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{Links} The Haphazard Twitter Files (No. 5)

Yes, I’ve been tweeting away as usual. I can’t seem to help it – every time I come across an interesting link, I’ll generally flip it into one of my Flipboard magazines, tweet it, or send it over to Google+. Sometimes I do all three!

Unlike my last Haphazard Twitter Files post, I won’t post every link I tweeted in the past two weeks – that would be chaos!  Instead, here are seven interesting links culled from my Twitter feed from the past two weeks.

  1. I loved, loved, loved this post on how a 365 photo project makes you a better writer. I’ve been thinking about a photo a day, mainly because I think it will help me be more present and aware when I’m out and about. I have a tendency to walk around with only my end destination in mind, and I know I miss a lot of interesting things along the way. In this post, Marisa Goudy makes a great case for how embarking on a 365-day photo project can make you a better writer. Once I get out from under the current mountain of deadlines, I’m definitely going to give it a try.
  2. We discovered Duolingo a while back, a wnoderful free app available for both Android and IOS systems that helps you learn a new language. Dylan’s been using it to learn French, and seeing him use it has sparked my own interest in learning a new language. Or brush up on my French. These ten tips for learning a language should come in handy.
  3. I’ve kept a commonplace book in the past, and Shawn Blanc’s idea of developing your own core curriculum has made me want to start keeping one again, focused on “things that speak truth to who we are, who we want to be, and what we want to do”.
  4. Chocolate ravioli! Need I say more?
  5. Even in this digital age, I still love writing things down by hand. So it was good to see that writing by hand can help out our brains. (I just wish I had neater handwriting! I’m fine when I’m going slowly, but once I start writing at a faster clip, sometimes even I don’t know what I’ve written on a reread!).
  6. This tongue-in-cheek article on how to be the best book club member you know had me smiling – and wishing I did belong to a IRL book club!
  7. I’m trying hard to shake the habit of worrying too much – it’s a lot of energy to spend on things that probably won’t happen, right? Some of these seven surprising things that can help you stop worrying did surprise me – especially the grapefruit! I’ll have to test these out to see if they really do work.

Don’t you just love all the stuff you find online?

From the Haphazard Twitter Files of MsBookish.com (No. 4)

Recently I was doing some digital cleanup, and I discovered I’d set up an IFTTT recipe last year that sent every tweet I made, excluding @replies, to a spreadsheet in Google Drive.

And then I remembered why I’d done this.

You see, way back in 2009 (yes, 2009!!), I’d started a new feature here on the blog: From the Haphazard Twitter Files of MsBookish.com. The point of the feature was to post all the links I’d tweeted in the past week. I published the first edition of the feature on May 29, 2009, the second edition on February 16, 2010 and the third edition on March 1, 2010. And then … I kind of stopped.

But in May of 2014, I must have thought about reviving this feature, because that’s when I set up the IFTTT recipe. I know this because the first entry in the spreadsheet is dated May 17, 2014. And then I kind of forgot about The Haphazard Twitter Files again. Until I realized I had the IFTTT recipe running all this time.

So I thought, since I’ve been recording this data anyway, I might as well do what I’d been thinking about doing last year, and start posting this feature again. Yes, it’s definitely taken me a while, but here it is. Welcome to the Haphazard Twitter Files of MsBookish.com!

Here are the links I tweeted this week, from January 9 to January 15, not including links to my own stuff here on the blog or on Tumblr. (In tweets where I neglected to introduce the link with some words of my own – bad tweeting habit! – I’ve included commentary in brackets after the link.)


Much better than letting everything accumulate in my inbox: The Five Cardinal Rules of Email Productivity


I’m going to try this! The New Habit Challenge: Optimize Your Sleep For More Creative Thinking

A wonderful read: 6 Ways Your Brain Tries To Kill Your Ideas And How To Fight Them #creativity

Starting the Creative Life Afresh (a great read on coming back to a creative life)

Writing and Journaling

Seven Tips from Edgar Allan Poe on How to Write Vivid Stories and Poems #amwriting

I really like this idea of a Snippets Journal! The Snippets Journal Begins #artjournal #journaling

Noteworthy Authors Writing Longhand #amwriting

Great read on collecting papers for your journal What About All of That Paper? #journaling

Bookish Things

Yes. Long live the ebook – it’s a champion of the printed word

Cressida Cowell is fired up by the joy of words (an interview with author Cressida Cowell)

Big list of 2015 releases: Mind-Blowing Science Fiction And Fantasy Books To Watch Out For In 2015

RT @florinda_3rs: All hail your new time-waster, via @TheMarySue “The Princess Bride Is Now a Mobile Game, as You Wish(ed)”

This looks like an interesting app: E-reading app Addr: when annotation’s what you need…

:) 27 Hilarious Literary Corrections That Will Ruin Your Trust In The Media (very funny, some of these!)

Harry Potter: new edition, new look for Ron, Hagrid, Hermione and Malfoy (can we say, booklust?)

Words From the Past Illuminate a Station on the Way to Freedom  (about the notebook of abolistionist editor Sydney Howard Gay labeled Record of Fugitives and other documents author Eric Foner used as research for his book Gateway to Freedom: The Hidden History of the Underground Railroad)

Spirit and Mindfulness

Love this: Thriving Is All About Enjoying the Process Purposefully

Frédéric Gros: why going for a walk is the best way to free your mind (I put his book on my TBR)

Small things do make a difference! 8 Scientifically-Backed Ways That You Can Choose To Be Happy


A perfect way to start the year! The War of Art #Giveaway

Great giveaway at TIF TALKS BOOKS! GIVEAWAY: Candlewick Top Picks (chance to win a 6-pack of YA books from Candlewick)

(Update: Jill at Rhapsody in Books is also offering the same great giveaway so if you want a second chance to win a six-pack of YA  books from Candlewick, click here – I just tweeted it today, but her giveaway will end before my next Haphazard Twitter Files post, so I wanted to add it to this one.)

Hmmm. It looks like I’ve been quite busy on Twitter lately! And if I’m going to start posting this feature regularly, I’d better start remembering to consistently add commentary when I tweet a link …

By the way, click here to follow me on Twitter if you’re not and would like to. And if you’re interested in setting up an IFTTT recipe to send your tweets to a spreadsheet on Google Drive, this is the one I’ve been using – but I see that it sends ALL my tweets to my spreadsheet, excluding @replies, so I’m going to give this one a try, as it sends just the tweets that contain links.

Linking Around: The Holiday Edition!

What better thing to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon then doing some fun linking around (nope, I’m not out there battling other holiday shoppers – yet)? And it’s such holiday fun!

Holiday Card Exchange. Haley, at The Life (and Lies) of an Inanimate Flying Object is holding a Holiday Card swap. You fill out her form, and on the 10th she’ll send you an email with someone’s snail mail – you’ll get a surprise holiday card from someone, and you’ll get to send a surprise holiday card out. It’s a lovely idea – I’ve signed up!

Exchange cards with me! Speaking of which, I love sending and receiving holiday cards. If you’re a regular reader here, and would like to exchange holiday or Christmas cards with me, email me and we can exchange addresses!

Christmas on the iPhone. Are you an iPhone user? The AppventCalendar offers up an iPhone game a day up until December 22 – you only have 24 hours, though, to download that day’s game for free.

Handmade holiday giveway. The Handmade Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway: This is one amazing giveaway. A group of Etsy sellers have put together an incredible package of goodies from their various shops. Three winners will split the prize package. Last day to enter is January 6, and all you have to do is leave a comment telling “about one handmade gift that you are giving to someone this year. It doesn’t need to be handmade by you, but handmade by someone, not a big company.” Me? Ward and I are going to be trying our hand at food gifts this year – maybe even truffles!

And my own giveaway. Of course, there’s also my December giftaway. Enter now if you haven’t yet!

The Dewey Tree. Lisa, at OnlinePublicist, is hosting The Dewey Tree donation project. Lisa notes, “It’s a little bit The Giving Tree, a little bit Dewey, a little bit charity.” I’d love to participate, if I can find a Canadian charity that accepts book donations (our local library and all its branches doesn’t accept book donations, unfortunately). You can find a great list of places that accept book donations at the American Library Association’s list of book donation bookmarks at delicious.

Recycled Magazine Gift Bows. One of my favorite weekly links round-ups is Janel’s Jumblicious posts at Janel’s Jumble. It’s a great list of food and craft links and I always find something interesting there. In this Jumblicious post a while back, I discovered this great post on how to make a gift bow from a recycled magazine. I haven’t tried it yet, but I really hope I’ll be able to set an afternoon aside to have some fun with this. (It will also make me feel a tad better about my magazine addiction.)

What fun links have you discovered this week? Anything interesting for the holidays? I always love this time of year – people always post such fun holiday-related stuff!

Surfing Saturday: Free reads and other stuff

Found some interesting links this week, so I thought I’d compile it all into one leisurely Saturday post, in case anyone is on the lookout for some weekend surfing fun. To make things easier, all the links in this post open up in a separate window (or tab, if you’re like me and go crazy for tabbed browsing).

There seems to be a lot of free book downloads/reads going around this week – or maybe there always are, but I just keep missing them.

Coraline – Free Read

You can read Neil Gaiman’s Coraline at HarperCollinsChildrensBooks, perhaps in prep for the release of the movie?

And because I still think it’s so much fun to be able to do stuff like this, here’s the trailer:

Summer’s Path
– Free Download

You can also download Summer’s Path, by Scott Blum – it looks like doing so will give you a chance to win a Kindle, too, plus a gift certificate for 65 books. The site says the book is available for free download for a limited time only (but I didn’t see an end date). You have your choice, too, as there’s an audio version as well. Blum is a cofounder of the Daily OM, a popular inspirational newsletter (I don’t subscribe, but I seem to have lots of friends who do, judging from the number of nuggets from the newsletter they’ve forwarded to me in the past few years). I found this one via the Ning Book Blogs social network.

The Sharing Knife, volume 1: The Beguilement – Free Read

HarperCollinsPublishers is also offering a free read of The Sharing Knife, volume 1: The Beguilement by Lois McMaster Bujold. As with the Coraline free read, you can’t download the book, but you can read it online. This one is available throughout January. Found via Musings of a Bibliophile who found it via Nice Mommy Evil Editor (I love that name!).

The latest title in the series, The Sharing Knife, volume 4: Horizon will be released later this month – and speaking of which, you can read the first four chapter here. (Thanks again to Musings of a Bibliophile)

The Ruins of Gorlan (Book 1 of Ranger’s Apprentice) – Free Download

You can read The Ruins of Gorlan (Book 1 of Rangers Apprentice) by John Flanagan at PenguinGroup. I’m calling this one a free download because it looks like you can print it out (I tried to print it to Fineprint, though, and it’s coming up empty). I found this one at Reviewer X, where, if I don’t watch myself, I can lose a good half a day browsing through her archives. You are warned.

In Other News …

I’ve always wanted to say that! Typing it out kind of counts, I think.

Fantasy Debut is thinking about putting together a book blogger’s convention, if there’s enough interest. I’m thinking about this, but wish it was somewhat closer (proposed locations are Atlanta, Columbia (SC), Jacksonville, Orlando or Tampa) – I just got back from Orlando, and I’m headed back there for a conference in February, so I’m just not sure I can do another trip this year. I found this one via Book-a-Rama (but in writing this post, I see that Musings of a Bibliophile also posted about this).

And Some Giveaways

I just discovered book giveaways so you’ll have to forgive me for being excited, especially since I just won a giveaway – Sunday at Tiffany’s from A Circle of Books – now I can return the copy I have to the library (good thing, too, since I’ve already renewed it once but haven’t yet managed to get around to it).

Anysia at Booklorn has a fabulous New Year’s giveaway – eight self-help books! I’ve entered this one, mainly because I’d like to get my hands on This Year You Write Your Novel (how could I resist a title like that??)

Lori’s Reading Corner is giving away an ARC of Born to Run by James Grippando.

Readers Read is giving away a number of titles, including (so okay, this is a DVD collection but it’s Agatha Christie, so it counts) Agatha Christie’s Poirot: The Definitive Collection DVD Set.

Last But Not Least

On the premise that this kind of post is something I’d like to do regularly, I was thinking it would be nice to finish up each Surfing Saturday post with a link to a review I really enjoyed. So here you go – head on over to Stella Matutina and read her review of Caleb Carr’s Angel of Darkness. I am currently re-reading Carr’s The Alienist and her review made me search through my bookshelves for my copy of Angel of Darkness so I’ll have it on hand to re-read when I finish up The Alienist.