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On Stage

Dylan had his first performance in the National Ballet’s Nutcracker on Sunday. We have tickets to one of his performances next weekend, but at the last minute Ward and I decided to get standing room seats because it was, after all, Dylan’s first performance!

And we were very glad we did. Last year, Dylan was in three operas – Peter Grimes, The Masked Ball and Don Quichotte – so it’s not his first time on the Four Seasons stage, but this was his first time dancing on that state. Dancing is what he loves to do, and we both had one of those “feelings swelling up within” moments when he first came on stage.

Also, there were the stairs. He has to run up and down some stairs in one of the scenes, and he only got to rehearse on the actual stairs once, last week. He didn’t run down them quickly enough during the rehearsals, so he was a bit late in his timing. He’s a kid who’s more on the cautious side, so has never been one to rush pelmel down stairs. So he’s been practicing – on the condo stairs, the subway stairs, basically anywhere we could find stairs.

And he did wonderfully! His timing was fine, and while there was one minor mishap – he has a chicken, attached to him, that’s “chasing” him and the chicken got caught at the top of the stairs at one point, but the boy behind him managed to loosen it – no-one in the audience was any the wiser that a glitch had occurred.

This video gives a backstage view of the production:

It seems a little chaotic, but Dylan says it’s not. In fact, he says it’s all very organized, same as the operas he performed in last year.

Meanwhile, #UncleJohn, the opera Ward is in right now, also started performances last week, with this week seeing the last of the performances. #UncleJohn is a modern interpretation of Don Giovanni, and everything is sung in English. (Ward doesn’t do any singing – he’s an extra, and plays a cop.)

Coincidentally, Ward will be auditioning tomorrow for an extra’s role in the Canadian Opera Company’s production of Don Giovanni! If he gets the part, he’ll be in rehearsals through much of the holidays. Dylan has five more performances, so the next few weeks could be quite hectic for us, not counting the holidays!

As for me, I’m quite content to be in the audience occasionally. I have absolutely no hankering to be on stage – although I certainly wouldn’t mind writing something that gets produced on stage!