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[TSS] Bookish Intentions for 2013

We’re into December, the month I generally start thinking about all the things I’d like to do in the coming new year. Looking back on the intentions I made for 2012, I see that I’ve had huge success with three of the four items that were on my priority list: meditation, writing and exercise.

The fourth item? Reading. And while I wouldn’t say, in the words of Dylan, my nine-year-old son, that it was an epic fail, I could have done better. I did have two or three truly spectacular reading months this year, but ever since my busy season began again, I’ve really let the reading slide.

So, since broadcasting my intentions for this year seemed to have worked for me, I thought I’d jot down my bookish intentions for 2013:

Always have at least one book in “currently reading” status.

Putting on my analytical hat, I can see that the periods during which I read hardly anything at all are times when I don’t have a book currently on the go. So logic tells me, if I’m always currently reading something, why, surely then, I will keep on reading. Right?!?

Read some of the books that have been sitting in my physical TBR for *cough* a little while now

Photo 2012-12-02 1 06 51 PM

This is one of my physical TBR stacks (I think it enlarges if you click on it, so you can read some of the titles). It sits in the upper rack of my bedroom closet, and what you’re seeing is the front row of stacks. Yes, there is another set of three stacks in behind this front row. And yes, I’ve had some of these books in my possession for what seems eons.

While I love finding and reading new titles, I’d also like to start working on reducing these stacks (if just to get some of my closet space back!).

Document what I’ve been reading.

I have never been good about keeping track of what I’ve read. I was so thrilled when my old library upgraded its online system so that you could actually see the history of books borrowed. But the Toronto Library, which I love to bits because it has almost every single book I’ve added to my TBR list this year (very good for the pocket book, you know), sadly does not have this feature.

So I need to do it myself, manually. I could do it by writing reviews but I’ve tried that and it just isn’t me. I prefer blogging about what I’m reading, what I’ve read and what I want to read, filled with little bits of my opinion.  I’ve also had off and on success adding books to my to-read list at Goodreads and to my Pinterest boards (I have two, one for TBRs and one, which I’d “pinned” great hopes on, for books read in 2012).

Midway through the year, I even started a reading journal (of the handwritten variety). Made all of four entries in it, but I’ve reread those entries a few times, and each time I say to myself, What fun! Why did I stop?

So it will be probably be some combination of the handwritten reading journal and Goodreads/Pinterest.

Participate in at least one readalong.

Simply because seeing those readalong hashtags on Twitter is always so much fun, and I always want to dive in with a tweet, only not, you know, actually currently reading the book, it’s not really possible.  (And if you know of an interesting upcoming readalong, please do let me know in the comments!)

Sign up – and complete!! – at least one reading challenge.

Epic fail is truly a good word for my past experiences with reading challenges. But if I can manage to keep track of what I’ve been reading, I might sign up for the What’s in a Name reading challenge hosted at Beth Fish Reads. On Twitter, Kathy (@bermudaonion) and Candace  (@bethfishreads) were talking about about how they just check their list of books read, and almost always end up fulfilling the challenge requirements just by doing this. Kathy actually said it was like a puzzle, going through her books read list and checking the What’s in a Name categories. I like the sound of this!

So these are my bookish intentions for 2013. I’m not brave enough to set an actual number of books I’d like to read for the year, the way Memory does (and then she tracks every single one of them with a review!). And I do tend to go overboard when I decide to do something (unfortunately, the momentum dwindles after a little while) so I’m going to be on hyperalert not to sign up for a ton of reading challenges.

But it does feel good to just set out this handful of bookish intentions. I have a really good feeling about this!