different! I was talking on Twitter recently with Beth Fish Reads (she’s a freelance editor), and the same thing is happening for her.

We hadn’t made any holiday plans this summer because we knew we’d be busy getting ready to sell the house, and as it turned out, not having any plans to go away really worked well in terms of my work schedule.

We haven’t put the house on the market – but we’re in the process of working out a sale of our property to a developer, and it looks like we’ll be closing in November. So between now and then, we’ll be looking for a new place (thankfully we’ll be leasing, not buying, so hopefully it will be an easier process), and figuring out what to move, what to store, and what to sell/give away.

And what a job that last part will be! We’ll be downsizing from a 3000 square foot house to a condo; we’ve started looking around already, and the average two bedroom condo in Toronto is between 860-960 square feet. We’re hoping to find a two bedroom plus den, at around 1060 square feet. But that’s still a lot less square footage.

But I think it will be fun. We’ve already started looking at each piece of furniture, doing the “use it/store it/give or sell it” debate. And we’re starting to see that a lot of things we thought we absolutely needed to have in our lives – well, we don’t, not really!

It’s shaping up to be a busy fall, too, what with work, looking for a new place, getting ready to move – and Ward is going to Okinawa, Japan, to train for a few weeks in September!

Writing-wise, I haven’t been up to much at all. I dug WAVERLEY back out of the work pile, and plan on doing some sort of collage thing to get the creative juices going. This is what I do know: once we complete the sale, move, and get settled in, I’ll be able to turn my energy to my writing.

How has your summer been so far?