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This is the Difficult Part

So Ward’s home from Okinawa now, and almost all rested from his jetlag.

Which means it’s time to start:

1. Packing the things we’ll be moving with us.

2. Listing things on Craigslist and Kijiji.

3. Giving things away.

4. Getting things ready for storage.

And it also means …

tackling the difficult part. Meaning, this:

Living room bookshelves

These are the bookshelves in our living room. They are packed to the brim with mostly non-fiction books (the bookcase on the far right holds fiction).

Some of these books have been with me for nearly twenty years. There are plays, art books, essay collections, biographies and memoirs, garden writing books, food writing books, new age books, quantum physics and math books … and many, many more.

I’m not sure how I’ll hold up, sorting through the titles and deciding what to take with us, what to give away, what to store.

It will be hard.

My husband has his own dilemma:

Cookbook shelves

These are his cookbook shelves. He ran out of room earlier this year, so he’s also started another collection in a smaller bookcase to the right of this one.

And then there are these – my To-Be-Read bookcases. Yes, I have two of them.

bookshelf3 bookshelf4

These two bookcases are also problematic because, well, obviously I haven’t read the books they hold yet – and I still want to!

I also have another three full bookcases in my office, filled with writing and reference books (I’m not showing you a picture because that part of the office is unbelievably messy and I don’t think you’d be able to see the books through the stacks of paper piled in front of the bookcases).

All of this – after I’d already sorted through several bookshelves full of books earlier this year. At the end of that first round, I ended up giving away about 20 boxes of books, packed nine for storage and four to take with us.

I thought that was painful. It did take care of all the bookcases upstairs.

This is the downstairs. And just like before, it’s going to be really, really difficult.

My only consolation is – ebooks! I did find it easier to give away my books earlier this year, knowing that eventually, if I want them back, I can order them in ebook format. Much easier to store, ebooks.

But still …

A Change of Plans

Last week, I posted about the sale of our house, and the start of our housing search in Toronto’s Annex area.


It didn’t quite work out the way we’d been planning. After an exhausting week in which we traipsed into the city almost daily and viewed several houses, a condo unit popped up in the Yorkville area.

We’d already decided we were going to rent a house, but decided to take a look at the condo anyway.

That’s when it happened.

A Change of Plans

We changed our minds.

You see, we’d spent a week looking at all manner of apartments in houses with all manner of charming imperfections. Nothing felt quite right. Nothing made us say, “This is it! This is the place!”

Then we went to see the condo, and afterward, we both realized something.

We’ve been living for fifteen years with a whole number of charming imperfections. The house we just sold is all about these charming little imperfections.

Frankly, we’re both a little tired of charming imperfections. And there was something very appealing about living with a bit of chrome and glass for a while.

Waterfront, Here We Come

Toronto skyline

If condo life beckoned, the next thing we had to look at was area. The Annex isn’t exactly well-known for its condos.

So we took a look over the past fifteen years of suburban living, and realized that all our trips into the city were almost always for entertainment: live theatre and the symphony were high on the list.

And one of our reasons for moving into the city was to be able to do more of this, and to be able to take advantage of the lower cost subscriptions for matinee seatings.

Once we realized this, everything started to come together. Toronto’s waterfront area is filled with condos, and is within walking distance to a lot of entertainment venues.


A friend of ours who lives outside the country recently flew in and purchased a condo for investment purposes. In the waterfront area. Which she wants to lease out.

The condo was bought from plans, but is almost all completed. The occupancy date is in mid-October.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect.

So now, we have a place! It’s not finalized yet – my friend wants us to go to the pre-delivery inspection first and see the unit (we’ve just been going by the floor plan) to make sure we’ll like it.

But we’re pretty sure. After our week of rental search experiences, which included a number of interesting characters who didn’t strike us as being particularly suitable landlord types, yes, we’re pretty sure. The unit is large for a condo, the layout makes great use of the available space, and there are, as my friend says, oodles of amenities.

Packing …

It feels so good to be able to focus on packing now. Ward leaves for Japan in a few days, and we’d really wanted to have a place settled before he leaves.

And now, we do!

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