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{2015 Goals} Goals for the other parts of life

(Update: I changed the title of this post from “Goals for the rest of life” to “Goals for the other parts of life”. As Bryan pointed out, it “Goals for the rest of life” sounds like I’m goal planning for the rest of my life, which would be pretty awesome but so not me.  I’m definitely more of a “this year my goals are” type of person (and in previous years I wasn’t even this), and not a “in three, four, ten, twenty, fifty year I see myself …” type of person. I can barely remember what I have planned for next month as it is!)

Yes, I have more goals! These are the ones that don’t fit in the two major categories of my life, reading and writing. But since this is my year of change, I figure these other, rather practical, goals are important too.

1. Take a course or a workshop.

Online or offline, it doesn’t matter. But I feel like I need to start actively learning something again. I’ve been thinking about photography courses, art courses, writing courses, pottery courses – I’m sure there are a ton of things out there just waiting to be learned. I just have to figure out what I want to learn!

2. Make chores fun.

I’ve never been a very neat or tidy person, but I’ve been finding as I get older that I tend to notice messes more than I used to. I’m not sure why that is, I only know that’s what’s happened to me. So one of the things I’d like to do is find a way to make chores more fun. I have some ideas, like these chore stickers, or using HabitRPG (which I’m going to be using for basically all of my goals).

3. Go through my clothes and get rid of every single thing I haven’t worn in the past 12 months.

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages. This summer, for example, I didn’t wear any of the summer dresses I had hanging up in my closet. And now that the weather is colder, I’m finding I’m not wearing over half of my winter clothes. I open up my dresser drawers, look inside, and it’s like the clothes in there are invisible. They just don’t feel like me any more. Which is a good thing, anyway, because we’re short of space in the condo and I only get the one chest of drawers and one side of the very small walk-in closet.

4. Let people take more pictures of me … and eventually, take a selfie!

I HATE having my picture taken. But now that I’ve been doing a lot of meditating and rocking out to Eckhart Tolle’s fabulous stuff, I’m starting to get that my dislike of the camera when it’s pointed at me is all about ego, period. So I’ve told my husband he can take more pictures of me. But he has to tell me first. And I can say, no, not now. Because it will take me a while to get used to this new habit.

And one day this year, I’m going to take a selfie. I can’t tell you how much resistance I have to this idea. But I figure I’ll take a selfie with my son Dylan, and that should count, right? I imagine I’ll need an entire year to work myself up to this one, so it’s not likely to happen until December.

5. Keep my desk uncluttered.

I lived with a cluttered desk for the greater part of this year – until I just couldn’t stand it anymore and cleaned things up. I’ve managed to keep things fairly tidy ever since and I must admit – I like it! What I’ve been trying to do is a quick tidy-up right before I go to bed. Seems to be working so far. Plus it’s an easy way to get points for HabitRPG.

Desk before and after

I posted this before and after picture on the day I embarked on my 365 days of blogging. Getting decluttered really has made a huge difference in my life! I look at the “before” part of the picture and I can’t help but shudder. How on earth did I manage to get any work done with all that STUFF piled up beside me? (My laptop sits to the left of the desk.)

6. Develop consistent social media habits.

I know this is the opposite of what a lot of people have on their goals list, which is to spend time off social media. But this past year, because of everything that was going on, I did just that, and I missed having it in my life. I also have a tendency to go through periods where I’ll be really intensely on social media ALL THE TIME, and then you won’t hear a peep out of me for weeks and even months on end.

Now that I’ve come back to social media, it’s been really lovely. Since I’m self-employed, I don’t have an office watercooler to hang around (although I’m sure most of you who work probably don’t have an office watercooler at work either, but you know what I mean). With social media, I get to interact with people and it does liven up my day. Plus, if I build it into my routine, I also won’t let it take over my life either. Consistency + moderation – that’s the key!

7. Stay motivated and productive.

I think this last goal is the key to staying focused on all my goals this year. I’ve mentioned before that 2014 was one of my most unmotivated, unproductive years. Seriously, I felt like I was going absolutely nowhere (because I was). And when things happened, I just spent a great deal of time in total reaction mode, and then when I finally slipped out of that mode, I did absolutely nothing other than meeting work deadlines.

So I’ve loaded up my Feedly with all sorts of productivity and motivation blogs. And I have a long list of productivity and motivation books on my to-read list. I’m hoping to get many of these in audio, which should make going through them a breeze. What I’ve learned this year is that the best way to stay productive and stay motivated is to read about productivity and read about motivation. It’s like getting tiny refresher courses every time.

So those are my non-bookish, non-writing goals. What about you? Did you set goals in the more practical areas of your life too?

What’s Up Saturday – May 23

What a week it’s been! I finished up one deadline earlier in the week only to realize I’d made a mistake about the due date for another one – and it was due that very day! Luckily the editor gave me an extension, and I’d already put some work into the project (before putting it aside to complete the first one I finished up), so I was able to make the new deadline.

What I’d Really Like To Know

I had to pull an all-nighter, though, and seriously, I’m just getting too old for that kind of thing. Not to mention, a little over a week ago I found a gray hair lurking around on my head.

I was quite fine with that. I have dark hair, so the occasional gray hair’s going to show. But then two days later, I spotted more than “just a few” new ones, and this is what I’d really like to know:

Do strands of hair turn gray overnight?

Because I could have sworn they hadn’t been there the night before. My head’s been invaded by gray, and it’s time for a quick trip to the salon, that’s for sure.

Maybe this is my chance to go blonde …

New Stuff Around Here

I’ve been quite ambitious this week. I added one new feature: Incoming!, which chronicles new book arrivals in my household.

I’m also toying around with a couple of other new features. I’ve been having a ton of fun visiting and commenting at other blogs all this week, but the downside was that I accumulated so many new titles I’d love to have in my tbr that I couldn’t write a Friday Finds post yesterday – it was just too overwhelming. I’ve got a few ideas about how I can juggle my finds and still post about them without getting overwhelmed.

I’d also planned to have the new template up for this weekend, but of course the missed deadline put an end to that train of thought. If I’m lucky, though, there should be a new look here in time for the giveaways post tomorrow. Terra from Tales from the Nightstand so very graciously designed a new header for me. She’s absolutely wonderful to work with, and very talented in the design department. My plan is to pair the header up with a theme that my friend Ann-Kat gave me (which does NOT break into a blank page if a post is too long!).

For Fun

This is so funny: scroll down and read the reviews.

This Week’s Photo from Around MsBookish:

Yesterday my husband decided he wanted to make his own hamburger buns for dinner. He’s got this really really good recipe called The Julia Burger that uses chunks of flank steak, and he thought it would be “fun” to make his own buns, an idea he got from this month’s issue of Gourmet.

He made a special bun for our little one. Can anyone guess what shape it is it?


Hint: Dylan loves Thomas the Tank Engine …

If you’d like to see what the actual buns themselves looked like, and how they tasted, I posted about our dinner here.

What has your week been like?