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A Not Getting Things Done Day and a Quote for Book Bloggers

I had set aside today to work on Bloggiesta and also on all the administrative things that have been piling up. Things like invoicing, which is a pretty important thing when you work for yourself, so I don’t know why preparing invoices usually tops my list of Things To Procrastinate.

One thing led to another, and I found myself designing a new invoice template. I’m not sure what possessed me, but there you have it. I just kind of decided to do it. That took me just about forever, because I’m not exactly the most proficient with a spreadsheet. I’d managed to get about half of my invoices prepared when I got an email from a client which basically added more work to a deadline I’d just finished up.

I gave up after that. Took a nice, long hot bath and then lay on my bed for a good half hour, just resting. The day had turned into a Not Getting Things Done day and I thought I might as well not resist it.

I did, however, come across something earlier today that I really liked, so it wasn’t a total waste of a day. It was a post on Seth Godin’s blog called You are what you share. There was one quote from the post that I liked in particular, so much so that I quickly posted it to Tumblr. And then decided to make a picture quote out of it for today’s post.

Seth Godin quote

I think it’s an apt quote for book bloggers every where – after all, isn’t that what we’re saying every time we blog about a book we loved? “You really need to read this one!”

Now I’ll hit publish, and then pin the quote to my Pinterest board. It will make me feel halfway productive about today.

The Big Catch-Up Post

It’s been six days since we moved into our new place in the city, and while I’ve been active on Twitter, I haven’t been here on the blog at all. So I thought it was time for The Big Catch-up Post!

The Move

The actual move itself went quite well. We hired a fabulous moving company that worked quickly and efficiently to move us from the ‘burbs into the city. They do a lot of condo moves, so they were familiar with the ins and outs of moving into a condo.

That night, of course, we were surrounded by boxes. I’m happy to report that our new place isn’t as small as we’d been thinking, and we have TWO walls of bookcases! So plenty of room for all the books we ended up keeping, plus room for more (although I suspect, after all this decluttering we’ve been doing, I will be sticking with ebooks from now on).


So how are we all doing?

Well, I pretty much fell in love with the place from the moment we moved in. I love being so close to so many things. I love the cityscape outside our living room window. I love the lake view outside the office and bedroom windows.

Cityscape viewOur Cityscape View

I was especially thrilled that our furniture didn’t make the rooms feel smaller – the rooms, when empty, already felt smaller than we were used to. But, illogical as it sounds, the place was actually transformed once we got our furniture in. It looks and feels bigger. And of course, very home-like, because it’s filled with our things.

Dylan, our eight-year-old, was very sad the night before the big move. He was born in the house we’re leaving behind, and has lived there all his life. We told him it was okay to feel sad, but to make sure feeling sad didn’t hold him back from also loving the new place if that’s what he felt like.

Children are so resilient. The next evening, even though he was surrounded by boxes and couldn’t get at a lot of his toys, he was proclaiming, “I love our new home!” And he hasn’t stopped saying it ever since.

Night of the Big Move The Night of Our Big Move

And then there’s my husband.

He’s a wonderful man, my husband. As many of you know, he loves to cook, and handles all the cooking at home. He is also a lot neater than I am, so he tends to do most of the cleaning, too. He’s a real gem and I love him to bits.


You could say my husband’s not good with change.

And to make things just that much more challenging, the new kitchen is roughly a third of the size of the old kitchen. Not only that, in our old place, we had “the old kitchen” – the room that used to be our kitchen before we renovated and added a new kitchen – and we’d never gotten around to renovating that room to be anything but a kitchen. So in our old place, he had TWO kitchens. TWO fridges. A stand-up freezer. And two rooms full of cupboard space. All of which he utilized.

I wish we had a larger kitchen here! I suspect his adjustment process is going to take a while …

Other Bits and Pieces

Jamie! We’re going to see Jamie Oliver this coming Wednesday! And I’m super thrilled, because Roy Thomson Hall, the venue, is within walking distance from our new place.

This coming week is a deadline-filled week for me, but being so close to the event means I’ll only have to take four hours off. I can squeeze it in! And Ward is happy, because Jamie is one of his favourite celebrity chefs.

NaNoWriMo Fail. At least, I think so. I’m a whole week behind – I realized right after the move there was no way I could do it all. Something had to give, and unfortunately, it has to be the writing. Deadlines, unpacking and getting settled into our new place must take priority.

I’m hoping next year will be different in terms of deadlines!

Tweetstock! Last month I decided to try out my first Twitter conference/event. I hadn’t realized it would fall in the week of our move (since we were supposed to move in on November 1, not 7). On the night before Tweetstock 6, I was actually debating whether I could take the time off to go.

I did decide to go, and I’m very glad that I did! I had a lot of fun, learned a few things and met some really nice people.

It was so much fun, I’m thinking seriously about going to the next BEA and the next Book Blogger Convention! I’ve met so many wonderful book lovers these past three years, and after getting a taste of meeting some Twitter peeps in real life, I would really love to meet some of my book blogger friends in real life too.

So that’s my update for now. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’ll be able to get back to regular blogging and blog reading in a few weeks!

Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Voting Begins!

The BBAW shortlists are now up, so it’s time to get voting!

Congratulations to all those who have been short listed for their various categories. I’m going to have fun going through the lists, as I took a quick peek earlier today and saw several that are new-to-me. My feedreader is eager for all those lovely new feeds!

bbaw-eclecticI’m thrilled that MsBookish has been shortlisted in the category of Most Eclectic Taste.

I suspect most of you will be doing what I plan on doing: visiting blogs and checking them out before having some voting fun.

So, for those of you not familiar with MsBookish, I thought it might be helpful to include the links to the five posts that I submitted to the BBAW panel in this category:

Learning to Read

On the Write Track: Some Accountability Please

Review: L.A. Candy, by Lauren Conrad

Audiobook Magic: 7 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Your Next Read

My Daughter Directs: A Short Film Inspired by Swimming in the Monsoon Sea

Finding eclectic posts of mine wasn’t actually that difficult – narrowing them down to five was! So here were the ones I considered including, but couldn’t.

So Where Did I Get the Last 20 Books I Reviewed?

On Writing: Do You Keep a Journal?

The Art of the Insult

Happy voting, everyone! I’m very glad I finished up my Project From Hell last week, so I can have the fun of getting to know some great new-to-me blogs via BBAW this week …

I’m a Zombie Chicken!


I’ve been wanting to say that for over 24 hours now. I discovered late on Wednesday night that Cathy at Kittling Books had awarded me this wonderful little blog award, as well as the 2009 Friendly Blogger Award, and I was very excited.

I mean, how many times do I ever get to say, I’m a Zombie Chicken? Seriously.

Then, as luck would have it, I woke up the next day with a stomach bug, and was out of commission for much of the day. I did the un-Zombie Chicken-like thing and stayed in bed, a little pity party all my own. But today I’m raring to go, because, after all, I’m a Zombie Chicken.

Of course, I rather shamelessly begged Cathy for the Zombie Chicken award. But I did win the 2009 Friendly Blogger Award upfront without any shenanigans on my part. No, really, cross my heart, that’s the truth.

Now that I’ve come clean about my behind-the-screens begging, here’s what the Zombie Chicken award is all about (and no raised eyebrows please, since I’ve already explained how this came into my possession. Cathy is a most gracious blogger, thank goodness.)

“The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken – excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all…"


I’m also mega-tickled about the 2009 Friendly Blogger Award. I’ve only been blogging here for about six months, and from the very start I’ve been so amazed at the friendliness of the book blogging community.

Truly, it’s been like discovering a group of book lovers right in my own backyard, minus the ability to get together physically. I’ve come to know so many wonderful book bloggers, and their recommendations have contributed greatly to my reading adventures.

Last summer, I remember being in such a desultory state because I had just finished up some stunning series or other, and couldn’t find anything else to read. Even cruising online at Amazon didn’t help. Going to the library produced feelings of “same old, same old”. But nowadays, my cup runneth over. And it’s because of this big, beautiful, generous and loving book blogging community.

Without any further ado (since I seem to have gone on at length already anyway), I’d like to pass these awards onto the following five bloggers. It was tough choosing, since I know and love so many book bloggers! But I love all of these blogs, some of which I’ve only discovered recently, and want very much to spread the love (not to mention Zombie Chicken goodness):

Eva at A Striped Armchair

Diane at The Book Resort


Dawn at She is Too Fond of Books

Melody at Stella Matutina

Enjoy, everyone!