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Pet Sematary Readalong Completed!

I finished Pet Sematary a few days ago which means Yay! I’ve completed the readalong! This was my first large-scale readalong, with hashtags on Twitter and Instagram and everything, and it was a whole lot of fun.

But probably the best part of the readalong was this little guy, a little cat-duck sent to me by Jill to be dressed in whatever gangster cat gear I wanted:

Gangstercat poses

Dylan and I had so much fun dressing this little guy up today! Dylan made the gun and the suit, while I made the hat and the tie. We used Crayola Model Magic, which worked quite well. We even googled 1940s gangster suits, hats and guns so we’d have a good idea what we were aiming for!

And now this little guy will sit in a place of honour on my desk, reminding me of the fun of joining in on the #gangstercats readalong.

gangstercat at home

And as for Pet Sematary itself? Definitely not my favourite King book. I enjoyed the first part—King writes those family with kids scenes so well, brings such life to them. And what happens to the Creed family is just gut-wrenching. But once we get to the part where we know what Louis is going to do, and we also know it’s not going to turn out well (not to mention, we’re screaming at him, “No! Don’t do it! Don’t do it!”), it started to feel (to me) more a matter of turning the pages in order to get to the end than anything else.

Compared to It, which I read back in February, Pet Sematary lacked that tightly wound tension that makes you hold your breath in anticipation … of what, you have no clue, but you know for sure it’s going to be good, whatever it is.

The ending was a nice touch, though. I liked the question it left in my mind: was Louis right? Was that really the reason why things went so terribly wrong? Was it in his power to right this one last particular wrong?

Despite the book not being my favourite King book, it was still a good read. And #gangstercats more than made up for the lack of oomph as the book neared its end.

Have you read Pet Sematary? Or seen the movie?