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Book Review: Rough Weather, by Robert B. Parker

Rough WeatherFrom the jacket flap:

Heidi Bradshaw is wealthy, beautiful, and well connected – and she needs Spenser’s help. In a most unlikely request, Heidi, a notorious gold digger recently separated from her latest husband, recruits the Boston P.I. to accompany her to her private island, Tashtego, for her daughter’s wedding. Spenser is unsure of what his role as personal bodyguard will entail, but he consents when it’s decided that he can bring his beloved Susan Silverman along.

It should be a straightforward job for Spenser: show up for appearances, have some drinks, and spend some quality time with Susan. Yet when his old nemesis Rugar – the Gray Man – arrives on Tashtego, Spenser realizes that something is amiss. With a hurricane-level storm brewing outside, the Gray Man jumps into action, firing fatal shots into the crowd of wedding guests and kidnapping the bride – but Spenser knows that the sloppy guns-for-hire abduction is not Rugar’s style. Unable to prevent the attack, Spenser will stop at nothing to recover the kidnapped bride and figure out how the Gray Man is connected.

The Snapshot Review

What I Liked: Snappy dialogue, and that great camaraderie between Spenser and Hawk.

The But: Reactions to the murders are a bit unbelievable.

Ms. Bookish’s Very Quick Take: A good, fast read – Spenser fans should enjoy this one.

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Book Review: Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman

Skeleton CreekSomething mysterious is happening in Skeleton Creek. Something scary. Something sinister.

Ryan came close to it … and nearly died. Now he’s trapped in his house. He can’t trust anyone – not even himself.

He is forbidden from seeing his best friend, Sarah. So while Ryan is isolated and alone, she plunges back into the mystery, putting her life on the line to get to the truth.

Ryan is desperately trying to write down the full story. And while he does, Sarah takes videos of what she finds, then sends him the links so he can watch.

Together, they discover: The past is dangerous. The present is haunted. And the future is deadly

The Snapshot Review

Here’s the Thing: This is definitely one book you shouldn’t be reading by yourself, in the dead of night, with only your computer monitor for company …

BUT: it is absolutely spine-tinglingly delicious when you do.

Ms. Bookish’s Very Quick Take: This is a fun, innovative and very suspenseful book that seamlessly marries text with video– a fabulous read!

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Review – The Squad: Perfect Cover, and The Squad: Killer Spirit

The Squad: Perfect CoverThe Snapshot Review

What I Liked: Likeable protagonist, a very intriguing and over-the-top (read: fun) story line, good dose of humour.

And I Learned: Cheerleading really is a tough sport. And the girls on the squad work hard!

Ms. Bookish’s Very Quick Take: Spy stories with a difference! These books were a fun and delightful read – I’m definitely watching out for more from The Squad!

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Review: White Corridor, by Christopher Fowler

White CorridorThe Snapshot Review

What I Liked: Bryant and May and all the other wonderfully quirky characters at the Peculiar Crimes Unit.

But: I didn’t get into the book until about a third of the way.

Ms. Bookish’s Very Quick Take: If, like me, you have difficulty getting into the book initially, stick with it – when the plot lines take off, they really take off, and you’ll find yourself unable to put the book down.

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Review: An Ice Cold Grave, by Charlaine Harris


“Since the lightning snaked through the window of the trailer in Texarkana when I was fifteen, I’ve been able to locate corpses. Think about it. Cavement corpses, Native American corpses, the early settlers, the more recently deceased – that’s a lot of dead people, and they all let me know where their earthly remains were interred …”

Hired to find a boy gone missing in Doraville, North Carolina, Harper Connelly and her stepbrother Tolliver head there – only to discover that the boy was only one of several who had disappeared over the previous five years. All of them teenagers. All unlikely runaways.

All calling for Harper.

Harper soon finds them – eight victims, buried in the half-frozen ground, all come to an unspeakable end. Afterwards, what she most wants to do is collect her fee and get out of town ahead of the media storm that’s about to descend. But when she’s attacked and prevented from leaving, she reluctantly becomes a part of the investigation as she learns more than she cares to about the dark mysteries and long-hidden secrets of Doraville – knowledge that makes her the next person likely to rest in an ice cold grave …

Ms. Bookish’s Quick Take: An Ice Cold Grave is not a book you want to read in the middle of a dark stormy night when you’re at home all by your lonesome. It’s not that it’s a horror story – it’s more along the lines of a paranormal thriller – but there’s a grimness to it that seeps right into you. The plot involves a serial killer, and Harris’ descriptions are likely to get your imagination going down dark alleys of the mind you might not really want to venture down. This was a tense, fast-paced read that I consumed at a gallop.
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