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Pin It, Do It: The Holiday Edition!

I’m very excited to be signing up for the latest edition of Trish’s Pin It Do It Pinterest challenge! I missed it the last few times it’s run. All the Twitter chat about it last month was so enticing, and with the holidays coming up, I thought joining the challenge would be a great way to motivate myself to actually do some fun crafty holiday things with Dylan, my nine-year-old.

And look! I even created a special board just for the challenge: my Pin It Do It: The Holiday Edition! #pinitdoit board.

See? I’m committing to this. I really am.

I’ve vowed in the past not to participate in any more challenges, because I fail so miserably at them (in my first year of blogging here, I think I signed up for about twenty reading challenges – and completed only one of them (it was the Harry Potter challenge, and I did my reread in audio, so it was super, super easy).

BUT!  I have high hopes for this one.

The Christmas season is my favourite season of the year; in past years, I’ve always been SO overwhelmed with deadlines I’ve never been able to enjoy the season thoroughly. (I’ve actually had years where I counted myself lucky being able to take Christmas Day and New Year’s Day off – one of the tougher things about being in business for yourself.)

But this year? Due to some changes one of my major clients made, I have a lighter December schedule. And I fully plan to put the extra time to good use!

What about you? Are you on Pinterest? Signing up for the #pinitdoit challenge?

Eating Well, the Pinterest Way

Pinterest has really changed the way we eat around here. Now that it’s so handy – and visually appealing! – for me to bookmark a recipe, I’m not just reading through various food blogs and occasionally hollering to Ward (wherever he might be), “What do you think about this dish?”.

No, not at all. Now I have a routine. I pin all the recipes that entice me to Pinterest, and I email the ones I really, really want to try to Ward.

It’s been working out so well. I’d say at least two out of the four to five meals Ward cooks each week have been influenced by Pinterest (the other two nights he teaches, which means I haul out the ramen noodle packets).

Here’s a sampling of some of the lovely dishes I’ve had the chance to taste the past couple of weeks because of my new Pinterest routine. (Click on the image if you’d like to repin the recipe, and click on the link to get to the recipe itself.)

Dark Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey’s Buttercream


Can you say, ooh la la? That’s right. Bailey’s buttercream. Yum!

This was yesterday’s lucky find – I was simply delighted when I saw that Megan had shared her recipe for Dark Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey’s Buttercream. I was even happier when Ward came back from shopping yesterday afternoon and pulled out a small bottle of Bailey’s and a six-pack of Guinness.

He whipped a batch of these up last night after dinner; the whole place smelled just divine. Chocolate and Bailey’s. What a wonderful combination! And the taste? Delightful!

Braised Tofu and Radish


I really like tofu, so when I came across this recipe for Braised Tofu and Radish at Beyond Kimchee I knew it would be perfect for our table – I’m constantly on the lookout for recipes that Ward can veganize but which I’d still enjoy after the veganization process (which usually means either tofu or mushrooms are involved).

This dish did not disappoint. In fact, it was one of this past week’s hits. It’s a simple dish that’s so very tasty. Ward omitted the shrimp and used vegetarian oyster sauce, but the veganizing substitutions didn’t hurt the recipe at all. We had no leftovers that night!

Manhattan Clam Chowder


Clams are one of my favourite foods – I have very fond childhood memories of driving up to Seattle, walking on the beach and snacking on steamed clams with melted butter. Manhattan clam chowder is one of my favourite clam dishes, but around here it’s very difficult to find a restaurant that serves it; most of them serve Boston clam chowder, which I find just a little too creamy (I like my soups on the lighter, brothier side).

So I was thrilled when I came across this recipe for Manhattan clam chowder. Our grocery store didn’t have any fresh clams that day, so Ward bought a bag of frozen (in-shell) clams as a substitute, along with the cans of baby clams and clam juice. He made a big pot of chowder for me, so I was set for lunch for the rest of this week. This version was actually better than any I’ve had in a restaurant, because it is simply filled to the brim with clams!

Curried Chicken Pot Pie


I’m not really much of a curry person, but both Ward and our older son Sean enjoy curry. So last weekend Ward made a veganized version of this Curried Chicken Pot Pie for himself, along with the regular version for Sean. I got a cute little version, so I could have a taste (Ward made me something else that night, but for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was.).

Both of them really enjoyed it, so I’m sure it will be on the menu again soon!

Mini Fish Tacos


These delightful Mini Fish Tacos from Very Culinary were delicious: chunks of lightly spiced white fish mixed with a cooling slaw. So tasty! We had some egg roll wrappers on hand so Ward used them instead of wonton wrappers; next time around, we’ll go with the wonton wrappers the recipe calls for, because the egg roll wrappers were a bit too big and the result was on the doughy side.

But that didn’t detract from the delicious filling! I had seconds, just minus the fun little cups. Lovely!

I’ve been loving all these new food adventures showing up on our table because of Pinterest. What about you? Have you tried recipes you’ve pinned on Pinterest? Are you finding a greater variety of dishes as a result?

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Some Thursday Random

It’s been a while since I’ve written a “random stuff” post, but I woke up today to a whole pile of jumbled thoughts, so it seemed like a perfect time for random, you know?

Bookish Random

I’ve been having a blast filling my Kindle and Overdrive iPad apps with loads of interesting reads. In no particular order, here are some titles I added recently:

Avenging Angels, by Mary Stanton The Comforts of a Muddy Saturday, by Alexander McCall Smith Dark Dreamer, by Jennifer Fulton The Dead Kid Detective Agency, by Evan Munday Wash This Blood Clean from My Hand, by Fred Vargas Three Doors to Death, by Rex Stout A Cold Day for Murder, by Dana Stabenow A Study in Sherlock, ed. by Laurie R. King

And the Kindle version of A Cold Day for Murder, by Dana Stabenow, the first Kate Shugak mystery, is free right now at Amazon!

Have you read any of these titles?

Drama Is The Interwebs

All I can say is, wow. People who think the world of books and reading and writing is low-key and well, boring, have never clicked on Twitter links tweeted by the bookish community.

There is a whole lot of drama out there, folks. Drama on Goodreads, drama on individual blogs, drama in tweets (although I haven’t actually caught any of that this week).

And I am pleased to continue in voyeur mode (is that the word I mean?), playing the observer and not dipping my toes in any of it!

A Pinterest Question

I’ve been wondering something. Here’s the way Pinterest plays at my house. I pin recipe links to my Muse in the Kitchen board on Pinterest, then email them to Ward. I keep my fingers crossed and lo! and behold! every so often he serves up a dish I pinned on Pinterest.

So, can I make the claim, “I made something I pinned on Pinterest”? What do you think? After all, the dish wouldn’t have ended up on the dining room table without my initial input. Right? Right???

I had a whole lot more random in my mind when I first started writing this post, but such is my memory, I’ve forgotten most of it. Maybe I should tell you about the dream I had this morning, where I found myself back in university again? Nah, I thought not.

Pinning My TBR (And Other Fun Bookish Ways to Use Pinterest)

I fell in love with Pinterest a few months ago, and have been madly pinning away ever since. In addition to lots of other, non-bookish things, I have a board called Bookish Things where I pin all the awesome bookish stuff that delights my little bibliophile heart.

But recently, I’ve discovered a few more fun bookish ways to use Pinterest. My favourite so far? Pinning my TBR!


Check out my board, The Ever-expanding TBR Pile. Isn’t it a great little bookish board? What I love is being able to see my to-read list visually. It’s SO beautiful!

And best of all, I pin a lot of books directly from my favourite book bloggers’ review posts – this means when I write about the books I’m reading or have read, I can link directly to those who are to blame for adding to my TBR pile the reviews which persuaded me to add the book to my to-read list. I’ve tried many ways in the past to keep track of who recommended what, as I like to give credit where credit is due; pinning my TBR pile does this fabulously for me.

I also have a Pinterest board for books read (or currently reading) in 2012. It’s on the sparse side right now, but just being able to pin a book on my board once I’m done is proving to be very motivating when it comes to my reading goal.

And just yesterday, I started boards for Rave-Worthy Reads and Comfort Reads. I’ve only pinned a few books so far, but it’s been fun thinking about what books I’ve loved in the past few years, and what books qualify as comfort reads for me.

Bottom line? I think Pinterest is such a great way to spread the news about great books!

What about you? Do you use Pinterest for bookish pinning?

Yes, Im Food-Obsessed

In the midst of all the busy busy busy of my life these past few months, one thing has become very clear to me.

I’m kind of food obsessed. I take a short trip to L.A. and what do I bring back with me? Food memories. I mean, really – who goes to L.A. and comes back talking about the food? Well, me, obviously.

And so it is with Pinterest, my latest online addiction. I’ve always called Twitter my home office water cooler; Pinterest has joined Twitter in that regard. (And the super awesome thing? Pinterest plays so nicely with Twitter!)

Where was I? Oh, yes. My food-obsessed mind.

So far, I’ve created 16 boards on Pinterest (and I’ll probably be creating more, some for specific writing WIPs – the possibilities are breathtaking!). And the board that’s filling up really really quickly?

This one.

Some of my recent finds? (Prepare to get hungry! And if you like to cook, inspired! Click on the links to get recipes and see more delicious pics. And maybe add a few food blogs to your beleaguered Google Reader.)

Hasselback Potatoes


From: Sea Salt With Food

Cream Cheese Sausage Balls


From: Plain Chicken

Baked Spinach Dip Mini Bowls


From: Picky Palate

Cheddar-Thyme Gougères


From: What You Give Away You Keep

I’ve also been emailing links to my husband like crazy, in the hopes that some day in the not-too-distant future, some of these will show up in our kitchen, ready for me to gobble up.

Are you on Pinterest? What kinds of things do you find yourself pinning?

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