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Review: The Broken Window, by Jeffery Deaver

Ms. Bookish’s Quick Take: The Broken Window is a wild ride of a novel, fast-paced and engrossing. The plot line is very credible; I know I started using my paper shredder more after reading the novel! It’s my first Lincoln Rhyme novel, and I found myself liking both the logical Lincoln Rhyme, a forensic consultant, and his partner and lover, Detective Amanda Sachs. The Lincoln Rhyme novels are a series, but this didn’t prevent me from enjoying dipping into the series via the latest book; The Broken Window works well as a standalone novel, although of course I now have all the earlier Rhyme novels on my to-be-read list. See below for the full review.

From the jacket flap:

Lincoln Rhyme and partner/paramour Amelia Sachs return to face a criminal whose ingenious staging of crimes is enabled by a terrifying access to information …

When Lincoln’s estranged cousin Arthur Rhyme is arrested on murder charges, the case is perfect – too perfect. Forensic evidence from Arthur’s home is found all over the scene of the crime, and it looks like the fate of Lincoln’s relative is sealed.

At the behest of Arthur’s wife, Judy, Lincoln grudgingly agrees to investigate the case. Soon Lincoln and Amelia uncover a string of similar murders and rapes with perpetrators claiming innocence and ignorance – despite ironclad evidence at the scenes of the crime. Rhyme’s team realizes this “perfect” evidence may actually be the result of masterful identity theft and manipulation.

An information service company – the huge data miner Strategic Systems Datacorp – seems to have all the answers but is reluctant to help the police. Still, Rhyme and Sachs and their assembled tteam begin uncovering a chilling pattern of vicious crimes and coverups, and their investigation points to one master criminal, whom they dub “522”.

When “522” learns the identities of the crime-fighting team, the hunters become the hunted

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