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Living at the Library

I just got back from a morning at the library, and enjoyed myself so thoroughly, I’m wondering why I don’t do this more often.

Actually, this time was a first for me. I’m a very efficient user of my library’s hold system, so normally I just dash in to grab a new book on hold, and then out again.

Today, though, I had so many books in my TBR pile at home that I didn’t have any urge to browse through the fiction aisles. I also had a stack of craft books that I wanted to check out (we’re homeschooling our youngest and I’m in charge of Art and Creativity); I’d researched them the night before so it was a matter of finding the exact titles on the shelf.

My intention had been to browse leisurely through the library and then walk home. But I was loaded down with all those kids’ craft books, and feeling rather lazy. My husband was going to be heading out to pick up my daughter from a workshop she attended this morning; I reasoned that I could just hang around the library and on his way back he could pick me up.

So, for the first time ever, I headed to the nonfiction section, and started grabbing various interesting-looking books on art, gardening and home decorating; titles that I never have time to read, and which are always so heavy I never like the idea of lugging them home.

I sat at a table next to big plate glass windows overlooking a ravine, and browsed through all sorts of eye candy – and I had a great time! I feel refreshed (and raring to re-decorate my house) and relaxed. And yes, I need to do this again – I’m thinking once a week would be nice. In fact, sitting there in that lovely corner by the window, I felt like I could live at the library.

What about you? Do you find yourself spending leisurely time at the library? Or are you usually like me, dashing in and out to grab the latest hold?