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Twitter and Facebook: What’s Your Strategy?

The other day I was emailing a friend of mine about Twitter – he’s new to Twitter and hasn’t been liking it as much as Facebook. I was sending him some ideas I had about how to get more comfortable with Twitter, and I said something about “going broad” with Twitter, as compared to Facebook.

This got me thinking about how people approach these social networking sites.

I’m active both on Facebook and on Twitter, but I’m active in very different ways on each site.

image I keep my Facebook profile fairly private, and my friends list on the small side. Most of the friends in my Facebook account are either real-life friends, or online friends who’ve become good friends. I do have a few people on my friends list I don’t know very well, but very few.

I update my Facebook status with personal things – my thoughts of the day, pictures taken on my iPhone as I go about everyday life, links to funny or inspiring videos I come across … my latest Bejewelled score …

I have a great time on Facebook; it’s where I keep in touch with friends. I laugh a lot when I’m on the site, make comments, click on the “like” button quite often.

My daughter occasionally sends me funny, sweet little Facebook chat messages from her computer, which is a desk away from mine. My son sometimes makes quirky remarks on my wall that make me smile.

I seeimage Twitter, on the other hand, as being more wide open – more like a fabulous cocktail party to which everyone has been invited. I only have one rule of thumb when it comes to following people: I follow anyone I find interesting.

I go to Twitter to discover new links, catch up on the latest news, and chat with an assortment of fun people about lots of different things. I love that I don’t have to be there every day, every hour, every minute. I love that no matter what time of day it is, whenever I pop into Twitter, there’s usually some interesting conversations going on. I love never knowing what new thing I’ll discover through a link in someone’s tweet.

None of this would happen if I didn’t follow a wide assortment of people. So I keep my Twitter outlook broad.

As with Facebook, I have a great time with my Twitter account, but it’s a different kind of fun.

I’ve been wondering whether other people approach these two social media sites the same way I do. I know there are some people with a ton of friends on both Facebook and Twitter; I wonder what their approaches are to each site. Do they share the same things on each site? Are their friends and followers lists made up of the same people?

What do you do? Are you on both Facebook and Twitter? Do you participate frequently or infrequently? What’s your strategy for the best use of these two social networking sites?