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My spring Bloggiesta 2015 to-do list


Who’s doing Bloggiesta this spring? This year, it’s a week-long event, so there’ll be lots of time to do those blogging things that need doing and fix those bloggy things that need fixing!

I didn’t do very well at all with the mini-Bloggiesta earlier this year, so here’s hoping I’ll do much better this time around.

My Bloggiesta To-Do List

  1. Write that first newsletter. A must-do as I actually have people signed up for it now. It didn’t seem so crucial before, when I had only two people signed up, both friends.
  2. Create a standalone newsletter page.
  3. Create a Hire Me page, and link to home page.
  4. Work on an editorial content calendar.
  5. Add an Instagram plugin for sidebar.
  6. Clean up categories and tags.
  7. Update About Me page.
  8. Go theme hunting and plugin hunting, see what’s out there.
  9. Show summary of posts on home page, with Read More link.
  10. Think about installing Discus. Or not.

When it comes to Discus, I get all decided that “yes, I’m going to switch over” and then I change my mind again.

I think I should be able to tackle all of the items on this list, especially now that Bloggiesta is a whole week!

What about you? Are you signing up for Bloggiesta?