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Eggy Perfection: Egg Fried in an Onion Ring

One of the things I love about playing catch-up on all the feeds I’ve saved on Feedly and all the stuff that shows up in my Flipboard feed? I never know what I’ll find, and how it might affect some part of my life.

The other day, for example, I was browsing through Flipboard, and I came across this article: “This Hack For The Perfectly Shaped Fried Eggs Just Changed Breakfast Forever” at Huffington Post. I’m actually not fond of titles like this, but I do love fried eggs, so I couldn’t resist taking a peek.

The hack the article talks about comes from this food threat at Reddit. Basically, you make a perfectly shaped fried egg by frying it in an onion ring. When I first read this, I immediately thought of deep fried onion rings, which kind of shows you where my mind is when it comes to my onions.

But no, the article was talking about raw onion rings, which makes this method of frying up an egg very doable. (Eggs fried in deep fried onion rings would not be doable at my house, as there are generally never any onion rings left over whenever we do have them.)

I wasn’t enticed by the idea of being able to cook an egg in a perfect circle. Frankly, I don’t really care about achieving a perfect roundness with my fried eggs, and if that’s all I wanted, I could probably find a circular metal cookie cutter that would do the trick. Or order an Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s.

(I’m sure Hercule Poirot would be quite thrilled by this hack, though, for the roundness of it all.)

No, what enticed me was the thought of pairing fried onion with fried egg in such an easy, effortless way. Mmmm. Just reading the article, I could taste it already. (The original Reddit thread talks about using the egg fried in an onion ring in a sandwich, and it would be perfect for that.)

So next thing you know, I was frying up some eggs in raw onion rings.

Photo 2015-01-13, 12 58 19 PM

As you can see, there is a danger that your egg might leak out from the bottom of your onion ring. But if you’re doing this because you want a nice circle, and not for the lovely taste of onion, no worries, because it’s easy enough to use your spatula to scrape off any egg white that leaks out the bottom. Voila:

Photo 2015-01-13, 1 00 52 PM

Another handy tip is to make sure the depth of your onion ring is thick enough to contain all the egg – overflowing from the top is definitely preventable. And if you want to make sure you get a nice onion taste, use two or three layers of onion, not just one. (So yes, you want to be working with a large onion.)

Here they are, cooked and ready to eat. Note: the onion isn’t burned. It’s just that I used a red onion, so it looks darker in the picture.

Photo 2015-01-13, 1 04 13 PM

It was delicious. The onion ring gets cooked just right, and lends a wonderful onion-y flavour to the fried egg. Would I make this again? I already have! I made some more this morning for my breakfast again.

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