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Neil Gaiman stealth signs Trigger Warning copies

trigger warning by neil gaiman

Yesterday I was going through Facebook and I saw Neil Gaiman’s status update:


Stealth-signing! I loved the thought of Gaiman taking the time while he was waiting for a flight at an airport to stealthily sign his latest book at the airport bookstores. And also the wonderful surprise not-in-the-know purchasers of Trigger Warning must have felt when they opened the book.

(I’m using past tense because, from the comments on the update, it appears the books sold out pretty quickly.)

I wonder how many people drove to the airport just to buy a copy of the book? I can just imagine it now:

“Got to run. I want to buy a copy of Neil Gaiman’s Trigger Warning.” Looks at time on phone. “If I leave now, I should get there in an hour and a half.” Opens wallet. “Crap. Not enough money to pay for parking. Guess I’ll just use my credit card.”

“What are you going on about? The bookstore’s ten minutes away. Parking is free.”

“Who said anything about going to the bookstore? I’m going to the airport.”

And it also got me thinking, what if he’d been caught by some bookstore employee who didn’t like to read fiction and had no clue who he was?

“Sir, I’m afraid you’ll have to buy that book now that you’ve vandalized it.”

I wish I’d been in the area! To get a signed copy of the book yes, but especially when he was stealthily signing them. I might have recognized him – that would have been fun!

Were you lucky enough to get one of these stealth signed copies of Trigger Warning, or know someone who did?