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Blogger business cards: do you use them?

Blogger business card

I’m not the most observant person around, but ever since I started using Instagram more, I’ve been seeing glimpses of what look like book blogger business cards.

I never even thought about getting a business card for blog use, until I saw these!

So my question to you is: do you use blogger business cards?

Okay, I lied. I have more than one question.

If you do have blogger business cards, when and how do you use them? Are they just handy for when you send snail mail to other bloggers? Is it to further brand your blog? Do you use them when you go to author events?

I’ve noticed, too, that the ones I’ve seen are often quite uniquely designed – nothing like the business cards I normally see in regular life.  Not having ordered business cards for a very, very long while (mainly because my business is mostly word-of-mouth), I feel rather out of the loop on this one. I love the gorgeous designs I’ve seen so far, but where do you go to get such great designs?

In the meantime, I’m filing this one in my Undecided folder, the one where I keep my “should I have a Facebook page?” question.

Photo source: Pixabay