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The Moody Reader: Decisions, Decisions!

I’m supposed to be writing and I think I probably will, once the little guy is in bed later tonight, so in the meantime, I’m trying to decide what book to read while I curl up next to him on the sofa (he’ll be watching The Backyardigans).

I’ve just finished up two excellent middle grade mysteries: The Mask on the Cruise Ship and Shadows on the Train, both by Melanie Johnson. I’ll be reviewing each of these shortly, so I’ll just say right now that these are superb mysteries, and if you’re like me, you’ll feel highly entertained, very involved and deep in the story – for me, classic signs of a very good read, regardless of the age of target audience.

So anyway, I’ve been pondering (and procrastinating, but you all knew that. I haven’t been particularly stellar when it comes to my writing lately). Should I continue along the middle grade mystery path? Along these lines, I have The Horizontal Man, by Michael Dahl in my TBR.

Or should I switch genres completely and plunge into a bit of children’s fantasy? (I’ve been on a children’s books kick lately). I have Hatching Magic, by Ann Downer and The Anybodies, by N.E. Bode here, too. Then there’s Hannah’s Winter, by Kierin Meehan, which sounds like an absolutely delightful read.

To complicate matters, there are the two adult mysteries I’ve started reading – only a few pages of each, so it’s not like I’ve gotten very far into them. Louise Penny’s The Brutal Telling beckons; I love the world of Three Pines and Inspector Gamache very much.

And there’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson – which I’ve been hesitant to pick up right now because I’ve just realized via someone’s tweet on Twitter that it’s about a rather dark subject, and I’m not sure if I’m really in the mood for a whole lot of graphic details right now. (I have emails out to two bloggers I respect highly who’ve read the book, to see exactly how graphic it is; I know. I’m such a wuss.) Update: both of them say great read, definitely dark, not-to-be-missed and yes, I should be able to skim over anything too graphic. Very helpful, and now I’m leaning toward Louse Penny until I’m more ready for something darker.

Decisions, decisions! I’m definitely a moody reader, and it’s always such a challenge when I can’t quite determine what mood I’m in.