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A simple, lovely arugula salad

A simple arugula salad

My sister made this for me last year after one of our dinners out together. We’d gone back to her place, and she had some fresh arugula she really wanted me to try. So she whipped together this really simple salad, and after I tasted it, I was hooked on both arugula and this lovely, easy salad dressing.

And now I don’t even buy bottled salad dressings. (Well, except Caesar dressing, because my oldest likes to use it as a dipping sauce when he has pizza).

Here’s all you need:

Really good quality extra virgin olive oil. You want to use something really good, because this is the kind of salad where you’re going to taste your olive oil, along with your arugula.

Lime juice. (Or lemon, if you prefer lemon.) We always have a bottle of organic lime juice in the fridge, so I use that, but if you have fresh, that’s even better.

Parmesan cheese (the kind you grate yourself). Again, the better the cheese, the better your dressing will taste, but even with a mediocre slab of Parmesan, it’s going to taste good. I know, because we usually just buy the big hunks of Parmesan from Costco.

Salt. I use sea salt because my husband is the cook around here and I don’t know where he hides the regular salt. But really, I’d probably use sea salt even if I knew where the regular salt was. We have this nice wooden grinder a friend made for us that’s perfect for grinding flakes of sea salt over the salad.

Arugula. Because this is an arugula salad. But I’ve even used this dressing with celery cut into pieces and it was delicious. So you can use any greens or vegetables you like. I like arugula’s peppery taste, plus the way its leaves hold up to dressing.

Here’s what you do with your ingredients:

Pour your extra virgin olive oil liberally over your arugula. Shake salt over the top. Sprinkle about a teaspoon of lime or lemon juice over the arugula, then grate as much Parmesan cheese as you like on top of it all.




Arugula salad

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