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Snapshot: June 30, 2015

Time: Hah! I’m being a really really good blogger and writing this at 11:11 pm the night before.

Feeling: Well, I’ve had a glass of wine, so I’m feeling good. Does that count?

Eating: A blade steak, to go with my wine. I think in the US it’s called a flatiron steak?

Drinking: Wine (a Malbec) *cough*


bishops wife

I wish! I’m still in a reading slump. But I did dive a little into The Bishop’s Wife and it’s quite intriguing. I’m not very familiar with the Mormon religion, and this promises to be both a good read and a good way to learn more about the Mormon religion.

Listening: I’ve been working and listening to the last few chapters of The Strain. Liking my reread (relisten?) so much, I downloaded the next two books in the trilogy from the library.

Writing: Can I just say, I’m REALLY REALLY NERVOUS about the Dark Fantasy writing class I’ll be attending mid-July, the one that’s taught by Kelley Armstrong? First, there’s the “I already know this” knowledge that I’m probably going to be the oldest person attending the class *sigh*. Second, there’s the fact that it’s a workshop and I’m going to be getting a critique of the first 20+ pages of my dark fantasy WIP Sweetness and Dank (and that’s a working title, in case you were thinking That’s a pretty strange title).

Working: I’m working on indexing a huge (massive!) criminal law text book. Think roughly 1400 pages and you’ll be almost right.

Photo of the week:

Photo 2015-06-29, 12 22 42 PM

Hobbes has been under the weather this week (hairballs from grooming Creeper, I think) but Creeper’s been taking care of him. :)

Snapshot: February 10, 2015

Photos of the Week:

Creeper in box 1

Creeper in box 2

Yes, Creeper wins again. We finally figured out how to stop him from sleeping on Dylan’s laptop keyboard. He loves this box and spends all his time in it now. It sits on top of the dining room table next to Dylan’s laptop, and when we want to move him, we just move the entire box. He doesn’t seem to mind – he just stays put.

We do have another cat, Hobbes, by the way. More about him later in this post.

Wearing: Black top, black pants BUT! green cardigan

Feeling: Not stressed. Which, I have to say, is a great feeling.

Eating: Sausage fried with onion and spinach.

Drinking: A glass of malbec.

Reading: Inside Charlie’s Chocolate Factory by Lucy Mangan. Mainly because I realized today it has to go back to the library on Friday. It’s a nice book, full of colour photos. I never realized Roald Dahl was married to the actress Patricia Neal! Or that he suffered so many tragedies in his life.

Spread from Inside Charlie's Chocolate Factory

The cover of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the left is the same cover as the book that I have.

Listening: I finished Stephen King’s  IT. It had gotten a little too intense for me near the end, but luckily the ebook copy I’d put on hold at the library came through right about then, so I switched over to ebook for the last few chapters. I enjoyed the read, but I have to say this: you know the scene with Bev and the boys near the end? (If you’ve read the book you’ll know exactly what scene I mean.) Yuck. And I don’t think it had to be in there like that. Surely something else could have happened to show the bond they all share? I mean, I could think of a few different things. Yes.

I’m listening to Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl right now. I’d started listening to it last year, and even though I’d fallen in love with the whole Simon and Baz story, I’d put it down and never got around to picking it up again. Until the other night. And I’m really enjoying it. Particularly the Simon and Baz bits. (I know, I know – the story’s not really about Simon and Baz. But I can’t help it.)

Writing: I’m still brainstorming my dark fantasy, Sweetness & Dank – I have about 25,000 words written but have decided I don’t want to proceed until I at least know how it ends. Memory’s been helping me brainstorm the bad guy bits, thank goodness. Bad guys are my weak point.

I’ve got manuscript chapters to critique for Memory (she’s my writing buddy), and also for Suey and Kathy, who are both in the online writing group I’m in. I’m really looking forward to getting to them!

Working: I wrote ten legal blog posts today for my legal blogging client. As for the rest of this week, I have an article due for LegalZoom, and that’s it! Ahhhh. It feels good to have some downtime! I have a few more LegalZoom assignments coming my way, which will be nice.

Creating: Nothing! But that should change …

Thoughts: I now have a way to gauge how well my morning mindfulness practice is “taking” in terms of the rest of the day. This little guy here helps me:

Hobbes 2

This is Hobbes. He’s like one of those babies you can’t take a picture of unless he’s sleeping, because when they’re awake they’re always crying. Only in his case it’s because when he’s awake he’s non-stop, all over the place. Every picture is a blur then.

He is the naughty little rascal around here. When he does something naughty and I don’t get upset, I know I’m managing to hang on to those peaceful, mindfulness feelings. About an hour ago, he jumped to the top of one of our bookcases and knocked over (and broke) a small raku wall hanging we were storing up there. I didn’t get upset. (Don’t ask about my husband, though.) After all, Hobbes likes to jump up there and I kind of figure we should have hung the wall hanging on the wall. Because, you know, it’s a wall hanging, right?

But then just a few minutes ago, while I was intent on writing this post, he kept jumping up onto my desk. Which he’s not allowed to do when I’m working because he ALWAYS walks on my keyboard. And I did not feel so relaxed about things then. Good bye, mindfulness.

Looking forward to: I have a lunch date with a good friend of mine tomorrow. Hooray for lunch dates! I haven’t gone out for lunch or dinner with a friend since the beginning of December, so I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.

The rest of today: I’m going to do some blog hopping, play a Kairosoft game on my tablet (I am kind of addicted to their games) and then go to bed. Yes, my idea of fun!

Snapshot: 12-23-2014


8:05 pm


Black pants, black tank top, black cardigan. Yes, most of my wardrobe is black. I’d like to add some colour into it in the new year.


Tired. Pleased. Exhausted. Happy. (I just finished ALL the last minute shopping. This means, I’m all set for Christmas! But I’ve also just trekked all over downtown, so I’m really really tired.)

Photo of the week:

This is Creeper. He’s one of our two cats (the other is Hobbes, the sweater-eater. Actually, he eats almost all clothing, not just sweaters).

Creeper in tree

As you can see, Creeper is in the tree. This particular spot is about my shoulder height, the highest in the tree he’s climbed. He’s quite pleased with himself in this picture, but oh, our poor tree! It no longer has a tree-shape, as Creeper, cute though he is, weighs quite a bit more than he did last Christmas, when he was a kitten. Our tree is so un-tree like, we can’t put presents under it, because the tips of the lower branches now droop too low.


I had a large bowl of rare beef pho noodles with my daughter before I started my last minute shopping. Very good, but a lot of carbs (I’ve been trying to cut back). But I love pho, so having the occasional carb-splurgy day is fine with me.


Water kefir, unflavoured. It’s okay, but I need to get the flip-top bottles they sell at beer making stores in order to get it to carbonate.


I finished Jackaby, by William Ritter. I wasn’t as enthralled with it as I had expected. It was a good read, but it didn’t grab me and wow me the way I’d been expecting. I’m not sure why. Although I did figure out who the bad guy was about midway through the novel, so that might have been it. I didn’t know what he was, but I knew who he was.

I’m now reading The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries, edited by Otto Penzler, which I talked about earlier this week. I started out by dipping here and there, choosing what stories I wanted to read, but then I decided to just start from the beginning, skipping any story I’d already read before (which turned out to be both the two Agatha Christie’s,the Ngaio Marsh and the Nero Wolfe short story). So far I’ve read “Gold, Frankincense and Murder” by Catherine Aird, “Boxing Unclever” by Robert Barnard, “The Chinese Apple” by Joseph Shearing (another one where I guessed “whodunnit” early on) and “Blue Christmas” by Peter Robinson. I enjoyed “Blue Christmas” the most – I’m very fond of Inspector Banks.


I finished 14, by Peter Clines – wow, what a seat of the pants ending! The whole last quarter of the novel was so gripping, which is nice when it’s an audiobook. I’m now finishing up Robert Galbraith’s The Silkworm, an audiobook I’d started much earlier this year, then stopped and have just now decided to get back to. I think, though, I haven’t been as focused listening to this one – my mind has occasionally wandered and a few times I listened while in bed, which is never good because unless it’s extremely exciting I nod off. So now Cormoran’s getting close to deducing who did what, and I’m finding I’m not even sure who some of the potential players are.


Just blog posts. But I’ll be starting writing daily after the holidays.


I’m not working – I have this week off! Waiting on answers to an interview email, but they won’t come until after the holidays.


Nothing. But that will change in the new year. I hope.


There are a lot of productivity blogs out there! I know this because I’ve been adding them to my Feedly (part of my new year’s intention to be/stay more productive). Same goes for self-development. Actually, there are even more self-development blogs than there are productivity blogs.

Looking forward to:

The next two days! We have our intimate family Christmas on Christmas Eve. It’s not really a “dinner”, as we do snacks and appetizers from late afternoon well into the evening. Dylan is excited because Sean and Hayley have agreed to play a Wii game with him (it’s a Mario game, I believe). This is a big deal because they are twelve and nine years older than him respectively and they don’t often play his console games with him.

My family is also getting together for Christmas at my sister’s on Monday, so that will be fun too. She’s making prime rib roast, and her roast beef is always excellent. It will be another foodie day. I’ve asked Hayley to bring her Cards for Humanity game, so I expect there will be a lot of laughter as well.

The rest of today:

I’m going to read for a bit, and then once Dylan is in bed, I’ll start wrapping. I’d planned to get my wrapping done on the weekend, but that didn’t happen. But I have a good chunk of time tonight. I’ll probably put Netflix on and wrap and watch.

The Gift

This is my contribution to the 2013 Virtual Advent tour. When Marg and Kelly gave me my date – Friday the 13th! – I wasn’t sure what I was going to write. And then, this week, I knew exactly what I would write.

Photo 2013-12-12 10 15 18 AM

This is Hobbes. He joined our family four weeks ago, a much awaited little brother for Creeper, who’s getting so big now. Hobbes hasn’t been a part of our family for very long, but he’s wiggled his way easily into our hearts.

A week ago Friday, after he’d been with us just three short weeks, Hobbes got sick. He was throwing up and had very severe diarrhea. The vet gave him a subcutaneous injection of fluids to deal with the dehydration, and took some blood for sampling. We had a very worrying couple of days, as Hobbes grew more and more lethargic.

By Saturday night, I knew there was a chance we might lose him. He was only eighteen weeks old, and two days was a long time for a kitten so young to be so sick. Visions of all the things that could be wrong with him – an obstruction from something non-edible he might have eaten, genetic kidney problems, various fatal feline viruses – danced in my head.

I didn’t want to think about a Christmas without him.

I was supposed to go to a Christmas party that night, but I stayed home instead. I Googled around and found a recipe for homemade Pedialyte, or “oral dehydration salts”. I prepared a batch and syringe-fed it to Hobbes, as well as leaving it out in the cats’ water bowl. I also switched his diet to one of plain chicken pureed with more of the homemade Pedialyte.

And on Sunday morning, he woke me up – to feed him! He was feeling hungry again, and while he wasn’t anywhere near his usual perky kitten self, he was definitely much better than he’d been the night before. He had drunk the entire bowl of homemade Pedialyte some time during the night. And he hadn’t thrown up the chicken mixture.

Long story short, he’s now almost back to 100%. We’re pretty sure the culprit is an allergy to fish – we hadn’t realized until that weekend, but all the flavours of the brand of cat food we were feeding him contained fish of some kind. I’d noticed, too, that one of his eyes would get all weepy after I syringe-fed him a mixture of his cat food and water. The same hadn’t happened when I syringe-fed him the chicken mixture.

That Saturday was a terrible, terrible day, but Sunday brought me an extra early Christmas gift.  I hear him running like mad through the apartment, wrestling with Creeper, meowing plaintively at his food bowl when he’s hungry, and I smile. I am so very, very grateful.

I can think about Christmas again. Creeper and Hobbes’ first Christmas with us.

And Creeper’s pretty happy to have his little playful brother back again.

Photo 2013-12-10 1 07 10 AM

Meet Creeper

Photo 2013-09-07 3 25 40 PM

Creeper is ten weeks old –  he’s been with us in his “forever home” for a week and a half now. My ten-year-old, Dylan, got the privilege of naming him, hence “Creeper” (from Minecraft. According to my husband Ward, Dylan’s probably the only kid out there who thinks the creepers on Minecraft are cute).

Photo 2013-09-06 6 06 24 PM

Creeper is a Snowshoe cat, a mix between Siamese and American Shorthair.  My daughter Hayley informed me that the famous Grumpy Cat is also a Snowshoe, and she insists that our cute little Creeper has a lovable angry look, just like Grumpy Cat. I don’t know. I don’t quite see it. Do you?

Creeper does have the beginnings of a raccoon-like mask on his face. It will be so interesting to see how he grows into adult cathood!

Photo 2013-09-07 4 21 02 PM

In most of the pictures we have of Creeper, he’s fast asleep (and very adorable, I must add). That’s because when he’s awake, he’s a ball of non-stop furry energy, and most pictures we take while he’s awake are nothing but creamy blurs of fur. He runs madly around the place, plays with all his favourite toys, tests our fingers out for teething purposes (his teeth are still coming in) and then, having completely exhausted his kitten store of energy, he settles down to nap – and these are long naps: kittens can sleep for up to 18 hours a day!

And he’s a talker. If he’s quiet, you know he’s either fast asleep, or too busy playing with a toy. When he gets up from his nap, he saunters into the living room and announces himself, always. When he’s bored with playing but not yet ready for sleep, he’ll keep up a steady flow of conversation with anyone within earshot. That’s the Siamese coming out in him!

Photo 2013-09-15 4 40 30 PM

Creeper is also friendly and sociable. He gets that from his Siamese heritage, too – a lot of people think Siamese cats are haughty and snobbish, like the ones in The Lady and the Tramp, but nothing could be further from the truth. Siamese cats tend to be very friendly, affectionate and sociable, and Creeper has more than his fair share of all these traits.

When we first brought him home, there was no running and hiding under furniture for him. No, he took his time and explored every inch of the place, and then played with us, and then fell asleep on my lap. When you pick him up, he purrs. And he loves to cuddle!

Photo 2013-09-15 5 02 24 PM

We haven’t had a kitten in the house for a long time. It’s been an interesting week, that’s for sure! Kittens definitely have that magical ability to crawl right into your heart and stay there.