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Using Byword

I’ve been trying to get back on-track in terms of being more productive, especially right now when my work deadlines are lighter than they will be come winter. One of the things I’ve been exploring is using my iPhone to do some of the things I’d normally do with my laptop, because I’ve noticed, when I’m not working, I’m on my iPhone a lot. (I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.).

I’m developing a kind of “system” using a number of iPhone apps, and I’m finding I’m using plain text files a lot, and syncing them to Dropbox, so I can have easy access to whatever I’m working on, on a number of different devices. Because of this, I also wanted to be able to use Markdown for formatting.


After looking around on Google, I decided on Byword, a Markdown text editor for IOS that has an impressive set of features. These features include:

  • easy Markdown editing
  • Markdown preview
  • syncs with Dropbox or iCloud
  • highlighted Markdown syntax
  • several exporting options
  • premium upgrade for publishing

Premium upgrade

A premium upgrade from within the app gives you the ability to publish to Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger and Scriptogram blogs, as well as saving formatted notes to Evernote. The upgrade makes it much quicker to publish your posts,, but if you have the app for your specific blogging platform already on your device, you can just copy the HTML and paste it into the app.

What’s nice about publishing directly from the app, at least when it comes to WordPress, is that you can set your tags and categories, and also set your post status to draft if you prefer. (I’m just going by what I’ve been reading in reviews online, since I haven’t yet purchased the premium upgrade. For this post, I’m just copying the HTML and pasting it into my WordPress app.)


The one thing Byword doesn’t do is upload images, which would be quite a nice feature if you’ve also purchased the premium upgrade. You can, however, use Markdown to link to an image URL. If you’re using WordPress, one workaround is to upload the image you want to use via the WordPress app and then use the image link to embed it on Byword.

Like this (I took this picture on my walk yesterday morning):

Flowers I Saw During this Mornings Walk

This is a test post

Basically, this is a test post, to see how Byword works for me when it comes to blogging. I’m really hoping it will make me more productive, both with my writing and with my blogging.

Linking Around: The Holiday Edition!

What better thing to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon then doing some fun linking around (nope, I’m not out there battling other holiday shoppers – yet)? And it’s such holiday fun!

Holiday Card Exchange. Haley, at The Life (and Lies) of an Inanimate Flying Object is holding a Holiday Card swap. You fill out her form, and on the 10th she’ll send you an email with someone’s snail mail – you’ll get a surprise holiday card from someone, and you’ll get to send a surprise holiday card out. It’s a lovely idea – I’ve signed up!

Exchange cards with me! Speaking of which, I love sending and receiving holiday cards. If you’re a regular reader here, and would like to exchange holiday or Christmas cards with me, email me and we can exchange addresses!

Christmas on the iPhone. Are you an iPhone user? The AppventCalendar offers up an iPhone game a day up until December 22 – you only have 24 hours, though, to download that day’s game for free.

Handmade holiday giveway. The Handmade Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway: This is one amazing giveaway. A group of Etsy sellers have put together an incredible package of goodies from their various shops. Three winners will split the prize package. Last day to enter is January 6, and all you have to do is leave a comment telling “about one handmade gift that you are giving to someone this year. It doesn’t need to be handmade by you, but handmade by someone, not a big company.” Me? Ward and I are going to be trying our hand at food gifts this year – maybe even truffles!

And my own giveaway. Of course, there’s also my December giftaway. Enter now if you haven’t yet!

The Dewey Tree. Lisa, at OnlinePublicist, is hosting The Dewey Tree donation project. Lisa notes, “It’s a little bit The Giving Tree, a little bit Dewey, a little bit charity.” I’d love to participate, if I can find a Canadian charity that accepts book donations (our local library and all its branches doesn’t accept book donations, unfortunately). You can find a great list of places that accept book donations at the American Library Association’s list of book donation bookmarks at delicious.

Recycled Magazine Gift Bows. One of my favorite weekly links round-ups is Janel’s Jumblicious posts at Janel’s Jumble. It’s a great list of food and craft links and I always find something interesting there. In this Jumblicious post a while back, I discovered this great post on how to make a gift bow from a recycled magazine. I haven’t tried it yet, but I really hope I’ll be able to set an afternoon aside to have some fun with this. (It will also make me feel a tad better about my magazine addiction.)

What fun links have you discovered this week? Anything interesting for the holidays? I always love this time of year – people always post such fun holiday-related stuff!

Back home, and the iPhone

I’m back home from my cousin’s wedding reception in New York City. We had a fantastic time, although it was very hot and we didn’t end up walking around very much. The reception was a traditional Chinese banquet, so there was LOTS of food: 12 courses! I think I’m still feeling rather full.

On our way there and back, we listened to Bill Bryson, which made the drive feel much faster. I also managed to finish up the first Harry Potter in audio – it’s amazing what can be accomplished during a nine hour drive!

I spent yesterday resting – it was also my birthday so there were a few more mini-feasts (we are big on food around here). And today we picked up my new iPhone, my birthday present!

Needless to say, I’ve been busy all day checking out iPhone apps. I’m blogging this from my iPhone right now. Kind of slow but very interesting. Now I just have to get more of a life so I can indulge in mobile blogging (about books, of course)!

In the meantime I’ve been texting my kids like crazy, driving them nuts. The iPhone just makes it too easy. But that’s a whole other story.

Reading E-books: Sony Reader or iPhone?

My birthday’s coming up next month, and I’ve been trying to decide what I should ask for. I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d like a Sony Reader (I can’t buy a Kindle because I’m in Canada and it’s been, what, four years since the first Kindle and well, we’re still waiting here in Canada … and waiting … and waiting …). I’ve already bought several eBooks through the Sony eBook store, and have enjoyed reading them on my netbook.

I do like the idea of being able to take tens (okay, make that 100s and 1000s) of books with me easily, though. While I love my netbook, and it’s light for a laptop, weighing in at around 3 pounds, it’s still on the hefty side for carrying around casually in a handbag.

ref_iphone3gs_front So, until recently, I’ve been thinking of asking for the Sony Reader for my birthday. But my husband got the latest iPhone recently, and I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with it when he’s not looking.

I’d read that Amazon offers a Kindle app for iPhone, but again, there’s that geographical restriction. I can’t access the app through my iTunes store because I’m in Canada.

Recently, though, I read about Barnes & Noble’s new iPhone app; intrigued, I got my husband to load it onto his iPhone so I could see what reading on the iPhone would be like. Even though you don’t get the “like-paper” feel you get with the Sony Reader or the Kindle, I found I enjoyed reading on the iPhone (the B&N app comes with a number of free books, including Pride & Prejudice, so it was easy to test without buying anything).

So I’m definitely leaning toward the iPhone right now – with one little gadget, I can have my phone, emails, texting, Twitter, ebooks and audiobooks in one hand. After reading Inkygirl’s review of B&N’s iPhone app, I’m probably going to give the other iPhone ereaders a try, though. And I still have to get out to the local Sony store and test drive the Reader before deciding. But so far, it looks like the iPhone will win out around here.

Which ebook reader, if any, do you use? If you have an iPhone, do you enjoy reading ebooks on it?