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blogiestaI’ve signed up for the Bloggiesta over at Natasha’s blog, MawBooks. It’s a bit of insanity, I know, because I’m also working hard to complete two deadlines, hopefully by Monday, so that I’ll have a few days to prepare for our road trip (we leave on Friday). My husband has also been breathing down my neck to start blogging regularly at our food blog – I moved the blog to a new account, leaving behind all our old posts in the process, and haven’t done much with things ever since – so I’m also celebrating Bloggiesta over there, too, in the hopes of motivating myself to get into daily food blogging, as well.

BUT the Bloggiesta sounds like so much fun and I really want to participate! So my list of things to do here will be on the shorter side, but I figured it would be a good way to get involved and catch up on things I wanted to get done around MsBookish before I left on holidays.

Here’s my Bloggiesta list for MsBookish:

  • write and schedule as many Incoming! new book arrival posts as possible. I have a huge stack here, so it would be nice to get them out of the way. While I intend to blog regularly while on holidays (we’re supposed to have Internet access), it will still be nice to know I’ll have some scheduled posts to rely on.
  • update my writing blogs links page. It is woefully behind, in comparison to the book blogs one.
  • figure out how to copy all of my existing blogging templates from my desktop to my netbook (this one is very very important)
  • create master printed list of usernames and passwords for handy reference while I’m away
  • begin compiling my Sunday giveaways post before tomorrow night (I’ve been falling into the dreadful habit of doing it all last minute, and it can take me three or four hours!)

Update (already!): almost forgot two more things: upgrade existing plugins and upload and activate new plugins!

This isn’t a huge list, but I wanted to be realistic. I also don’t want to stress out. Plus I’d like to participate in some of the mini-challenges, too, so this will hopefully leave me some time for doing that!

Happy Bloggiesta, everyone!