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Not Your Typical Travel Video

My daughter Hayley went to Europe earlier this month with her friend Meaghan and Meaghan’s mother. She had a blast, and most of her souvenirs were in the form of pictures and videos. She definitely put her camera to good use!

Here’s what she’s done with some of the clips she captured on her camera while on holiday. It’s an entry for a YouTube video contest:

She also included several of her friends here at home, plus all the family! Watch carefully, and you’ll see me, my sons Dylan and Sean, and my husband Ward in the video too.

I absolutely blew my shot (I was supposed to do the whole thing while smiling and quickly, too) but she included me anyway. :)

It occurs to me, if everyone did something like this with their holiday videos and pictures, no-one would wince anymore at being invited to “come watch the films we took while on holiday” …