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Here are the winners of my December Giftaway!

Top commentators

The draw was actually from 25 names, as several people were tied for the number 20 spot. The top commentators in December were:

  1. Jemi Fraser
  2. rhapsodyinbooks
  3. Steve Kubien
  4. Dorte H
  5. Cat Woods
  6. Kathy
  7. Margot
  8. Memory
  9. Barbara
  10. bunnyb
  11. Ladytink_534
  12. Audrey/brizmus
  13. Beth F
  14. Jackie (Farm Lane Books)
  15. Janel
  16. Rebecca
  17. Aarti
  18. Alessandra
  19. Cara Powers
  20. Cass
  21. Michelle
  22. Molly
  23. Nicole
  24. Petunia
  25. Cathryn

And the winner is:


Number 2 on the top commentators list is Jill, at Rhapsody in Books!

Comments on December Giftaway post

There were 51 comments on the December Giftaway post – luckily, my blog template numbers the comments!

And the winner is:


Number 28 on the comments on the December Giftaway post is Anna Shah Hoque!

I’ve emailed the winners, who each get their selection of 2 paperback or trade paperback books of their choice from either Amazon.com or the Book Depository. (If either of you haven’t received my email, please contact me with your book selections.)

[TSS] International Book Giveaways – Dec 13

This week’s post includes giveaways I discovered up until Friday – I had to compile this before Saturday because of our tapas party yesterday (which went really well – I had such fun!). So next week’s list should include all the giveaways that were posted on Saturday (hopefully).

This international book giveaways round-up post is a regular feature here at MsBookish so if you’re holding a book giveaway that’s open worldwide, let me know and I’ll include your giveaway in my next international book giveaways round-up post.

As always in this post, for your convenience the links open in either a new tab or a new window, depending on how your browser is configured.

  1. Girl, Aloud by Emily Gale. YA. Ends Dec 21.
  2. Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers. YA. Ends Dec 25.
  3. Dragon House, by John Shors. General fiction. Ends Dec 19.
  4. Werewolf Smackdown, by Mario Acevedo. Fantasy. Ends Jan 1.
  5. Thumb Flagging by Jerome Peterson. General Fiction. Ends Dec 20.
  6. Leyla’s Locket: Book one of the Sera Chronicles by Paige Jackson. YA/Fantasy. End date not stated.
  7. 100 Follower Giveaway at Reading with Tequila. Four winners so far, and the more followers, the more winners added, up to seven winners. Ends Dec 27.
  8. Kindle giveaway. Ends Dec 17. Link up your book review in Mr. Linky to enter.
  9. Dead Pan, by Gayle Trent. Mystery. Ends Dec 22. International winner will receive PDF of book; US & Canada receive print version.
  10. Wizz-e eBooks for Children. Children’s e-books. Ends Dec 18.
  11. The Seven Rays by Jessica Bendinger. Fantasy. Ends Dec 30. International winners must pay shipping fees via Paypal first in order to receive price.
  12. Everyday Happy… 365 Ways to a Better You by Jenny Hare. Nonfiction/Self-help. Ends Dec 30. You’ll need to write a blurb about a product in order to enter.
  13. 2-in-1 edition of Morganville Vampires #1 and #2 by Rachel Caine. Urban fantasy. Ends Jan 1.
  14. Three Days To Dead by Kelly Meding. Urban Fantasy. Ends Dec 20.
  15. A Jolly Good Fellow by Stephen Masse. General fiction. Ends Dec 23.
  16. Cry Wolf, by Patricia Briggs. Fantasy. Ends Dec 14.
  17. Another giveaway for Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs. Fantasy. Ends Dec 14.
  18. The Dresskeeper by Mary Naylus. Time travel/Historical. Ends Dec 14.
  19. The Dark Divine by Bree Despain. Fantasy. Ends Dec 14.
  20. Bookeen Opus, a book light, and a $25 gift card to Books on Board. This one is a fun one – you have a to write a 200-word pitch for a romance set during Hanukkah or any other Jewish holiday. Ends Dec 20.
  21. Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. Fantasy. Ends Dec 22.
  22. Malice by Chris Wooding. YA/Graphic novel. Ends Dec 24.
  23. Christmas Hamper of Books. Fantasy/Paranormal. Ends Dec 31.
  24. $25 Gift Certificate to Saving Money with Usborne Books. Children’s books. Ends Dec 14.
  25. Titanicus by Dan Abnett. Fantasy. Ends Dec 20.
  26. The Snipesville Chronicles, Book 1 and Book 2 by Annette Laing. Children’s books. Ends Dec 27.
  27. Vampire’s Assistant t-shirt. Win a t-shirt with the slogan “there is a little freak in all of us”. Ends Jan 1.
  28. Fallen, by Lauren Kate. YA. Ends Dec 18.
  29. A Door Into Ocean, by Joan Slonczewski. Ends Jan 7. Signed edition. Must purchase author’s latest book.
  30. Year’s Worth of Books Giveaway. YA. Ends Jan 8.
  31. Wicked by Gregory Maguire and Black Ships by Jo Graham. Fantasy/Retellings. Ends Dec 31.

December Giftaway!

I just realized it’s already December 4 3 today, and I haven’t posted the details of this month’s giftaway yet.

Here’s how this month’s giftaway will work:

The gift:

Gift recipients will each receive two (2) paperback or trade paperback books of their choice. Selection is from books available at Amazon.com (if you live in the US), Chapters/Indigo (if you live in Canada or anywhere Book Depository doesn’t ship to) or Book Depository (if you live outside Canada/US and your country is listed here).

The winners:

One name will be chosen from the top 20 commentators here for the month of December, as calculated on December 31. (The list is displayed on my sidebar, by the way.)

One name will be chosen from the comments on this post. In the event that this name turns out to be the same name as the one chosen above, another name will be drawn.

I will use Random.org to draw the names.

To enter:

1. Leave one comment on this post. (No more than one, please.)

2. My top commentator thingie counts the number of comments made and who made them in any given time period. So to get on the top commentator list, just do what you normally do when you’re here!

What about Twitter/Facebook/linking here?

Do you have to Twitter this post, post it to Facebook, subscribe to this blog, link to this post on your own blog or shout my name from the rooftops?

No. Only if you want to (well, except the shouting my name from the rooftops – how about we just leave that until I get my novel(s) written, published and on the NYT bestseller list?)

End date:

Ends December 31, 2009. I will announce the winners sometime in the first week of January.


Winners residing in the US will have their books shipped from Amazon. Winners residing in Canada will have their books shipped from Chapters/Indigo. Winners outside of the US and Canada will have their books shipped from The Book Depository. Update: if a winner lives outside of where the Book Depository ships to, I will purchase and snail mail the books – it just might take a bit longer.


This giftaway is open worldwide (or, rather, it’s open anywhere that the Book Depository ships to – you can see the list of countries here. And it’s not open anywhere where contests/giveaways/sweeps like this one – where winners are chosen randomly – are void and prohibited.)

Spammy comments will not be eligible as they will be deleted or unapproved. (Otherwise, I can just see it now – I’d be announcing something like, “the winner is Try Viagra Free for One Night”!) Oh, and what constitutes spam is at my discretion.

Winners of the Sept/Oct Giftaway!

I know … we’re already near the end of November and I FINALLY got around to drawing for the winners of the Sept/Oct Giftaway. I am that good at procrastination, I am indeed.

The two winners are:

Jill, from Rhapsodyinbooks


Margot, from Joyfully Retired

While winners get their choice of five books from my giftaway shelf, because I haven’t added any books to it in the last few months, they also have the option of choosing a book of their choice from Amazon.

December Giftaway Coming Soon

I won’t be running a giftaway in November (obviously!) but I will have a new giftaway in December, with some changes – to make it easier on myself, I’ll probably collect all entries in one post. The gift itself will be a little different, too. So stay tuned!

[TSS] List of International Book Giveaways, Nov. 22 Edition

This international book giveaways round-up post is a regular feature here at MsBookish so if you’re holding a book giveaway that’s open worldwide, let me know and I’ll include your giveaway in my next international book giveaways round-up post.

  1. YA: Taken By Storm, by Angela Morrison, at Friends and Family (ends Dec 4)
  2. Nonfiction/Self-help: Permission Slips, by Sherri Shepherd, at CrazyGirl Nation (ends Nov 24)
  3. Urban Fantasy: Tempest Rising, by Nicole Peeler, at Dark Faerie Tales (ends Dec 7)
  4. Christian Fiction: Winning Readings’ giveaways are all international. These are lists of giveaways at Winning Readings ending Dec 10 and Nov 25.
  5. YA/Fantasy: Five books by Nancy Holder, at Fantasy Dreamer’s Ramblings (ends Nov 27)
  6. Nonfiction/Weight Loss: Winning by Losing and Master Your Metabolism, by Jillian Michaels, at Watch My Butt Shrinking (ends Nov 24)
  7. YA/Paranormal Romance: Gone, by Lisa McMann (and possibly Wake and Fade), at Lisa McMann (ends Nov 26)
  8. Urban Fantasy: The Better Part of Darkness, by Kelly Gay, at Fantasy Dreamer’s Ramblings (ends Nov 23)
  9. Nonfiction/Gardening: A Heritage of Herbs, by Bertha Reppert and Culinary Herbs & Condiments by Maude Grieve, at Lemon Verbena Lady’s Herb Garden (ends Nov 29)
  10. YA/Urban Fantasy: Author Rachel Vincent is giving away a signed set of the first four Shifters books (Stray, Rogue, Pride, and Prey) along with a Godiva milk chocolate cat (ends Nov 24)
  11. YA/Paranormal: My Soul to Take, by Rachel Vincent, at The Book Butterfly (ends Dec 8)
  12. Historical Fiction: Innocent Traitor, by Alison Weir, at Historical Fiction (ends Dec 5)
  13. Christian Fiction: The Soldier’s Holiday Vow, by Jillian Hart, at Book Reviews by Buuklvr81 (ends Dec 7)
  14. Romance: Trouble in High Heels by Leanne Banks, Seducing a Scottish Bride by Sue-Ellen Welfonder and Bound to Please by Lilli Feisty, at Reading Extravaganza (ends Nov 31)
  15. Suspense/Thriller: The Killing Ground by Jack Higgins, On the Fifth Day by A. J. Hartley and A Simple Plan by Scott Smith, at Reading Extravaganza (ends Nov 30)
  16. Science Fiction: Hyperion, by Dan Simmons and Titan by Stephen Baxter, at Reading Extravaganza (ends Nov 30)
  17. Paranormal: Dark Stranger, by Susan Sizemore, at Book Junkie (ends Dec 3)
  18. Fantasy: Win a complete set of the Dragonfire series (Kiss of Fire, Kiss of Fury, Kiss of Fate and Winter Kiss) by Deborah Cooke, at SciFi Guy (ends Nov 30)
  19. Children’s Fiction/Middle Grade: Julie Andrew’s Collection of Poems, Songs and Lullabies (audiobook), by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton, at J. Kaye’s Book Blog (ends Nov 28)
  20. Win a book of your choice, at Out of the Blue (ends Dec 6)
  21. Short Story Collection: Deer & Other Stories, by Susan Tepper, at Brizmus Blogs Books (ends Nov 28)
  22. Selection of books (plus some surprises), at Brizmus Blogs Books (ends Dec 18)
  23. Fantasy: Bleeding Violet, by Dia Reeves, at The Book Resort (ends Dec 31)
  24. General Fiction: Leaving Gee’s Bend, by Irene Latham, at The Book Resort (ends Dec 31)
  25. YA: In A Heartbeat, by Loretta Ellsworth, at A Park Avenue Princess (ends Dec 16)
  26. YA: Lipstick Apology, by Jennifer Jabaley, at A Park Avenue Princess (ends Dec 15)
  27. General Fiction: The Sign for Drowning, by Rachel Stolzman, at Kathmeista (ends Nov 30)
  28. Christian Fiction/Paranormal: Thirsty, by Tracey Bateman, at all about {n} (ends Dec 5)
  29. YA/Paranormal: Fallen, by Lauren Kate, at A Good Addiction (ends Dec 6)
  30. Any YA book you want, at Running for Fiction (ends Dec 1)
  31. Short Story Collection: Say You’re One of Them (audiobook), by Uwem Akpan, at J. Kaye’s Book Blog (ends Nov 28)
  32. Nonfiction/Fashion: Dreaming of Dior, by Charlotte Smith, at Lady Melbourne (ends Nov 26)
  33. Paranormal: Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever, by Molly Harper, at The Book Resort (ends Dec 31)

[TSS] List of International Book Giveaways – The Very Late Edition

Better later than never! This week’s list is on the long side (probably because I didn’t do up a list last Sunday). And be sure to scroll down for the two ebook reader giveaways, both open internationally!

This international book giveaways round-up post is a regular feature (well, it’s supposed to be, anyway – I miss a week here and there, though!) at MsBookish so if you’re holding a book giveaway that’s open worldwide, let me know and I’ll include your giveaway in my next international book giveaways round-up post.

The following book giveaways are open to everyone worldwide. For your convenience, all links in this post open in either a new tab or a new window, depending on how your browser is configured.

  1. Classics: This is a fun one: you can win a Jane Austen action figure, complete with quill, writing desk, and copy of Pride and Prejudice. It’ll require a little creativity, though. Full details at Bibliofreak. (Ends Nov 28)
  2. Paranormal: Shadowland, by Alyson Noël, at The Book Resort (ends Dec 1)
  3. Children’s Picture Book: Bella Basset Ballerina, The Scritchy Little Twitchell Sisters, Kick Block Punch, and Pynx, by Pretty Please Press, at Twenty-Something Momma (ends Nov 23)
  4. Historical Romance: A Courtesan’s Scandal, by Julia London, at Book Junkie (ends Nov 25)
  5. Nonfiction/Travel: 24 Hours: London, by Marsha Moore, at Smitten by Britain (ends Nov 20)
  6. Amazon Gift Card: Diane of The Book Resort is opening up her own literary agency in early 2010! To celebrate, she’s holding a $100 Amazon gift card giveaway – to enter, just tell her in comments which name you prefer.
  7. Fantasy/Paranormal: The Dark Divine, by Bree Despain, at Dark Faerie Tales (ends Dec 14)
  8. Nonfiction/Sci-Fi: Star Trek: The Art of the Film, at Screen Rant (ends Nov 17)
  9. Amazon Gift Card: Gothic Asylum Reviews is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card in the What Are You Thankful For contest. The post doesn’t state any eligibility restrictions, but since Amazon gift cards are delivered via email, this one is probably open to all. Ends Nov 30.
  10. Horror/Thriller: Under the Dome (collector’s edition), by Stephen King, at RK Charron (ends Nov 26)
  11. Romantic Suspense/Short Story: Everyone who gives a correct answer wins an e-book version of “Released”, by Kimber Chin, at All I Want and More. I’m not sure when this one ends, though.
  12. YA Fantasy/Paranormal: Fallen, by Lauren Kate, at the following blogs: Pure Imagination (ends Nov 25); The Neverending Shelf (ends Nov 18)
  13. Fantasy: There’s a separate drawing for international entries, for Bitter Night, by Diana Pharaoh Francis, at Book Junkie (ends Nov 17)
  14. Sci-Fi: Win your choice of one of three science fiction titles (including The Gathering Storm, the wrap-up title to the Wheel of Time series, written by Brandon Sanderson based on Robert Jordan’s extensive notes), at SciFiGuy (ends Nov 16)
  15. Fantasy: Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, by Quirk Books, at SciFiChick (ends Dec 4)
  16. Nonfiction/Self-help: Enjoy Your Money! How to Make It, Save It, Invest It, and Give It, by J. Steve Mille, at Winning Readings (ends Nov 25)
  17. Win your choice of any of the books reviewed at Book Rat (ends Nov 30)
  18. Nonfiction/Christian: Leaning into God When Life Is Pushing You Away, by Robert A. Schuller, at Winning Readings (ends Nov 25)
  19. Historical Fiction: The Harlot’s Progress, by Peter Motley, at the following blogs: Historical Fiction (ends Nov 16), Hist-Fic Chick (ends Nov 24)
  20. Urban Fantasy: The Better Part of Darkness, by Kelly Gay, at Dark Faerie Tales (ends Nov 23)
  21. Historical Romance: The Untamed Bride, by Stephanie Laurens, at The Book Resort (ends Dec 1)
  22. Christian Historical Fiction: A Prisoner of Versailles, by Golden Keyes Parsons, at Winning Readings (ends Nov 25)
  23. Amazon Gift Card: $10 Amazon.com gift card, at Fantasy Dreamer’s Ramblings (ends Nov 23)
  24. Romance: Crossed Wires, by Rosy Thornton, at The Tome Traveller (ends Nov 30)
  25. YA: Winner’s choice of four books out of six; 2nd winner gets two books, at YA Book Queen (ends Nov 20)
  26. Choice of one of four books, at Mom – Musings (ends Nov 30)
  27. YA/Paranormal: The Mark, by Jen Nadol, at The Book Resort (ends Dec 31)
  28. YA: Liar or How to Ditch Your Fairy, by Justine Larbalestier, at Devourer of Books (ends Nov 19)
  29. Fantasy/Paranormal: Six books as prizes, four winners in total, at Rex’s Reading Robot Reviews (ends Dec 1)
  30. Romance: The Secret Year, by Jennifer R. Hubbard, at The Book Resort (ends Dec 31)
  31. Historical Romance: The Untamed Bride: Book 1 in The Black Cobra Quartet, by Stephanie Laurens, at Romantic Crush Junkies (ends Nov 30)
  32. YA/Fantasy: The Maze Runner, by James Dashner, at Writing Roller Coasters (ends Nov 24)
  33. Mystery/Suspense: Waking the Dead, by Kylie Brant (if winner is outside of U.S., prize copy is in ebook format), at A Book Bloggers Diary (ends Dec 3)
  34. Fantasy/Mystery: Win your choice of a Jasper Fforde book, at SFF Chat (ends Nov 17)
  35. Historical Fiction: Cleopatra’s Daughter, by Michelle Moran, at Made in Callarias (ends Nov 28)
  36. Fantasy: Mirrorscape, by Mike Wilks, at Fantasy/Sci-Fi Lovin’ Giveaways (ends Nov 20)
  37. Win $40 worth of books from the Book Depository, at The Story Siren (ends Dec 18)
  38. Sci-Fi/Mystery: The Sapphire Sirens, by John Zakour, at Fantasy/Sci-Fi Lovin’ Giveaways (ends Nov 24)
  39. Book of your choice from reading list, at Nishita’s Rants and Raves (ends Nov 25)
  40. Four winners – First prize is The Blue Pen (ebook), by Lisa Rusczyk plus a $35 Amazon gift certificate, winners 2, 3 and 4 get choice from selection of books, at A BookLover’s Diary (ends Nov 30)
  41. Nonfiction/Art: Japanese art book (Monster Hunter CG Artworks) at Parka Blogs (ends Nov 17)
  42. YA: Three YA ARCs up for grabs at I Should Be Writing (ends Nov 22)
  43. Magazines: Three winners will win year’s subscription to one of a selection of women’s magazines, at Sweeter Living (ends Dec 15)
  44. Christmas Fiction: Assorted selection (last three on list are open internationally) at All About {n} (ends Nov 28)
  45. YA: Winner chooses a book from list of four books, at Reading Adventures (ends Nov 25)

And for the international ebook reader giveaways:

Bibliofreak is giving away Kindles! Ends Dec 18.

Win your choice of a Kindle, Nook or Sony eReader, at A Park Avenue Princess. There are also other prizes, including copies of Liquid Soul, by Matthew Carter, who’s sponsoring this contest. Ends Dec 24.

[TSS] Book Giveaways Open to Everyone, Nov 1 Edition

This international book giveaways round-up post is a regular feature here at MsBookish so if you’re holding a book giveaway that’s open worldwide, let me know and I’ll include your giveaway in my next international book giveaways round-up post.

There are also two giveaways for ebook readers which I’ve posted at the end of this list. One of them is open to the US and Canada (that is, a shipping address in the US and Canada) and the other one doesn’t say who’s eligible, so they don’t really fit into the list but I wanted to include them in this post because it’s always nice to see ebook reader contests!

As always, all links to giveaways in this post open up in a new window or tab (depending on how your browser is set up), and I’ve included the genre of the book being given away, for your convenience.

The following book giveaways are open worldwide:

  1. Winner’s choice of any book, at Marissa’s Booklair (ends Nov 2)
  2. YA Fiction/Paranormal: Beautiful Dead: Arizona, by Eden Maguire, at Teen Librarian (ends Nov 15)
  3. Classics: The Turn of the Screw, by Henry James, at Bibliofreak (ends Nov 5)
  4. Horror: Once Upon A Nightmare, by Lee Moylan, at The Eclectic Reader (ends Nov 9)
  5. YA Fiction: Sleepless, by Terri Clark, at The Undercover Book Lover (ends Nov 8)
  6. Fantasy: Captivate, by Carrie Jones, at The Undercover Book Lover (ends Nov 14)
  7. Urban Fantasy: Winner’s choice of Darkness Unleashed or When Darkness Comes, by Alexandra Ivy, at Literary Escapism (ends Nov 3)
  8. Fantasy: The Blood King and Dark Haven, by Gail Z. Martin, at SciFi Guy (ends Nov 2)
  9. £25/€25/$40 Amazon gift certificate, at Farm Lane Books (ends Nov 4)
  10. Urban Fantasy: Three Days To Dead, by Kelly Meding, at Dark Faerie Tales (ends Nov 20)
  11. Children’s Picture Book: I Double Dare You! or Adventures at Walnut Grove, by Lehman Publishing, at Parent Reviewers (ends Nov 9)
  12. Winner’s choice of book reviewed, at Bookrat (ends Nov 30)
  13. Science Fiction: Stewards of the Flame, by Sylvia Engdahl, at Books for Sale (ends Nov 2)
  14. Nonfiction: Digital Photography Boxed Set, Volumes 1, 2, and 3, by David Appleyard, at PhotoTuts (ends Nov 2)
  15. YA Fiction/Paranormal: Hush, Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick, at Wondrous Reads (ends Nov 12)
  16. Five of YA/Fantasy author Nancy Holder’s books, at Just Your Typical Book Blog (ends Nov 10)
  17. General Fiction: Sari Shop Widow, by Shobhan Bantwal, at Chick with Books (ends Nov 14)
  18. Historical Thriller: The Harlot’s Progress, by Peter Mottley, at the following blogs: Virginie Says (ends Nov 7), Passages to the Past (Nov 15)
  19. General Fiction: When You Went Away, by Michael Baron, at The Book Resort (ends Nov 9)
  20. Romance: Hot On Her Heels, by Susan Mallery, at The Book Resort (ends Nov 9)
  21. Mystery: Fed Up, by Jessica Conant-Park & Susan Conant, at The Book Resort (ends Nov 1 – today!)
  22. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal: Hush, Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick and Fallen, by Lauren Kate, at The Story Siren (ends Dec 8)
  23. Historical Fiction: Cleopatra’s Daughter and The Heretic Queen, by Michelle Moran, at Diary of an Eccentric (ends Nov 8)
  24. Fantasy/Paranormal: Winner’s choice of one of four books, at Escape in a Book (ends Nov 30)
  25. Poetry: More of Me Disappears, by John Amen, at Savvy Verse and Wit (ends Nov 6)
  26. Fantasy: Arch Enemy, by Frank Beddor, at Fantasy/Sci-Fi Lovin’ Giveaways (ends Nov 9)

And here are the giveaways for the eBook readers (the first does not state eligibility requirements; the second is open only to the US and Canada):

You can win a Barnes & Noble Nook at Ann Aguirre, with runner up prizes including gift certificates and some fantasy ARCs. This one ends Nov 3 and I’m not sure what the eligibility requirements are.

You also can win a Kindle reader (grand prize) and 22 winners will receive a $20 book store gift certificate (winner chooses the store), at Fangs, Fur and Fey (ends Nov. 13). This one is open to the US and Canada.

Now, the Kindle can’t be bought in Canada, but if you search around on Google, you’ll find ways to get around problems like not being able to purchase Kindle ebooks on your Canadian Amazon.com account. Last time I checked, it all seemed too convoluted to me, but I guess if I were to win a Kindle rather than purchase one, I’d probably see things a little differently!

[TSS] International Book Giveaways, Readathon and NaNoWriMo

I just realized, now that my regular Sunday Salon book giveaways list is much shorter because I’m only featuring book giveaways open to everyone, I can get all chatty in my Sunday Salon post! When the giveaways list was a huge, massive list, there really wasn’t space for any chatting.

Yay! Because I also want to talk about the readathon and NaNoWriMo today!


List of Book Giveaways Open to Everyone

First, here’s the international book giveaways list. As always, the links in this list will open up in either a new tab or window (depending on how you have your browser set up) to make it more convenient for you. I’m also indicating the genre of the book being given away.

This international book giveaways round-up post is a regular feature here at MsBookish so if you’re holding a book giveaway that’s open worldwide, let me know and I’ll include your giveaway in my next international book giveaways round-up post.

  1. Children’s Picture Book: Danny the Dragon “Meets Jimmy”, by Tina Turbin, at Simply Stacie (ends Nov 1)
  2. General Fiction: Only Milo, by Barry Smith, at Beth Fish Reads (ends Nov 2)
  3. Historical Fiction: Virgin and the Crab, by Robert Parry, at Historical Fiction (ends Nov 4)
  4. General Fiction: The Last Will of Moira Leahy, by Therese Walsh, at Peeking Between the Pages (ends Nov 14)
  5. Fantasy/Paranormal: Bound to Shadows, by Keri Arthur, at Fantasy Dreamer’s Ramblings (ends Nov 1)
  6. Fantasy/Paranormal: Bite Marks, by Jennifer Rardin, at Fantasy & SciFi Lovin’ News and Reviews (ends Oct 26)
  7. Fantasy/Paranormal: choice of Bite Marks or Once Bitten, Twice Shy, by Jennifer Rardin, at Vampire Wire (ends Oct 28)
  8. Fantasy: Shadowfae, by Erica Hayes, at Dark Faerie Tales (ends Oct 27)
  9. Fantasy/Paranormal: Some Girls Bite, by Chloe Neill, at The Book Resort (ends Nov 30)
  10. Fantasy/Paranormal: Charmed to Death, by Shirley Damsgaard, at The Book Resort (ends Nov 20)
  11. Selection of books, at Teens Read and Write (ends Nov 15)
  12. Mystery: Happy Hour, by Michele Scott , at The Book Resort (ends Nov 9)
  13. Fantasy/Paranormal: Release (e-book), by Nicole Hadaway, at Layers of Thought (ends Oct 30) **Note: you need to email your entry, rather than comment for an entry
  14. YA/Paranormal: Hush, Hush, by Becca Fitzpatrick, at Liyana Lands (ends Oct 31)
  15. Fantasy/Paranormal: Covet, by J.R. Ward, at Fiction Vixen (ends Nov 3)
  16. Fantasy/Paranormal: Once Upon A Nightmare, by Lee Moylan, at Friends and Family (ends Oct 31)
  17. Nonfiction: The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Junior Edition, at Traveling Mom (ends Oct 30)
  18. Fantasy/Paranormal: Dark Times, by Dakota Banks, at Wordsmithonia (ends Nov 6)
  19. Cookbook: Chocolate, A Love Story, by Max Brenner, at Book Junkie (ends Oct 30)
  20. Selection of short story collections, at Fantasy/Sci-Fi Lovin’ Giveaways (ends Oct 30)
  21. Fantasy: Traitor’s Gate, by Kate Elliott, at Fantasy/SciFi Lovin’ Giveaways (ends Oct 31)
  22. Science Fiction: Red Claw, by Philip Palmer, at Fantasy/SciFi Lovin’ Giveaways (ends Nov 2)
  23. Nonfiction (for Twilight fans): Robert Pattinson Inside Out or Taylor Lautner Inside Out, by Mel Willliams, at Chicklish (ends Oct 26)
  24. Nonfiction: Parlour Games for Modern Families, by Myfanwy Jones and Spiri Tsintziras, at Mommy PR (ends Nov 5)
  25. Paranormal: Choice of one book from Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty series, at Book Chick City (ends Oct 31)
  26. Historical Fiction: Sarah, by Marek Halter, at Historical Fiction (ends Oct 31)
  27. Historical Fiction: In the Company of the Courtesan, by Sarah Dunant, at Historical Fiction (ends Nov 7)

And for writers, there’s the *Another* Another Faust “retelling” contest. The contest is open to all unpublished authors. This one ends Jan 31, 2010, so you’ve got lots of time.


The Readathon!

I had a blast cheering for Dewey’s Read-a-thon yesterday. The Read-a-thon occurs every six months, so the next one will be in April. Will I be participating? Definitely, but probably as a cheerleader again.

Probably the most fun for me was the time I spent on Twitter between 11:00 pm and 2:30 am; it was getting down to the wire, and all the lovely, committed and dedicated readathon readers out there were getting tired. I did my best to tweet encouragement and support because truly, because of the immediacy of Twitter, I felt like I was right there with them! My tweets were my version of cups of hot, strong coffee.

At one point, I made so many tweets, Twitter locked me out for a while. Thankfully, Twitter relented after about 20 minutes and let me tweet again.

By 2:30 am, though, I couldn’t stay up any longer. I really, really wanted to, because there were quite a few readers still up and trying to get a few more pages in, but I couldn’t. So I had to sign off, but I dreamed about waving my readathon pompoms in my sleep!

Altogether, I visited 170 blogs from the sign-up list, plus clicked over to blogs via links in Twitter. I left comments on all blogs I visited that had a readathon post up.

I am so impressed with the amount of pages everyone was reading. The update posts were all wonderful. Some bloggers even managed to put up reviews!

I’m hoping to have some time later tonight to check out as many readathon wrap-up posts as I can.

What did I get out of my participation? A real sense of community. Community has been the best thing about blogging for me, and my experience during the readathon has enhanced this feeling of community.


NaNoWriMo Is Only Seven Days Away!

I know! It blew me away when I realized that November 1 is next Sunday! Even though I theoretically had the entire month of October to do all my prep work for NaNoWriMo, I still haven’t gotten as much done as I’d have liked.

So this week, I’m going to get through all the things on my “prep” list. No outlines, because I’m not an outliner, but here’s what I’d like to have done before next Sunday:

  • Finish up my “words” research (my novel involves “words as words”, and I’d like to have several lists on hand so that wherever my muse takes me as I write, I won’t have to stop to think.
  • Create a whole bunch of character collages for potential secondary characters. I’m hoping having a lot of characters on hand who might or might not play a part in the story will help prevent me from having to stop to think. (You might be noticing a trend, here. Yes, I do not want to stop and think while I’m writing. I want to get 50K words written in November! Stopping and thinking would make things more difficult.)
  • Create a “Shiny” list. This is just such a fabulous idea!
  • Along the same lines, create a list of things I like in fiction.

There’s a Toronto meetup for NaNoWriMo participants this coming weekend, and if I can get my sister to go with me, I just might attend, even though doing things like that scares the bejeebers out of me. I am not good at meeting people, although I’m good at becoming friends with people, if that makes sense (I call it my introverted extroverted tendencies).

Are you doing NaNoWriMo? What (if anything) will you be doing this week to prepare?

[TSS] International Book Giveaways List, Oct 18 Edition

Welcome to this week’s edition of International Book Giveaways, which I publish every Sunday as my Sunday Salon post. Giveaways included in this list are open to everyone!

I’ve also added a short “Asides” section, where I put related giveaways and contests that don’t fit, for whatever reason, into the main Internationl Book Giveaways List. I’ll include this feature whenever I come across anything related that I think is interesting.

This international book giveaways list round-up post is a regular feature here at MsBookish so if you’re holding a book giveaway that’s open worldwide, let me know and I’ll include your giveaway in my next international book giveaways round-up post.

  1. YA Fiction: Goth Girl Rising, by Barry Lyga, at The Book Resort (ends Oct 31)
  2. Nonfiction: Fierce Style: How to Be Your Most Fabulous Self, by Christian Siriano, at College Fashion (ends Oct 19)
  3. YA/Paranormal: Demon Princess: Reign or Shine, by Michelle Rowen, at The Story Siren (ends Oct 23)
  4. YA Fiction: Donut Days, by Lara Zielin, at Serene Hours (ends Oct 29)
  5. Romantic Suspense: As Darkness Falls and Dark Country, by Bronwyn Parry, at The Misadventures of a Super Librarian (ends Oct 21)
  6. Mystery: Espresso Shot, by Cleo Coyle, at The Book Resort (ends Oct 31)
  7. Science Fiction: Fever Crumb, by Philip Reeve, at Mr. Ripleys Enchanted Books (ends when poll ends)
  8. YA Fiction: Beautiful, by Amy Reed, at The Story Siren (ends Oct 31)
  9. Nonfiction: Chicken Soup for the Soul: What I Learned from the Dog, by Join Wendy, at An Island Life (ends Oct 23)
  10. Romantic Suspense: Branded by the Sheriff, by Delores Fossen, at Michelle’s Book Blog (ends Oct 21)
  11. Paranormal: A Touch of Dead, by Charlaine Harris, at The Book Resort (ends Nov 20)
  12. Christian Fiction: The Sound of Sleigh Bells, by Cindy Woodsmall, at My Friend Amy (end date not stated)
  13. Historical fiction/Mystery: The Last Dickens, by Matthew Pearl, at Musings of a Bookish Kitten (ends Oct 22)
  14. Mystery: Holiday Grind, by Cleo Coyle, at The Book Resort (ends Nov 30)
  15. Paranormal: Entire set of the Hex series, by Linda Wisdom, at Literary Escapism (ends Oct 20)
  16. YA/Fantasy: The Demon King, by Cinda Williams Chima, at The Story Siren (ends Nov 6)
  17. Science Fiction: On the Edge, by Ilona Andrews, at SciFi Chick (ends Nov 6)
  18. Fantasy/Paranormal: Rowan of the Wood and Witch on the Water, by Christine and Ethan Rose, at Bitten by Books (ends Oct 19)
  19. Children’s Fiction: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, or $40 AMC gift card, at Thingamababy (ends Oct 18) (Note: Burger King grand prize pack is open only to US)
  20. Fantasy: Curse of the Tahiéra, by Wendy Gillissen, at Alternative-Read (ends Oct 31)
  21. Selection of one book from list of 100, at Stacy’s Books (ends Oct 30)

Some Asides

Here’s a  little something for writers: agent Mary Kole of the Andrea Brown Literary Agent is running a Query Contest. Deadline is October 31 and the prize is a critique of the first 30 pages of your manuscript (thanks, Robyn!)

Win a copy of the Shadows and Light anthology, where author Carrie Harris’ short story, “Revenge of the Mucus Shovel Fairy” appears. I don’t know if this one is international or not, as the post doesn’t say, but it’s too fun to leave out. What do you have to do? Rename Twilight! That’s right – come up with an alternative title for Twilight. Ends Oct 22.