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Pin It, Do It: The Holiday Edition!

I’m very excited to be signing up for the latest edition of Trish’s Pin It Do It Pinterest challenge! I missed it the last few times it’s run. All the Twitter chat about it last month was so enticing, and with the holidays coming up, I thought joining the challenge would be a great way to motivate myself to actually do some fun crafty holiday things with Dylan, my nine-year-old.

And look! I even created a special board just for the challenge: my Pin It Do It: The Holiday Edition! #pinitdoit board.

See? I’m committing to this. I really am.

I’ve vowed in the past not to participate in any more challenges, because I fail so miserably at them (in my first year of blogging here, I think I signed up for about twenty reading challenges – and completed only one of them (it was the Harry Potter challenge, and I did my reread in audio, so it was super, super easy).

BUT!  I have high hopes for this one.

The Christmas season is my favourite season of the year; in past years, I’ve always been SO overwhelmed with deadlines I’ve never been able to enjoy the season thoroughly. (I’ve actually had years where I counted myself lucky being able to take Christmas Day and New Year’s Day off – one of the tougher things about being in business for yourself.)

But this year? Due to some changes one of my major clients made, I have a lighter December schedule. And I fully plan to put the extra time to good use!

What about you? Are you on Pinterest? Signing up for the #pinitdoit challenge?