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Snapshot: July 8, 2015

Feeling: Really really nervous and stressed about next week’s writing class/workshop with Kelley Armstrong. I didn’t realize just how nervous until the university sent me a link to register with the student portal so I can access the class materials—which, I think, consists of all the students’ writing submissions. Including mine. And I realized, OMG, I’m going to get critiqued. By a bunch of people. None of whom I know. Including Kelley Armstrong.


I’m not very good with this stress thing …

Eating: Guess what? I’m back to low-carb! I know I got that brain fog the last time, but it appears I had misread my research and the brain can indeed use ketones as fuel, rather than glucose. So I’m giving low-carb another try. It helps that Ward, the former book-reading demon, has stayed low-carb during my own low-carb ups and downs.

This time around, I’ve been  looking for some good recipes. And I found some! On the weekend, Ward made me these low-carb cream cheese pancakes. So, okay, my food photography isn’t going to stun anyone, but trust me, they tasted much better than they look in the photo. (I have NO clue why the picture looks so blue!) You can click on the link above to see a much much better picture of the pancakes.

These pancakes had a nice sorta pancakey texture and taste. Next time, I’ll leave the cinnamon out (or rather, get Ward to leave it out), as I normally eat pancakes with butter rather than syrup so I prefer just the pancake-like taste. Can you believe it, though? These have NO flour in them!


Drinking: I haven’t been drinking this, but Ward has. He bought a package of Counting Sheep Coffee a while back and was really wowed by it. He’s been driving all over the place looking for a store that carries it, but has turned up empty-handed. So he emailed the company, and it sounds like they’ve been having trouble getting their product placed in the big stores.


Right now their site shows only the decaf pods with valerian, but he’d bought a package of their ground decaf and he swore by it. He could have his coffee at night (he says it was a nice and strong decaf) and then fall right asleep.

Reading: So I mentioned in my last post that I’ve finally broken out of my reading slump. It only takes that one book (in my case, Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris) and BOOM! you’re back to reading. At least, I am.

When I finished Elantris I went on to Kelley Armstrong’s Visions. I’d read the first book in the Cainsville series, Omens, and thought I should probably get to Visions. Especially since I’m in her Dark Fantasy class next week. She’ll be doing a reading near the end of the week, and I’m hoping it will be from Deceptions, the third book in the series, which won’t be released until mid-August.


I also decided to start Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings. It’s over 1,000 pages long, so it means this month I’ll be reading two 1,000+ page books, since I’ll also be starting Atlas Shrugged for #AtlasRAL. Atlas Shrugged weighs in at 1,200 pages. Luckily I’m reading both of these in ebook format; my wrists are thanking me already!

Listening: I just started John Scalzi’s Redshirts, partly because I want to start reading Scalzi (I have several of his books on hold right now at the library) and partly because it’s narrated by Wil Wheaton and I figured this might be a good listen while I’m waiting for my pre-ordered audio of Ernest Cline’s Armada, which should be arriving soon. Just not soon enough.

Writing: Nothing. I’ve been too nervous and stressed, thinking about next week’s class.

Working: I finished up that big index I talked about last week. I have three small ones for the end of this week, but they’re fun ones so I’m not too worried about them. I had four articles due this week, and got three of them off my desk yesterday, so that leaves just one more. I need to clear the decks so I can attend next week’s class without worrying too much about work, although I do have another large index coming in over the next few days.

Photo of the week:


I’m rather proud of this. It’s grass, in case you were wondering.

One of my cats, Hobbes, has been having trouble with hairballs. He’s Siamese, so the hairballs aren’t originating with him. But our other cat, Creeper, is a Snowshoe (the same breed as Grumpy Cat), so he’s on the fluffy side, and Hobbes is the one who’s always cleaning him. Hence the hairballs.

And the strange thing about Hobbes getting hairballs: he can’t be like a normal cat and just hock up the darn thing and be done with it. No, not Hobbes. Instead, he has to spend a few days throwing up and THEN he has to develop an allergic reaction which means he starts scratching his ears and then if I don’t stop him (which is nearly impossible despite anti-histamines and the liberal use of hydrogen peroxide) he develops an infection and has to go on antibiotics.

So I decided to grow some grass for him. Isn’t it just splendid? He’s already been grazing on it.

So that’s been my week! What has yours been like?

Coffee Afternoons

I gave up coffee last year. It was a sad moment, because I’d loved my morning coffee very, very much. It had been such an integral part of my morning routine for so many years.

But I had to give it up. I have endometriosis – it was a kind of surprise thing that rather snuck up on me – and alas, the caffeine in coffee has quite the effect on estrogen levels in Asian women.

Since I am, luckily, one of those people who get more addicted to taste rather than substances, I got over my sadness about going coffee-less fairly quickly. And anyway, I only missed it in the mornings: over the years I’d discovered if I had caffeine after 1:00 pm, it kept me up at nights. (Yes, it was as precise as that – I actually did experiments to figure out the exact cut-off point beyond which I couldn’t have a sip of my java.)

A few months ago, on my way home from an appointment, I succumbed to temptation and bought an Egg McMuffin meal from McDonald’s. I don’t have fast food very often – maybe two or three times a year – but I do have this thing about Egg McMuffins. Which, actually, strikes me as somewhat odd, because there’s processed cheese in the thing and I absolutely detest processed cheese.

But not, for some reason, when it’s in an Egg McMuffin.

I’m not a big juice drinker, either, so I faced a dilemma when the woman behind the counter asked me what I wanted to drink with my meal. I briefly contemplated not getting the combo package but my thrifty side couldn’t pass up on the better deal.

So, “Decaf coffee, please,” I said.

I’ve heard it rumoured that McDonald’s actually serves up pretty good coffee. All I know is, that decaf tasted very good to me.

And it got me back to drinking coffee. Decaf, of course. Which brings me to the title of this post (you see now, don’t you, that I can pretty well write stuff about nearly anything if it gets stuck as an idea in my head?).

I can have coffee in the afternoons now! And even in the evenings, too, if I want! (I never do want coffee in the evening, though, funnily enough).

For me, having coffee in the afternoon is actually quite a big thing. I used to wish I could have a nice relaxing cup of coffee at around 4:00 pm. That, plus a good book and a tasty snack sounded like perfection to me. I never did, though – I never gave any thought to drinking an afternoon cup of decaf because, well, yuck, it’s decaf, right?

But now I’m revelling in it. Coffee in the afternoons. Love it.